Ghoul Over Halloween Treats


Tony Wu

Grab some spooky candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar by Union Square to complete your Trick-or-Treat experience this Halloween. OR One of the several Magnolia Bakeries is on the LIRR concourse in Penn Station. It’s first store opened at 401 Bleecker Street. The bakery chain is known for it’s cupcakes.

Drew Lederman, Staff Writer

Even if you are a dentist on a diet, everyone has a sweet tooth on Halloween. What better way to spend a candy-centric holiday than by eating a ton of sweets? Not only will these treats give you a major sugar rush, but also get you in the spooky spirit — or get the spooky spirit in you. Either way, here are the best themed treats the city has the offer.

Buns Bar

If you haven’t had one yet, book it to Buns Bar for one of its legendary freakshakes. And if you don’t know what a freakshake is, we can’t talk anymore. To celebrate the scariest day of the year, Buns Bar brings milkshake lovers a scary, massive and delicious Halloween shake. This sea salt caramel shake comes topped with everything you could hope for including pumpkin bombolinis. Two words: mini donuts.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

All through October, head to Sprinkle Cupcakes — the creator of the Cupcake ATM is serving up a Halloween BOO box. It’s just as cute as it sounds with vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black and white and caramel apple cupcakes. Each is decorated with sugar decorations of little ghosts or little BOO letters.

Magnolia Bakery

One of the many staples of the New York dessert scene, Magnolia dominates Halloween with a vast variety of themed cupcakes and cakes, which it will be selling with Halloween decorations. You can also surprise your friends with a dozen of their spooky mini cupcakes. How ghoul? I mean, how cool?

Dominique Ansel

In both his bakery (SoHo) and kitchen (West Village), this James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef will be gifting a cute and spirited Jack-o’-Lantern Religieuse from Oct. 27 to 31. The traditional French double-decker cream puff is dressed up as a jack-o’-lantern filled with milk chocolate orange ganache on the bottom, with an adorable little bat filled with blueberry ganache on top.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s has an entire collection of Halloween-themed treats. It’s vast and amazing. Think of anything you dip in chocolate, and they have dipped it and decorated it to look like all 10 of your childhood Halloween costumes. But the most exciting one of all is the chocolate covered Twinkie.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Mr. Chocolate strikes again with his punny Halloween-themed chocolate. You can get chocolate Jacques O’ Lantern, Wicked Hot Chocolate and a chocolate Jacques’ Haunted House. Honestly, they are so cool, you may not even want to eat it! Just kidding — they are delicious.

Try one, or try them all! They are scary good.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Oct. 30 print edition. Email Drew Lederman at [email protected].