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A mocktail glass with a dried citrus fruit on top against a yellowish background.

A hangover remedy guide

We’re not trying to enable you, but here are some ways to help that headache.
The Culture Desk May 4, 2022

Fourth floor at GCASL. (Staff Photo by Mayee Yeh)

Your guide to NYU’s Quick Stops

Because no one wants to eat outside in the cold.
The Culture Desk and Ryan Kawahara Feb 7, 2022

Sometimes you need a bite between classes without getting yelled at to put your mask back on. NYU’s Quick Stops aren’t much, but at least you can have a few moments to eat...

Yellow leaves hanging above people’s heads is a typical fall scene. In this cozy season, there are many things to do in the city. (Staff Photo by Sirui Wu)

Ten ways to enjoy fall in the city

Below is a list of ways you can experience fall in New York that don’t involve a pumpkin patch.
The Culture Desk Sep 30, 2021

If comfort were a season, it would be fall. The air is crisp and filled with the scents of pumpkin spice lattes and apple-flavored everything. The warmly-hued leaves breathe life...

Theres a giant box filled with condoms at every NYU residence hall. This article will help you find the perfect one in this mountain of options. (Staff Photo and Illustration by Alex Tran)

Ranked: NYU dorm condoms

The writer of this article does not want her mom to know she wrote about condoms and would like to remain anonymous.
The Culture Desk Sep 20, 2021

Listen, it's college. Some people have sex and some people don’t. But if you are going to take part in sexual activity — especially if it involves a penis — it’s important...