New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An illustration of a woman with red hair, a cream sweater and a green skirt poses happily in her thrifted clothes.

From jewelry to jackets: The ultimate guide to online thrifting

There’s plenty of places online to shop for vintage staples, but every site has its own niche. Here’s how to get the most of each.
Pritheva Zakaria, Staff Writer March 13, 2024

In New York City, there is no shortage of thrift stores for the fashionable NYU student. But, the rise in online shopping in recent years has, in many ways, turned thrifting digital....

Two shoppers stand in front of a rack of clothes at the Manhattan Vintage Show.

Past is the new present: New York City’s vast vintage world

The Manhattan Vintage Show gathered New York’s most fashionable old souls and global vintage collectors this weekend for a massive retail experience.
Payton Selby, Contributing Writer October 24, 2022

While combing through the resplendent clothing assemblage at the Manhattan Vintage Show on Oct. 15, I came across a Russian bekesha coat from the 1930s. As I traced the beautifully...

The interior of Buffalo Exchange. Clothes line the inside of the store, both on circular racks and against the wall.

Les Miss wants to be a ‘true‘ thrift store

As thrifting takes over the fashion world and Manhattan stores are popularized by social media, prices have risen sharply even as some stores are seeing a decrease in quality.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer October 4, 2022

Young wardrobe stylist Sam Deutsch answered his phone as he took a new electric Citi Bike for a cruise down First Avenue in the East Village. When the pandemic began, Deutsch left...

An anterior view of a lot the size of a New York City house filled with racks of clothes and tables for jewelry and other smaller items with graffiti on the wall in the background.

Ludlow Flea Market offers unique, sustainable pieces at affordable prices

Stories from a vibrant community of upcyclers and secondhand fashion enthusiasts who've set up shop in the Lower East Side.
Bella Ingber and Mayee Yeh April 29, 2022

The Ludlow Flea Market at 159 Ludlow St., a 20-minute walk from NYU’s Washington Square Park campus, was my first secondhand shopping experience. I had absolutely no idea what...

(Photo by Justin Park)

Foresight into fashion’s future: emerging designers’ visions for menswear

Fashion Week commenced with New York Men’s Day. Budding brands were invited to showcase their Fall/Winter 2022 collections, and the next generation of designers shared their interpretations of modern menswear.
Mitesh Shrestha, Sports Editor February 18, 2022

From the heights of a Hudson Yards high-rise, the New York Men’s Day afternoon showing commenced against the backdrop of an uncharacteristically bright February day. The showcase...

A cultural shift towards niche and alternative fashion styles has popularized thrifting among NYU students. Over-thrifting has caused the once eco-friendly industry to become more profit-driven and environmentally harmful. (Staff illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Off-Third: Is the NYU student’s quest for individuality the next pandemic?

NYU students prove the old axiom that if everyone’s different, nobody is.
Alexandra Cohen, Senior Staff Writer February 17, 2022

Goodwill stores throughout Lower Manhattan are beginning to order T-shirts and jeans in bulk to cater to their new demographic, Gallatin students. Apparently studying a peculiar,...

Chuck’s Vintage, a brand founded by Madeleine Cammarata and located in the basement of 173 E. 91st St., had its launch party this past Thursday at the Classic Car Club. With its high-end and carefully curated collection, Chuck’s Vintage has become the new go-to store for New York fashion lovers. (Photo by Camille Harvell)

Chuck’s Vintage curates high-quality Americana

The high-end vintage clothing store recently moved from the West Coast to the Upper East Side, where it continues its founder’s mission of selling top-notch American fashion.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer October 5, 2021

Nestled in the basement of 173 E. 91st St., the newly relocated Chuck’s Vintage is a hidden gem inviting discovery. Its locale and meager social media presence lend it an elusive...

Shopping at thrift stores, such as Beacon’s Closet, is a good way to practice sustainability. It is important to make conscious shopping choices in order to contribute to collective change in the fashion industry. (Photo by Camila Ceballos)

How to dress more sustainably

Everything you need to know to step up your style in a sustainable fashion.
Camila Ceballos, Contributing Writer September 27, 2021

While you might think your outfit only affects you, the truth is that the fashion industry — and, by extension, your fashion — has a direct impact on human rights and the environment....

Quarantine Hasn’t Stopped This NYU Junior From Turning Out Looks

Quarantine Hasn’t Stopped This NYU Junior From Turning Out Looks

Niha Chandrasekar strives to keep up creativity in her fashion and beauty, even without the unparalleled creative energy of New York City.
Divya Nelakonda, Beauty & Style Editor May 1, 2020

When I first saw CAS junior Niha Chandrasekar on Zoom, the first thing that caught my eye was her makeup: an ombre rainbow that spanned across her eyelids. But what was most striking...

From Snakeskin to Sweats: Fashion Influencer Stuck in the Suburbs

From Snakeskin to Sweats: Fashion Influencer Stuck in the Suburbs

When Marc Manaloto was looking to escape the fast pace of New York, quarantining in Northern Virginia was not what they had in mind.
Lauren Gruber, Dining Editor May 1, 2020

Tisch drama student Marc Manaloto had it all: a prestigious film production internship, plenty of California sunshine and freedom. But all that was cut short when NYU announced...

Liberal Studies sophomore Jenn Roberts poses in front of a rack of vintage clothing. Since starting her own Instagram reselling vintage pieces, she has gained nearly 4,000 followers and the attention of popular YouTubers such as Ashley (aka bestdressed). (Photo by Kylie Smith)

Running A One-Woman Resale Business

Jenn Roberts, owner of @shop_jenn, found a way to monetize her passion for thrifting.
Kylie Smith, Contributing Writer February 24, 2020

Jenn Roberts, a Liberal Studies sophomore, is dressed as if she has been plucked from an Urban Outfitters advertisement, wearing black denim overalls, a purple and blue plaid babydoll...

Food and Fun Guide 2019

Food and Fun Guide 2019

WSN Staff August 25, 2019

  Suffice it to say that city life tends to move fast, and with every new school year come opportunities to find and settle into familiar routines while wandering your...