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Clinton Street Baking Company is a must-try all-day brunch spot. (Staff Photo by Carol Lee)

Culture Desk Dining: Farewell Edition

By Calais Watkins, Lauren Gruber, Carol Lee, and Bella Gil December 3, 2019

For those of us lucky enough to avoid cramming in a credit requirement during J-term, leaving the city for a breath of fresh air and slower pace is a welcome break. But there’s a catch. Whether you hail...

The ground floor of Essex Market is a large workspace with plenty of natural light. (Photo by Sabrina Choudhary)

The Inside Scoop on Essex Market

By Divya Nelakonda, Staff Writer December 2, 2019

The Essex Market lived on the corner of Essex and Delancey Street for 79 years. In May 2019, the market relocated across the street to Essex Crossing, a complex complete with residences, retail shops,...

Pulling an all-nighter at Bobst means lots of coffee and snacks to get you through the night. (Photo by Alex Tran)

How to Pull an All-Nighter at Bobst, and Eat Too

By Alex Tran, Contributing Writer November 26, 2019

11 p.m. rolled around, and that’s when I realized there was simply no way for me to finish my 2,000 word essay before bedtime. Admitting defeat, I shamefully shrunk into my hoodie to avoid all interaction...

As the holiday season approaches, there’s never a better time to have a slice of pie.  (Via Pexels)

Slice, Slice, Baby: Find Your Slice of Choice at These Pie Spots

By Celina Khorma, Staff Writer November 26, 2019

While there may never be a bad time for pie, there definitely is a good one, and the season is upon us –– holiday season, that is. And, yes, I’m going to be enjoying my slice come Thanksgiving, but...

Detroit-style pizza is typically served in rectangular slices with a thick crust. Now, students can enjoy slices of Detroit-style pizza in the city at Lions & Tigers & Squares. (Via Wikimedia Filmgod)

Lions & Tigers & Squares Brings Detroit-Style Pizza to the East Village

By Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer November 25, 2019

Considering the countless pizzerias in downtown Manhattan, I wouldn’t blame you for rolling your eyes after hearing another pizza place has taken root, especially once you learn it strays from tradition....

NYU London does its best to prepare for the UK leaving the EU.  NYUL Assistant Director for Student Life Nigel Freeman talks about the plans for Brexit. (Via NYU)

NYU London Holds Its Breath as U.K. Approaches Brexit Deadline

By Paul Kim, Abroad Correspondent November 25, 2019

As the U.K. government extends its Brexit deadline from Oct. 31 to Jan. 31 of next year, many potential ramifications of the U.K.’s separation from the European Union remain unknown. The ambiguity of...

Instagram is planning to remove the likes feature, preventing influencers from seeing how many likes their photos and videos receive. (Staff Photo by Julia McNeill)

Student Influencers React to Instagram’s New Like-Hiding Policy

By Yaprak Ugurses, Staff Writer November 25, 2019

Instagram was changed forever on Nov. 14 when the company decided to hide the amount of likes a user gets on their post. Now, the number of likes can only be viewed by the owner of the account that made...

Tea is a great alternative source of caffeine for students that don't enjoy coffee. (Staff Illustration by Marva Shi)

Finding the Perfect Cup: Tea Houses Near Campus for Every Occasion

By Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer November 19, 2019

Students are always buzzing about studying in coffee shops, but not everyone is about that kind of caffeine. Here are some noteworthy destinations for the tea lovers out there, covering every occasion...

Friendsgiving can be a daunting and stressful event to plan for students on a budget. (Via Pexels)

Friendsgiving In Your Dorm: Yes, It’s Possible.

By Celina Khorma, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

We’re almost halfway through November, which means the premature Christmas decorations are out. Before winter officially takes over, there is a sense of urgency to reap the benefits of fall-themed eats....

Brodo advertises itself as a frozen-fresh bone broth company that provides scheduled delivery. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

The Unofficial NYU Student Guide to Soup

By Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer November 12, 2019

As temperatures continue to fall in the city, so do our immune systems. Unfortunately, grandma isn’t here to make your favorite chicken noodle soup. You know what I’m talking about. That magical broth...

Alex Christiano, Gallatin first-year, is an avid chef and frequently cooks in his Third Avenue North Residence Hall dorm room. (Staff Photo by Talia Barton)

This First-Year Finds Community in Cooking

By Calais Watkins, Dining Editor November 11, 2019

Upbeat drums, rhythmic guitar and the raspy voice of Iggy Pop fill the air and bring the cramped kitchen alive as “Lust for Life” reverberates through the room. When Gallatin first-year Alex Christiano...

City Bakery is taking a hiatus after three decades of serving up their iconic hot chocolate to Instagram-hungry New Yorkers. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Dead Bread: A Loving Farewell to City Bakery

By Daniela Ortiz, Staff Writer November 5, 2019

After nearly three decades as Union Square’s premier hot chocolate destination, City Bakery has shuttered. The announcement was made via the bakery’s Instagram page, fittingly enough, as their hot...