New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An aerial view of the Washington Square Park and the Midtown skyline. Crowds gather around the fountain in the park. The white Washington Square Arch is in the center of the image.

Summer recap: What you missed at NYU over the last few months

Linda Mills’ appointment as university president, the U.S. Supreme Court’s strike down of race-sensitive college admissions and more news you missed from over summer break.

As the new academic year begins, here is some news from around campus you may have missed over the summer break. Linda Mills becomes NYU president Longtime NYU administrator...

A band performing on a stage with amps in Washington Square Park, with pastel colored guitars, a saxophone and a drum set. Two of the band members wear N.Y.U. merch, and the lead singer is wearing sunglasses. A brightly colored banner with a spiral design hangs behind them, and reads “Stolen Gin,” the name of the band.

Stolen Gin, the soundtrack to your spring 

Meet the NYU grads with an eclectic sound that is equal parts Grateful Dead and Daft Punk.
Natasha R. Roy, Contributing Writer May 3, 2023

If you ambled through Washington Square Park at any point on 4/20, chances are you caught the steadily growing crowd dancing to Stolen Gin’s jazzy performance. If you noticed...

A person at a concert holds a large sign that reads “Have my kids.” People behind them look surprised.

The 5 golden rules of concert etiquette

Study up on these do’s and don’ts so everyone can have a great time this concert season.
Katherine Manatos, Contributing Writer April 26, 2023

“My friends are right up there.” If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that line at a concert, I’d be rich.  This common refrain is used to prey on people's kindness...

A group of photographers standing and crouching on the zebra-striped crosswalk.

How to get away, even if you’re stuck

A glimpse into how our photographers de-stressed during the summer.
Camila Ceballos, Samson Tu, Kevin Wu and Manasa Gudavalli September 2, 2022

Lexie Alford, the youngest person ever to visit every country, holds up a sign that reads Country #111 in front of the The Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing, China.

Q&A: Guinness World Record holder Lexie Alford on traveling to every country

After studying away, we thought we were expert solo travelers — until we sat down with the youngest person ever to visit every single country.
Anthony Ferrara and Roshni Raj May 6, 2022

Last semester, we studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, where we fully immersed ourselves in the local cultures. Over 40% of NYU students study away for at least one 16-week...

An illustration of two people facing away from one another. One person is on the floor sitting on the shadow of the other person. The shadow and the person on the floor are holding onto the same bouquet of flowers.

5 ways to cope with unrequited love

Here’s some tips to get over that person who doesn’t feel the same way as you do, so you can make the most of hot girl summer.
Ava Duchin, Contributing Writer May 3, 2022

There is a new warmth in the air. As the trees begin to bud again, summer flings and new relationships are also blooming. I see countless couples, doe-eyed and hands interlocked,...

A crowd of concert-goers dressed in summer outfits in the foreground and an outdoor stage in the background. The weather is sunny.

Q&A: Gov Ball co-founder Tom Russell on what makes the festival tick

WSN spoke with Governor’s Ball co-founder Tom Russell about the festival’s history and this year’s lineup.
Nathan Chizen, Contributing Writer April 27, 2022

Governor’s Ball, New York's premier music festival, is back, returning to Citi Field in early June. WSN spoke with co-founder Tom Russell about what to expect from this year’s...

An illustration of five vertical panels. The first panel: a planner against a blue background. The second: a woman facing her reflection in a large mirror against a green background. The third: a woman with a laptop sitting on top of an hourglass surrounded by clocks, calendars and sticky notes against a purple background. The fourth: a suitcase packed with clothes and a passport against a pink background. The fifth: pink and blue bottles of nail polish spilled on the floor against a brown background.

The do’s and don’ts of handling college burnout

The spring semester seems to go by in a heartbeat, which means midterms and finals and planning for summer internships are probably jumping at you. There are little things you can do every day to avoid burnout.
Autumn Kaufman, Contributing Writer April 13, 2022

Martin Fritsche stands outside Bobst Library holding a white rose.

Q&A: Meet the guy behind the rose cart

The street florist who’s been selling roses outside of Bobst since September has much more to say than just “roses, roses.”
Alex Tran, Culture Editor February 22, 2022

If you’ve walked by Bobst Library this semester, or even down Washington Square South, chances are you have run into an old man selling roses, or have heard him softly saying...

HBO’s The White Lotus was the streaming darling of the summer. The show attempts to probe Americas colonial past in this satire of the tourism industry. (Staff Photo and Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Review: The white existentialism of ‘The White Lotus’

HBO’s splashy summer drama probes at America’s colonial past, but doesn’t manage to rewrite a critical future.
Isabella Armus, Deputy Arts Editor August 30, 2021

Cradled by lapping tides, a boat full of white, wealthy and unreasonably attractive patrons arrive at the paradisiacal island of Maui as doting staff members wave from the distance,...

Its almost time for students to register for next semesters classes. But registration has been delayed.

Course registration for the Fall 2021 semester postponed until May

As the university readjusts for a return to in-person instruction, registration for the Fall 2021 semester will be pushed back to May 24.
Rachel Cohen, Staff Writer March 26, 2021

Course registration for the Fall 2021 semester has been postponed from April 20 to May 24 for continuing undergraduate and graduate students, since NYU must plan and readjust more...

A Tale of Springtime” tells the story of Natacha who attempts to match Jeanne up with her father at a party. The film will be available on Film Forum’s virtual cinema starting March 26th. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

‘Tales of Four Seasons’ review: Romance is always in season as people search for love and connection

New restorations of Eric Rohmer’s “Tales of Four Seasons” opening at Film Forum starting March 26.
Sebastian Zufelt, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

While François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard have become the names most associated with the French New Wave, late-bloomer Éric Rohmer deserves just as much recognition for his...