New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A front entrance with the text “Electric Lady Studios” written in a retro white font on two reflective walls.
‘An exploitative environment’: The interns behind Electric Lady Studios
Julia Diorio, Music Editor • Feb 20, 2024
The exterior of the Morton Williams Supermarket, with a prominent red lettering that reads Morton Williams at the top of the building and the phrase The Fresh Marketplace beneath it.
How a supermarket became the center of NYU’s relationship with the Village
Carmo Moniz, Managing Editor • Jan 31, 2024

10 Late Night Food Options for the City That Never Sleeps and Is Always Hungry

If you’re not going to sleep, you might as well eat.
Joe’s Pizza is a common late night snack destination for NYU students. (Courtesy of Joe’s Pizza)

As we start staying up later and later into the night with finals creeping close, a college student in New York realizes that part of the allure of a city that never sleeps is really only meant for the movies. And so, as you battle sleep deprivation, remember these places are ready to sponsor your all-nighters with speciality burgers, smoothies and more.

Remedy Diner
245 E. Houston St., Order With Seamless / Grubhub /

With their retro neon sign ablaze out front, how could you possibly stop yourself from stumbling into Remedy Diner? And you’ll be glad you did because the old-fashioned bar and leather booths will make you feel like you’ve time-traveled to a ’50s joint, minus the civil rights protesting (probably). Their doors are open 24/7 — cooking sandwiches and all the sides well after the sun sets.

Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger
739 Broadway, Order With Seamless / Grubhub /

One of the first places recommended to me during my first year at NYU was Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger, and to this day, it does not disappoint. A trusty staple on Broadway, this 24/7 diner seems most suitable for a bite to eat after a long night before stumbling home. And for the early birds reading this, I recommend joining the battalion of suited execs for a cup of coffee before class or work.

Waverly Diner
385 Sixth Ave., Order With

Conveniently located next to the West Fourth Street and Waverly subway stop, Waverly Diner is a 24/7 food spot on the west side of the park. The interior of Waverly Diner always makes me think of JJ’s Diner from “Parks and Recreation,” so if you aspire to be like Leslie Knope one day, stop by and eat like your favorite fictional politician. Just like JJ’s, Waverly Diner has amazing pancakes.

119 Ave. A, Order With Seamless / Grubhub /

Odessa has an extensive menu with items ranging from classic diner food to Eastern European specialities. Though a bit of a walk from Washington Square Park, Odessa is open 24/7 and has delivery options that makes eating easier. If you’re ever wondering what to order, go for one of the numerous egg dishes Odessa has to offer: omelets, scrambles, eggs on toast, eggs on bagels, you name it — because anytime is a good time for breakfast.

144 Second Ave., Order With Seamless / DoorDash / / Grubhub / ChowNow / Caviar

Veselka has to be one of my favorite things about New York City. Where else does one find a 24-hour Ukrainian diner in their neighborhood aside from here? The food is amazing and provides one with a bit more variety than traditional diners. If you’re not looking forward to a walk to Second Avenue, Veselka has a booth at the Union Square Holiday Market.

Caffe Reggio
119 MacDougal St.

You know Caffe Reggio is famous when you type its name into Google and find that the restaurant has its own Wikipedia page. Caffe Reggio is packed with history. Not only was it the first place to ever sell a cappuccino in the United States, but it has been featured in several movies as well. If you’re looking for a coffee pit-stop, I recommend Caffe Reggio above anything else. It’s also the perfect place to go alone and enjoy a meal while the trinkets and art beautify the walls. Caffe Reggio is open until 3:00 a.m. on weekdays and 4:00 a.m. on weekends.

Washington Square Diner
150 W. 4th Street, Order With Seamless, Grubhub,

I don’t know about you, but to me, it always seems a bit suspicious when diners have “Seafood,” “Poultry” and “Pasta” sections on the menu along with all the other classic diner foods. It just seems impossible that one place could safely serve such a variety of dishes. However, considering it’s open 24 hours, Washington Square Diner is still a great place to grab some coffee or a bite to eat when it smells like everything else has closed hours before. I’m going to do what I always do and play it safe: a bagel with a side of pancakes, stat.

The Halal Guys
307 East 14th Street, Order With Postmates

The Halal Guys food cart provides the people with all the drunk gyros and falafel sandwiches they need until 4:00 a.m. every night, except Saturdays when it stays open until 5:00 a.m. If you’re a student at NYU and haven’t at least heard of Halal Guys, I’m wondering why your fellow student population has let you down. Go get yourself a combo platter. It’ll be worth it.

Joe’s Pizza
150 E. 14th St., Order With Seamless / Joe’s Website

Whenever friends or family visit me here at school and ask for some New York pizza, I take them to Joe’s. A couple slices of pizza from Joe’s will be less expensive than most meals from all of the other listed restaurants and another perk is that it’s not too far of a walk —  just past Union Square. The 14th Street location is open until 3:30 a.m. every night, and is available for delivery until 3:00 a.m.

Lucky’s Famous Burgers
264 W. 23rd St., Order With Seamless / Grubhub

While Lucky’s Famous Burgers is a bit too far of a walk for a convenient late night meal, the restaurant delivers until 2:00 a.m., including the areas surrounding NYU’s campus. However, because of the distance, delivery takes a bit longer than it would from a restaurant closer by, and Lucky’s menu is a bit pricier than the other options. Lucky’s burgers are good enough to make it worth keeping it on your radar as a good backup plan, but maybe check to see if something else on this list will work first.

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