You Can Still Celebrate National Women’s Month in NYC

It’s not too late to celebrate women this March.


Feminist signs rise among the crowds of the 2019 Women’s March. (Marva Shi)

Calais Watkins, Staff Writer

If the flood of female power posts on social media didn’t already clue you in, National Women’s Day was celebrated by many on March 8. However, the celebration of women’s achievements over the years doesn’t begin or end there — the entire month of March is dedicated to recognizing the history of women’s accomplishments and the ways in which they’ve pushed through gender inequality over the years. While the month is coming to a close, there are still many ways you can take part in Women’s History Month. Here are some options that do justice to the women we’re celebrating:

HERO at Nitehawk Cinema $$

136 Metropolitan Ave.

Throughout the month of March, Nitehawk Cinema is showing a series of movies that span time and genre, all featuring powerful female leads. The event was inspired by the recent release of “Captain Marvel,” Marvel Studios’ first film to feature a woman as both the star and director. Need more reasons to make the trek to Williamsburg? The theater’s movie rooms have both comfy chairs and tables so everyone can dine while they watch. This venue is perfect for grabbing your girlfriends and ordering a glass of wine while watching an empowering action film.

Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum $$$

1000 Fifth Ave.

“Nasty Women of the Metropolitan” is a walking tour specifically designed for Women’s History Month. This two-hour-long guided journey through the museum focuses on powerful women and their contributions to art and history, as seen in the Met’s collection of art installations. Since President Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the 2016 presidential election, feminist movements have adopted the phrase with a sense of humor, turning it into a slogan rather than an insult. If you’re a lover of art, this tour was made for you. Students receive a discounted price of admission, and there is a 10% discount code on the linked website.

All Female Reboot $

123 E. 24th St.

“All Female Reboot” is a show where an all-female cast gives new life to scripts of popular, male-dominated movies. Previous shows include their rendition of “Dunkirk” and “There Will be Blood.” This phenomenon of women playing roles made famous by men began in Hollywood and made its way to New York just in time for Women’s History Month.

Create a Playlist

If your schedule is too packed with work and school, there is still a creative and fun way to celebrate Women’s History Month. Try creating a playlist packed with powerful, inspiring female musicians and pop those headphones in while you’re going about your day. This mode of celebration is completely free while still giving a taste — or sound —  of an industry in which women have soared over the years.

While many of these activities will only be around until the end of the month, they serve as a reminder that women should be celebrated all day, every day. 

A version of this article appears in the Monday, March 25, 2019, print edition. Email Calais Watkins at [email protected]