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Japanese supermarket Sunrise Mart boasts a variety of soy sauces that are not found in typical American supermarkets.
(Staff photo by Chelsea Li)

Traveling for a Taste of Home: Students Say Authentic Groceries Often Require a Commute

By Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer November 5, 2019

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal — especially in college when microwave ramen has replaced mom’s cooking. Students at NYU have found that making the effort to cook traditional cultural dishes...

NYU Bread Club, started by CAS sophomore Grant Lee and Andrew Huang, is a group of passionate students who share the bread, and build meaningful connections. (Via Facebook)

Bread Club Plans to Unite Students Through Common Grain

By Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

CAS sophomore Grant Lee knew he wanted to start a club this year — all he needed was an idea. In the nick of time, inspiration struck him and fellow CAS sophomore Andrew Huang. “We were sitting...

Murgh ka Salan, or chicken curry, is a simple dish to make that can easily be saved for tomorrow’s lunch. (Photo by Yusuf Husain)

Dorm Chicken Curry to Die For

By Yusuf Husain, Contributing Writer October 29, 2019

To Hyderabadi Indians like myself, few things hit home better than Murgh ka Salan, or “Chicken Curry” to those not fluent in Urdu. It’s a common dish that you find both in restaurants and my parents’...

Murray’s Mac and Cheese pop-up is located next to their flagship cheese store in the West Village. (Staff Photo by Marva Shi)

Murray’s Mac and Cheese, a Not-So-Savory Experience

By Chad Evans, Contributing Writer October 28, 2019

Besides endless fast-casual salad joints and $4 small coffees, another notable dining trend that has emerged and flourished recently in New York City is hyperspecialization. New York may be one of the...

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the many food spots to bring in the Halloween spirit.(Via Twitter)

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Spooky Spirit

By Celina Khorma, Staff Writer October 28, 2019

I’m all for spooky season spirit. But honestly, I think it’s time we bid farewell to pumpkin and celebrate differently. From Starbucks pumpkin spice cold brew to pumpkin spice RX bars, it’s all a...

Trader Joe’s is a favorite place to get unique, tasty snacks. (Staff Illustration by Marva Shi)

Culture Desk Dining: Trader Joe’s Edition

If you’ve ever tried to complete a quick grocery run at Trader Joe’s between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m. on a weekday, you know it’s an extremely stressful experience, complete with an omnipresent...

Whistle & Fizz, a coffee shop located on Greene Street, is branded as

Whistle & Fizz: Combining Coffee and Carbonation

By Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer October 21, 2019

With a fast-moving revolving door of fads rotating through Greenwich Village rental spaces, we no longer have the power to assume permanence or take any fact of food for granted. For example, coffee is...

Tre Giovani is a small Italian restaurant conveniently located on University Place. (Staff Photo by Marva Shi)

Best Affordable Sit-Down Restaurants Near Campus

By Marva Shi, Deputy Multimedia Editor October 21, 2019

When it comes to sit-down restaurants in New York City, NYU students can be plagued by a fear of the bill. In an attempt to avoid the big ticket restaurants, a coffee shop might seem like the spot for...

The Pickle Day Festival is an annual event that takes place in the Lower East Side celebrating all things pickle. (Photo by Tomer Keysar)

Take Your Pick(le): Options Abound at Pickle Day Festival

By Aastha Vij, Contributing Writer October 8, 2019

If you’re into deep-fried preserves, pickle-flavored ice cream and street fairs, the venn diagram of your interests probably has an intersection waiting to be labeled “Pickle Day Festival.” New...

Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of fall-themed beverages on its shelves. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

A Guide to Fall’s Best Beverages

By Yusuf Husain, Contributing Writer October 8, 2019

It’s officially fall. You know what that means: pumpkin spice latte season. Actually, it’s pumpkin everything season. Store aisles are piled high with pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin-flavored snacks...

Breakfast options for sale in Spacemarket outside Weinstein. (Photo by Talia Barton)

Hit the Snooze and Get Breakfast Too

By Divya Nelakonda, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

We’ve all been there. You’re at your morning lecture and as the professor drones on, all you can think about is your empty stomach begging for a bagel. Or worse, the classroom is pin-drop silent as...

Fruit display at the beginning of the day. (Photo by Tessa Kilcline)

The Case of Downstein’s Stolen Display Lemons

By Tessa Kilcline, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

Once upon a time, a bowl of lemons sat outside the entrance to Downstein. One by one, the lemons vanished at the hands of hungry NYU students. Soon, a “for display only” sign popped up next to the...