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Dancer Marcus Braggs and Artist Leone dressed in a custom outfit by designer Cilium.

IMPACT and VERS exhibit local talent

The collaborative New York Fashion Week event integrated fashion with music to create an immersive, innovative show.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Feb 17, 2023

One model wears magenta, sequined pants and a collared shirt, and another wears a magenta, sequined dress. They walk opposite one another, going in opposite directions.

Flying Solo: A cultural fashion collective unites

Collaborative collections at the shop’s New York Fashion Week runway show offered glimpses into global fashion.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Feb 16, 2023

A flash photograph of a female presenting model looking into the camera. Her face is decorated with many yellow gemstones, salmon eyeshadow, and bleached eyebrows. She wears a yellow dress with bows down the middle that match the one on her head.

Victor de Souza brings the past to the present at NYFW

At his New York Fashion Week show, Victor de Souza proved that fashion is not a set of decisions, but a “quest for what everyone’s not doing.”
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Feb 13, 2023

Gowns are shown on podiums in a large maroon room.

Jane Morgan’s ‘In My Style’ tells a brilliant life story in sequins

Given the rarity of living as precisely as one dresses, Hollywood star Jane Morgan’s collection of performance dresses dazzles through time.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2022

From an outsider’s perspective, New York Fashion Week appears to be the heady, clout-encrusted rush of influencers filing into coveted seats, collecting brand-named goodie...

(Photo by Justin Park)

You can sit with us: CISE brings empowering pieces to the NYFW showroom

At the Black In Fashion Council’s Fall/Winter 2022 showroom, CISE and other designers provided both artistry and community support.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Feb 17, 2022

On the sleek, minimalistic fifth floor of Soho’s Spring Studios, up-and-coming clothing and accessories brand CISE joined three other brands for the second half of the Black...

(Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Flappers and philosophers: Markarian brings 1920s glamor to Colorado country

A literature-inspired occasion wear brand puts on its cowboy boots.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Feb 15, 2022

Founded in 2017 as a women’s occasion wear brand, Markarian is known for the modern grace and feisty playfulness of its designs. Despite its relative youth, the atelier has already...

Chuck’s Vintage, a brand founded by Madeleine Cammarata and located in the basement of 173 E. 91st St., had its launch party this past Thursday at the Classic Car Club. With its high-end and carefully curated collection, Chuck’s Vintage has become the new go-to store for New York fashion lovers. (Photo by Camille Harvell)

Chuck’s Vintage curates high-quality Americana

The high-end vintage clothing store recently moved from the West Coast to the Upper East Side, where it continues its founder’s mission of selling top-notch American fashion.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2021

Nestled in the basement of 173 E. 91st St., the newly relocated Chuck’s Vintage is a hidden gem inviting discovery. Its locale and meager social media presence lend it an elusive...

(Photos by Celia Tewey)

Tiffany Brown Designs redefines purple at NYFW

Amid the chaos of New York Fashion Week, designer Tiffany Brown brings guests a lavender gust of calm.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Sep 14, 2021

  Tiffany Brown of Tiffany Brown Designs is known for her fitted and breathable ensembles. She uses a different color for her collection each season based on the color's...

(Photos by Celia Tewey)

House of Aama explores the Black experience in a seaside haven

House of Aama takes on a resort collection — but not in the way you’d think.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer Sep 13, 2021

House of Aama’s designs are inspired by and steeped in Black culture, history and spirituality. Founded by Parsons School of Design graduate Akua Shabaka and her mother,...