New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A graphic with a screenshot of an email from Senior Vice President for University Life Jason Pina addressing N.Y.U’s commitment to enforcing its student conduct policies displayed on a purple background

Opinion: NYU’s conduct policies do more to silence students than protect them

The university’s expectations on student conduct are restrictive and not worth the loss of free expression, even in the face of emerging safety concerns on campus due to the Israel-Hamas war.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor November 14, 2023

Earlier this month, in the wake of increased on-campus tensions following the Israel-Hamas war, NYU sent students an email informing them of student conduct and protest guidelines....

Three people hold a banner that reads “Contract Faculty United.” One of them has his fist raised in the air.

NYU labor groups stage May Day protest

Two unions representing NYU employees protested the university’s handling of labor issues.
Graylin Lucas, Staff Writer May 2, 2023

The unions representing NYU’s contract faculty and its graduate student workers gathered near Bobst Library on Monday afternoon to protest the university administration’s treatment...

The flag of Palestine is unfurled by a group standing in a crowd in Times Square.

Hundreds protest Israeli mosque raid at Times Square

Members of NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine joined a crowd that gathered on Saturday to protest the Israeli military’s recent raid of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor April 11, 2023

More than 1,000 people gathered in Times Square on Saturday afternoon to protest the Israeli military’s raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem last week, which were...

An osprey flies in the sky with both of its wings fully extended.

Environmental science profs launch Wild Animal Welfare Program

The directors of the Wild Animal Welfare Program hope to address a gap in research on wildlife and improve how humans interact with wild animals.
Adria Luo and JessaRose Beeman October 17, 2022

Two environmental studies professors at NYU recently launched the Wild Animal Welfare Program, which will study the impacts of human-made development projects and climate change...

A crowd of protesters standing under Washington Square Arch holding the Iranian flag and signs with a person holding a wood stick with a strand of black hair hanging by the end of it.

Opinion: NYU should speak up about the violence in Iran

As an institution that prides itself in global diversity, NYU should be actively supporting Iranian women and students.
Molly Koch, Contributing Writer October 3, 2022

NYU prides itself on its diversity. The class of 2026 represents 107 countries — five more than the previous year. When a major crisis happens in one of those countries, then,...

NYU consolidated the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan with its Comprehensive plan, and now some graduate students have higher co-pays and less coverage on its insurance plans. The New York State Department of Financial Services told WSN that this was not a requirement, even though the university informed graduate students multiple times that it was. (Photo by Victor Porcelli)

Graduate Students and Employees Protest NYU Healthcare Rollbacks

The protests are centered around changes made to their healthcare plans that they say were made without notification over the summer.
Sarah Jackson, News Editor November 29, 2018
The protests are centered around changes made to their healthcare plans that they say were made without notification over the summer.
Akeem Muhammad, Tisch 18, speaks at a vigil for Stephon Clark. In his speech, he discussed the importance in faith and used throwing hands as an analogy for action: Throw hands in the classroom; throw hands in the voting booth; throw hands in the cities and in the suburbs; throw hands in the streets and in the subways.

Vigil Held in Remembrance of Stephon Clark

Sarah Jackson, Deputy News Editor April 3, 2018
A vigil was held Monday night for Stephon Clark, who was shot and killed by police in California in mid-March.
Protestors from SLAM and NYU Divest occupy the staircase of the Kimmel Center for University Life on March 28.

Divest and SLAM Relocate to Kimmel, Escalate Occupation

Alex Domb, Deputy News Editor March 28, 2018
After three days of occupying the Bonomi Family Admissions Center, NYU Divest and SLAM have relocated their occupation to the staircase of the Kimmel Center for University Life.
SLAM met in the park to discuss the different ways that the university could be more transparent.

SLAM Plans to Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Kristina Hayhurst, Contributing Writer September 14, 2017
Frustrated at what they see as a lack of university transparency, NYU SLAM threatens to take action.
When a Discussion is Not a Discussion

When a Discussion is Not a Discussion

Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor February 8, 2017
It’s wonderful that the NYU College Republicans and conservative groups nationwide say they are trying to promote discussion. It’s doubtful, however, that they’re going about it well, if it’s their honest intentions at all.
After filling out the form for ResistX, subscribers will receive email notifications regarding the protests going on within that day.

NYU Students Create Service to Bring Protests to Your Phone

Antonio Wovchko Fratto, Contributing Writer February 8, 2017
ResistX, an SMS and email service created by NYU students, makes protesting a no-brainer.
The presence of Gavin McInnes, alt-right co-founder of VICE, incited a riot on campus last Thursday that resulted in 11 arrests.  Various political groups on campus reacted to the protest in different ways.

Political Groups on Campus Review Decision to Host Gavin McInnes

Arushi Sahay, Contributing Writer February 7, 2017
A follow-up with students and professors about their thoughts on the Gavin McInnes speech and the events that occurred last Thursday.