New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A baby wearing a head-mounted camera sits in front of a crib while smiling at the camera.

AI following baby’s development capable of language learning, NYU study finds

Researchers used footage from a camera mounted on a baby’s head to train an artificial intelligence model and test its language-learning capabilities.
Antonia Ang and Max Getty February 14, 2024

Artificial intelligence might be able to learn a language similarly to a baby, even without any prior knowledge of grammar or social interactions, researchers from NYU’s Center...

A young girl in a pink fleece holding a piece at a chess board, playing against another young girl.

Chess players, coaches biased against female players, NYU study finds

In a study conducted by NYU’s psychology department, researchers found that parents and coaches of chess players don’t believe that female players have the same potential as their male counterparts.
Graylin Lucas, Staff Writer October 16, 2023

Parents and coaches tend to be biased against female chess players, according to a study conducted by researchers at NYU’s psychology department.  The researchers interviewed...

A map of the United States that uses the color red to indicate the anti-Asian bias by state. The darker a state, the more implicit bias there is against Asian Americans.

NYU researchers measure anti-Asian bias across the country

Researchers at the university found that a state’s party leaning and its population of people of Asian descent are associated with its levels of anti-Asian bias.
Aashna Miharia, Contributing Writer September 29, 2023

Republican-majority and swing states are more prone to stereotyping Asians and Asian Americans as foreigners, according to a study led by NYU Silver School of Social Work Ph.D....

A wearable electroencephalogram device with several nodes in contact with a person’s head.

Brain wave synchronization enhances classroom learning, NYU study finds

A new study shows that greater brain wave synchronization between students and teachers produces better learning.
Graylin Lucas, Contributing Writer April 26, 2023

Students who exhibit the same brain activity patterns as their classmates and instructors, also known as brain-to-brain synchronization, are likely to retain information learned...

An illustration of a girl wearing a green t-shirt drinking from a plastic cup filled with purple liquids with a white straw.

‘Totally unpredictable’: NYU class discovers new fluid flow laws

A simple mathematics exercise turned into a three-year-long study as researchers discovered limitations in the laws of fluid dynamics.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor April 4, 2023

The act of sipping through a straw may defy long-standing laws of fluid dynamics — the study of the flow of liquids and gases — according to a recent NYU study. Researchers...

A person wearing a white T-shirt and holding a baby. There is a black-and-white geometric logo superimposed in the top right corner of the frame.

Babies and AI go head to head in new NYU study

A recent NYU study compares the ability of infants and machines to understand human behavior.
Graylin Lucas, Contributing Writer March 9, 2023

Babies may know a lot more than we think. A recent NYU study shows that compared to artificial intelligence, infants are better at detecting the motivation behind human decisions.  Moira...

The exterior of N.Y.U. Langone’s Tisch Hospital and the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion.

Air quality ‘hazardous’ in North Brooklyn, says NYU study

The Grossman School of Medicine recently conducted a study with a neighborhood nonprofit, and found that the air in North Brooklyn contains high levels of hazardous chemicals.
Max Getty, Contributing Writer March 8, 2023

Levels of air contamination in North Brooklyn are “higher than desired for public safety,” according to a recent study conducted by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and...

An illustration of a soccer player wearing blue, kicking a soccer ball toward a net. A soccer player wearing an orange shirt and bright yellow gloves is guarding the net. In front of them is a man wearing a bright yellow shirt and black shorts, holding his hand to his mouth and, in his other outstretched arm, holding a document that reads “New Penalty Rules” with score charts on it.

First penalty kick wins soccer match, NYU prof finds

Researchers found that the first team to kick the ball at a penalty-kick shootout is more likely to win than the opposing team.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

The team that wins the coin toss to shoot first during a penalty-kick shootout is 22% more likely to win the game than the opposing team, according to the results of an analysis...

An illustration of white wired earphones surrounded by musical notes against a blue background.

Love at first listen: It only takes 5 seconds to like a song, NYU study finds 

NYU researchers looked into why people love and hate different music, and found that they typically know whether they like a song within seconds of listening to it.
Ujji Bathla, Staff Writer February 14, 2023

If you’ve ever immediately skipped a song on Spotify, or liked a new song after only a few seconds, you’re not alone, according to a recent NYU study. The study determined...

An illustration of two pieces of paper stacked on top of each other against a purple background, and the top one reads “MIDTERM EXAM.”

Opinion: It’s time to embrace midterm exams

As much as you may hate them, your midterm exams can help you in the long run.
Molly Koch, Contributing Writer October 18, 2022

It’s your first year at college, and wow, this is easy. A five-question problem set here, a discussion board post there — you’ve just been breezing through your classes,...

(Courtesy of Youtube and Center for Social Media and Politics)

YouTube recommends more election fraud videos to skeptics, NYU study finds

The YouTube algorithm is more likely to recommend election fraud videos to individuals who are already doubtful about election legitimacy.
Nicole Lu, Senior Staff Writer September 24, 2022

A study from NYU’s Center for Social Media and Politics found that YouTube’s algorithm recommended election fraud-related videos about three times more often to individuals...

A portrait of Joseph Palamar, the lead researcher of the study, in a black shirt.

Drastic increase in fentanyl-laced pill confiscations, NYU study finds

An NYU Grossman School of Medicine study found that the number of fentanyl-laced pills seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration increased by 834% between January 2018 and December 2021.
Tori Morales, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

Law enforcement seizures of fentanyl-laced pills increased by 834% in the United States between January 2018 and December 2021, according to an NYU Grossman School of Medicine...

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