6 Tea Places to Keep You Awake and Warm


Kamila Daurenova

For those who need a boost in energy but don’t like the negative side effects of coffee, tea is an excellent option. There are many places near campus that offer a vast selection of natural energy boosters.

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer

Although some people don’t like coffee, every college student needs that extra boost of energy to survive an early class, late-night studying or that final wave of exhaustion. And for those of you who don’t drink coffee, here’s a list of the best places around campus to find a variety of tea to keep you awake and warm throughout the winter.

Argo Tea

Located at 239 Greene St., Argo Tea is a good — albeit obvious — choice close to Washington Square Park, and it accepts dining dollars. Your wallet will be almost as happy as your taste buds when you try their Teappuccinos.

Bosie Tea Parlor

Located on 10 Morton St., this shop offers 100 loose leaf teas, plus afternoon tea with pastries and sandwich platters. Bosie Tea Parlor is the perfect place for studying during breaks or after classes. With their famous tea service set menu, you can even host a tea party!

Kung Fu Tea

Bubble tea — which can be served either hot or cold — remains a fun-to-drink, energizing beverage. This drink can also be made using various bases, including fruits, milk or tea. The founders of Kung Fu Tea grew up drinking bubble tea and wanted to share their love for it with an  authentic take on the classic drink. Located on 31 Waverly Pl., drinking bubble tea here is a great way to refuel in between classes.

Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company

Aesthetically pleasing inside and out, Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company offers loose tea that is even cheaper than Teavana, making it an affordable place for college students to re-energize and stay warm.  Located on 208 Sullivan St., this snug shop is only two blocks away from Washington Square Park.

The Uncommons

The Uncommons boasts that it is Manhattan’s only board game cafe. Located on 230 Thompson St., the cafe is only a short walk away from campus. You can bask in board games galore — there is unlimited gaming for a mere five dollars. Show off your skills while sipping hot tea, enjoying a pastry and staying warm inside the adorable interior.


Located on 1216 Broadway, Chalait is the best source for Japanese matcha green tea. Their teas are simple but delicious. Matcha, known for being energizing and increasing endurance, has a storied history — samurai drank it before going into battle. For college students who also need increased endurance and energy to handle their schedules, matcha green tea could be a new dietary staple. Chalait opens at 7:30 a.m., which is perfect for those with early classes.

Sounds tea-licious.

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