Food and Fun Guide 2019


WSN Staff



Suffice it to say that city life tends to move fast, and with every new school year come opportunities to find and settle into familiar routines while wandering your way through New York. But it’s important to take some time to break out of your everyday routine, whether you’re arriving for the first time or gearing up to graduate next spring. We’ve picked out places that have brought us unforgettable memories and changes, whether they be niche coffee spots in the East Village, provocative art galleries in Tribeca or an avocado bar in Chelsea. Go to a music festival you’ve never heard of! Dine on pierogies at a comfy Ukranian restaurant with your parents! Take a ferry out to Governor’s Island one weekend and rest in a hammock! Taking risks and making changes, however grand or miniscule, is not easy, but it can also be exciting and educational to your experience at NYU. The guide is more than just a colorful travel brochure: it presents a way for you to take some risks, even if that just means you try out a different food truck one day while you’re rushing to grab a quick bite on your way to class.

And with that, welcome to this year’s Food & Fun Guide, a way for us to share with you some of the coolest food spots and exciting events to attend to start the school year off in a fun way (fitting title, right?).

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