Week 3: Make the Most of Your Schedule with These Favorite Classes


Sierra Jackson

WSN’s weekly roundup of the best classes you can take at NYU is here.

Sarah Jackson, Contributing Writer

Considering the eclectic, constantly expanding array of classes NYU has to offer, it can be difficult to balance required courses with those that actually appeal to you. Often, students may feel pressured to pigeonhole their class selections into requirements for their major or worse yet, they may swear by the sample course lists from years and students past. While it is extremely important to earn the credits necessary to graduate, it is also important to take classes that you find interesting and actually enjoy, whether or not they count toward your degree.

As part of a WSN series, students share their favorite NYU classes and why they think all students should take them. Explore your options you might be surprised. The students featured below certainly were. Their favorite classes came from outside of their school, major and countries.

Black Lives Matter, Gallatin

“Throughout my four years at NYU, my favorite class so far has been the ‘Black Lives Matter’ course at Gallatin, taught by Professor Frank Roberts. This course was phenomenal, because it opened my eyes to the various social issues that are currently taking place in the United States. One of my biggest takeaways from that class was the importance of understanding marginalized communities and the importance of every voice.” — CAS senior Chevaun Samuels

British Cinema, Abroad

“I loved ‘British Cinema,’ which was one of the classes I took while studying abroad at NYU London. It taught me to take a look at not only British film, but also its context within British society in different eras. I think this emphasis on the role of film in society is very interesting. Back in New York, I really enjoyed the Media, Culture and Communication courses ‘Film: History and Form’ and ‘Television: History and Form.’ Again, we focused on understanding the backstory of both mediums, not just what you see on the screen. We watched a lot of movies in those classes, which didn’t hurt either, and at the end of the semester, we got to create our own media project.” — Steinhardt alum Olivia Chang

3D and Sculpture, Steinhardt

“Back in freshman year, when I was still a Studio Art major, I took a 3D and sculpture studio class. It was one of the first classes I took that really changed how I think about and critically engage with art and the world around me. It was fun working with a bunch of new mediums, like plaster and metal welding. I took the class, because it was a requirement for the Studio Art foundation. Even though I’m a neuroscience major now, that was still one of my favorite classes. Regardless of your major, the beauty of a liberal arts education is that you can take a variety of classes that challenge you to explore new ideas and old preconceptions.” — CAS senior Julia Pai

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