New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Three people looking at products inside a store.

From snacks to skincare, Tesolife is a hidden gem

Take a trip through this Asian convenience store on St. Marks Place to find everything you never knew you needed.
Ranina Simon, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Ask any NYU student to name their quintessential grocery spots, and you’ll probably get the usual suspects: Trader Joe’s, Target, Whole Foods Market and the rogue Wegmans....

An illustration on a green and red split background that reads in on the green side and out on the red side. Various small drawings, like a backpack, a coffee cup and a bag of chips, are on either side of the image.

Everything in and everything out this semester

The fall semester is out and reading WSN is definitely in.

Every new year brings unpromising New Year’s resolutions that only get us so far. We’re tired of gym memberships going to waste and litanies of books gathering a plethora of...

A mocktail glass with a dried citrus fruit on top against a yellowish background.

A hangover remedy guide

We’re not trying to enable you, but here are some ways to help that headache.
The Culture Desk May 4, 2022

The holidays can be expensive. Here are some items that are worth the hefty price tag. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Sometimes, expensive gifts… are better

If you’re at NYU, there’s a decent chance that you know some rich people who helped get you here. Here are expensive gifts that are actually worth the money that you can ask them for.
Alexandra Chan, Alex Tey and Alex Tran December 10, 2021

As winter break approaches, here’s a holiday gift guide to help you to take advantage of the rich people in your life. When they ask how to ease their conscience, you can answer...

Staff Rants and Raves: Snack Foods

Staff Rants and Raves: Snack Foods

What’s better than snacking during quarantine? Here’s our staff’s favorite snack foods.
WSN Staff April 2, 2020

Rants On Lack of Real Meals Gabby Lozano, Deputy Opinion Editor Before I was in quarantine, I used to eat real meals. Now, all I do is drink Dalgona coffee and eat Takis....

From sneaking food into your backpack to hiding it in your pockets, there are a multitude of ways to bring your own food into the movie theater.

How to Snack at the Movies

Fernanda Amis, Staff Writer November 27, 2017
Movies and snacks go hand in hand, however over-priced snacks in movie theatres have led people to sneak in food. What are the best ways to enjoy your favourite snack without paying a fortune? Read more to find out.
Created by Kellogg’s NYC, the pop-up Pop-Tart Cafe in Times Square served the classic pastry in both sweet and savory reiterations. Although it ended March 12, people are expecting a permanent comeback due to high demand.

Pop-Tarts Pop up in NYC

Rachael Heistuman, Contributing Writer March 20, 2017
A popup Pop-Tart cafe opened in Times Square, allowing adults and children alike to satisfy their sweet tooths.
Cupcake Market, at 74 E 7th St., serves various cookies shaped like famous pop figures. Its definitely worth a visit if youve ever been curious about what Kim Kardashians crying face tastes like.

Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm: Cookies

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 15, 2017
Cookies can cheer up any bad mood, and luckily there are many places to get delicious treats around campus. In the inaugural edition of Eat Your Way Around Each Dorm, delve into this delicious dessert.
Gummy bears are an easy and tasty way to add some color to your party.

Six Unique and Easy Dorm Snacks for Your Guests

Talia Smith, Contributing Writer February 5, 2016

Hosting a Super Bowl Sunday viewing party at your dorm? Watching an awards show? Or just lounging around with friends and don’t feel like making the trek to Weinstein? Here’s...

Graze delivers a personalized box of nutritious snacks for only $11.99 for the box of 8 snacks.

Meals by Mail: Subscription boxes

Taylor Nicole Rogers, Contributing Writer October 5, 2015
Food subscription boxes that let you explore the world without leaving your dorm.
Liquiteria offers a variety of healthy smoothies, which make for good snacks.

Sate appetite with midday bite

Caroline Ogulnick, Staff Writer March 3, 2015
Restaurants offer light menu items for in between meals.

Healthy on-the-go snacks to help study, ace midterm exams

March 11, 2014
Midterms are undeniably stressful for college students, and they often entail a time of year when healthy choices are abandoned for an abundance of sugar and caffeine.