Self Care Down There

Time to get over your fear of traveling and take a trip to the Nether Regions.


Scissors, a sharp razor, and Nad’s Body Wax Strips are all essentials when it comes from maintaining the nether regions. (Staff Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

Calais Watkins, Dining Editor

Let’s begin by ripping off the wax strip — pubic hair is real and everyone has it. And at one point or another, everyone wonders what to do about it. If after arduous contemplation you decide that removal is the move for you, keep reading. 

The most obvious DIY option would be shaving. However, don’t treat your skin down there like you would the skin on your arms or legs — it is much more sensitive and requires more care. 

First, make sure to trim the hair with trimmers before shaving. The longer the hair, the more the razor pulls and the more irritated the skin becomes. Do yourself a favor and cut your razor some slack. Also, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few apartments or dorms in New York City with a bathtub, soak in one beforehand to soften your skin and hair.

Never underestimate the importance of a sharp razor blade. In addition to minimizing razor burn, a sharp razor head will give you the closest shave, so you can avoid repeating this process for as long as possible.

Only the extremely brave should attempt at-home waxing. It’s painful, and there’s no beautician to calm you down during the process. If you must try at-home waxing, consider making an appointment to get your first wax done by a professional. The first wax is always the most painful because, after each wax, the hair grows back sparser and thinner. When you get around to doing it yourself, the worst will be over.

Nad’s Body Wax Strips are highly recommended for at-home waxing because the wax comes already on the strips — you just apply and peel and there’s hardly any mess.

 If you’re considering Nair instead, just don’t. Don’t test the waters with this one. Although there is a specific cream — Nair Sensitive Formula Bikini Cream — for the genital areas, it’s only safe for bikini lines. This is not for those of you who want a more full hair removal. Plus, the hair grows back faster than when you wax.

If you’re too scared to DIY it, here are some wax centers close to campus that offer deals and student discounts.

Go Green Organic Spa & Shop

82 Bowery, 2/F

Go Green Organic Spa & Shop takes measures to make sure their clients feel as comfortable as possible. This is nice as genital waxes often require you to be pantsless in front of a stranger — a generally uncomfortable situation. All visitors are offered complimentary tea in the waiting room, and the spa uses exclusively all-natural and organic products, meaning the sensitive skin down there is better taken care of. Waxing can be expensive, but Go Green offers New Client Deals for up to 50% off, in addition to some pretty amazing Groupon deals. 

European Wax Center

82 University Pl.

If you’re looking for a well-known chain with a penchant for being skilled and speedy, European Wax Center is it. Not only do they offer a Student Wax Pass where students get a free service when they purchase three, they also treat first-time customers to a complimentary wax. Quick, close and convenient.

Waxing Studio NYC

223 E 10th St.

Despite being one of the least expensive waxing centers around campus, Waxing Studio NYC doesn’t compromise on quality. Their website has a periodically-updated deal page, so check that out before making an appointment or purchasing a Groupon. While most waxing centers have a New Client discount, this spa has deals for returning guests as well. Making Waxing Studio NYC your go-to waxing spot might not be such a bad idea. 

Hopefully, armed with these tips and recommendations, you won’t have any pubic-hair-removal-related crises any time soon. Just make sure to keep in mind that what matters most is that you feel comfortable with the treatment of your pubic hair.

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