New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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Transfers’ Journal

Transfers’ Journal

A collection of short narratives that give an insight into the lives of transfer students, discussing the concepts of transferring from another university or another school within NYU, where it is often difficult to situate in.

Journal Entry #1 By Ashley Wu Admitting that I was lonely felt like defeat. When I transferred to NYU in the fall of my sophomore year, I ignored all the warnings from my friends...

Liberal Studies sophomore Jenn Roberts poses in front of a rack of vintage clothing. Since starting her own Instagram reselling vintage pieces, she has gained nearly 4,000 followers and the attention of popular YouTubers such as Ashley (aka bestdressed). (Photo by Kylie Smith)

Running A One-Woman Resale Business

Jenn Roberts, owner of @shop_jenn, found a way to monetize her passion for thrifting.
Kylie Smith, Contributing Writer February 24, 2020

Jenn Roberts, a Liberal Studies sophomore, is dressed as if she has been plucked from an Urban Outfitters advertisement, wearing black denim overalls, a purple and blue plaid babydoll...

Jill Fabiano is a CAS Senior and certifiable sample sale expert. (Courtesy of Jill Fabiano)

How to Shop Sample Sales, as Told by a Sample Sale Addict

CAS senior Jill Fabiano has perfected the art of sample sale shopping.
Kylie Smith, Contributing Writer November 18, 2019

If you’re confused about sample sales, you’re not alone. Movies and TV shows set in New York City have painted a cryptic picture of these crazy clearances. See: the chaos of...

A breakfast scene with a box of Magic Cereal on the table and a bowl of granola besides it. (Photo by Li-Chun Pan)

Healthy Cereal, Hefty Price Tag

Magic Spoon claims to be a healthy version of your favorite childhood cereals, but you can only buy it for $40, and *spoiler* it’s not that great.
Kylie Smith, Staff Writer October 11, 2019

Whether you pour milk in the bowl first or last, there’s no denying that cereal is a quintessential college meal. It’s an easy snack for late-night study sessions and a quick...

(Staff Photo by Justin Park)

Swiss Touch Presents: Mode Suisse S/S 2020

Kylie Smith, Staff Writer October 5, 2019

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(Photo by Natasha Fenga)

Oxford Fashion Studio I S/S 2020

Kylie Smith, Staff Writer September 15, 2019

Guests at Pier 59 hummed with electric anticipation on Saturday in anticipation of the Oxford Fashion Studio Show I. As the lights lowered and the music changed, the crowd...

A student trims her bangs in front of a mirror. (Staff Photo by Min Ji Kim)

Banger Advice for Bangs

“Should I get bangs?”
Kylie Smith, Contributing Writer April 22, 2019

If you’re in a style rut and looking to spice up your look, bangs are a quick fix. The only problem is that there’s a lot to ponder before you whip out the scissors: styling,...

Why Self-Deprecating Humor Isn’t Healthy for Our Self-Esteem

Why Self-Deprecating Humor Isn’t Healthy for Our Self-Esteem

During a time where many of us find self-deprecation comforting, it’s important to remember how deeply it affects our health as a whole.
Kylie Smith, Columnist April 19, 2019

I’ll be the first one to say that I love self-deprecating humor. I find making fun of myself hilarious. This type of self-hate-driven humor has become quite popular among millennials...

(Photo by Justin Park)

Put Down The Concealer, It’s Time To Accept Acne

Hiding blemishes won’t fix the real problem — how society thinks and talks about acne.
Kylie Smith, Columnist April 5, 2019

It feels like every time I have an important event to attend, I get a volcano-sized pimple on my face that is impossible to ignore. No amount of foundation and concealer will hide...

(Katie Peurrung)

Facetune Is Poisonous for Our Self-Image

Read one writer’s take on why Facetune and other image-altering apps harm how we view our bodies.
Kylie Smith, Columnist March 26, 2019

Almost all of us have retouched our photos at least once. I’m definitely guilty —  I’ve edited my fair share of pimples out of my photos. But apps like Facetune — often...

Body Types Aren’t Fashion Trends

Body Types Aren’t Fashion Trends

Just because your body type isn’t currently the accepted trend doesn’t mean you should wait around until it is.
Kylie Smith, Columnist March 13, 2019

The first time I was told I had to change my body, I was 15. When I was 17, my best friend was so excited because thigh gaps were out and thigh brows were in, meaning her body...