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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Staff Rants and Raves: Snack Foods

What’s better than snacking during quarantine? Here’s our staff’s favorite snack foods.


On Lack of Real Meals

Gabby Lozano, Deputy Opinion Editor

Before I was in quarantine, I used to eat real meals. Now, all I do is drink Dalgona coffee and eat Takis. Occasionally, I eat a pop tart as well. Will this hurt my health? Yes. Do I care? Maybe. Does this keep me sane? Yes.

On Lazy Snacks

Emily Dai, Deputy Opinion Editor

This quarantine has taught me that my days have always been centered around when my next meal will be. But now that I have no schedule or any energy to cook despite the seemingly infinite hours ahead of me, my heartiest meals have consisted of a single banana, one untoasted bagel and a package of Mott’s fruit snacks I found at the back of my pantry.


On Hong Kong Childhood Snacks

By Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor

Hong Kong childhood snacks slap and I miss them. Here are my thoughts:

  1. If you peel off the rice paper from a White Rabbit candy, you are a sinner.
  2. Anyone who has been on a school field trip in a local Hong Kong primary school remembers Garden Chocolate Fingers. There’s a fervent gremlin energy associated with eating a bunch of these in a row as they melt and smear chocolate all over your mouth. Top-tier collective memory.
  3. I can’t buy Vitasoy drinks anymore. I think the company might have paused manufacturing and/or distributing the drinks, but I’m not afraid of running out before they resume.

On Cereal

By Helen Wajda, Deputy Opinion Editor

Being in quarantine has meant that my snack choices are a little more limited, but a plus to this is that I’ve been able to discover just how versatile cereal is. Looking for a satisfying snack? Cereal with milk. Looking for a quicker snack? Dry cereal. Looking for an easy topping for ice cream, yogurt or a smoothie bowl? Again: dry cereal. Looking for a savory snack? Make a snack mix with crackers, mixed nuts and –– you guessed it –– cereal. Not being able to go to the grocery store often is a little frustrating, but finding new ways to use cereal has made eating the same food repeatedly way more enjoyable. I am now 100% a cereal fan.

On Being Readily Available

By Chelsea Li, Deputy Multimedia Editor

One of the biggest perks of going home for breaks is the sheer availability of food. No longer do I have to open my dorm refrigerator to the same mediocre leftovers when I get hungry, dash to a vending machine between classes or spend hours scrolling through ridiculous NYC restaurant prices. Every time I walk into my kitchen at home, I’m never disappointed by the variety of culinary options available for my snacking pleasure. Whether it’s a plate of assorted fruit cut by my doting mother or my sister’s newest baking project, there’s always something on the counter. Snacking has definitely become an essential part of my day while I’ve been home — especially during the Zoom lectures where I can mute my mic and turn off my video camera. 

On Oreos

Noah Friend, Off-Third Editor

I really love Oreos. Are those a snack food? Maybe not. Do I eat them like they are? Maybe so. Oreos are just all around a great food, a wonderfully tasty treat. There are so many kinds of Oreos: the original, the golden, the mint, the birthday cake and so much more! Plus, you can’t forget about the types that show off the best feature of the treat: the stuf series. Of course I am referring to the Classic (stuf), the Double Stuf (2 times the stuf), the Mega Stuf (3 times the stuf) and the Most Stuf (4 times the stuf)! If you’re looking for a great snack, be sure to check out Oreos. No, Oreo is not sponsoring me. I’m just trying to get it to.

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