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NYU SLAM has made a number of claims recently against members of the Board of Trustees in regard to their conflicting interests.

Photo: Fact Checking SLAM’s Board of Trustees Claims

October 30, 2017

NYU SLAM has made a number of claims recently against members of the Board of Trustees in regard to their conflicting interests.

Although President Trump’s recent executive order threatening the funding of sanctuary cities was overturned, New York City and the sanctuary campus movement at NYU still face significant threats.

President Trump’s Administration Threatens Sanctuary Cities

April 27, 2017
Trump has threatened the funding of sanctuary cities — how has this affected NYU's sanctuary movement?
The NYU DREAM Team, who works to provide a safe space for undocumented students at the university, has raised concerns about the deportation of Juan Manuel Montes. Montes is the first public case of a protected DACA person being deported.

Broken DREAMS and Deportation

April 24, 2017
DREAM students at NYU respond to news that the first protected DREAMer was deported under President Donald Trump.
NYU Doesn’t Reach Its Potential in Science

NYU Doesn’t Reach Its Potential in Science

April 20, 2017
The effort NYU has been making is staggering and we certainly must commend Hamilton for his effort, but there is still something to be desired from the science program at NYU. This is especially true for the casual scientist. For the person who isn’t majoring in science, but would still like to get involved, the lack of breadth in our programs make that difficult.
The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was devastating for many. (via flickr.com)

NYU Program Aids Recovery in Disaster-Stricken Communities

April 17, 2017
NYU’s Population Impact, Recovery, and Resilience program examines disaster stricken communities and assesses the disaster recovery process.
A new scholarship was created so that financial strain would not be a burden for those who want to study away at NYU London. It is named after NYU Law professor and Director of NYU London Gary Slapper, who passed away suddenly last December.

New Scholarship at NYU London

April 3, 2017
President Andrew Hamilton announced a new scholarship at NYU London in honor of NYU Law professor and Director of NYU London Gary Slapper.
This past Monday, NYU Law school opened the Center on Race, Inequality and the Law. This space allows students and faculty to openly discuss issues about race, inequality and leadership.

NYU Law Spearheads Dialogue on Inequality and Race

March 6, 2017
NYU Law has opened a Center for Race, Inequality and Law, where students can participate in discussions, lectures and panels related race, inequality and leadership.
NYU President Andrew Hamilton speaks at a town hall held today, Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. The Sanctuary Campus movement marched on the event to demand Hamilton declare NYU a sanctuary campus for undocumented students.

Hamilton Town Hall Turns Testy

March 2, 2017
Andrew Hamilton hosted a town hall to take questions from students about affordability, but the discussion quickly turned the sanctuary campus debate.
This past week, four faculty members — assistant neuroscience professors Jayeete Basu and Nicolas Tritsch, Stern associate professor Johannes Stroebel and assistant chemistry professor Daniel Turner, 
were awarded fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The 2-year fellowship is given to up-and-coming scientists in various fields.

NYU Faculty Among Newest Sloan Fellows

February 27, 2017
Four NYU faculty members were among the 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation fellowship recipients. The fellowship is awarded to uo-and-coming scientists doing inspiring work in their fields.
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine is a Palestinian advocacy group. Last month members received an email threatening to release their personal details, including information on their friends and family.

NYUSJP Working With University to Maintain Members’ Safety

February 16, 2017
After NYUSJP received a threatening email in January, both the university and NYPD are working to keep students safe.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in the age of a Trump administration, breeds uncertainty in the future of the media and the press.

How Will Sean Spicer Affect NYU Students?

February 14, 2017
NYU professors and students discuss Sean Spicer's effect on the freedom of the press the at universities.
The NYU Stern School of Business. The Advancing Women in Business scholarship offered at Stern holds $1 million for full-time MBA  Class of 2019 females.

New Stern Scholarship for Advancing Women in Business

February 13, 2017
A new Stern scholarship was announced for female MBA students.
The presence of Gavin McInnes, alt-right co-founder of VICE, incited a riot on campus last Thursday that resulted in 11 arrests.  Various political groups on campus reacted to the protest in different ways.

Political Groups on Campus Review Decision to Host Gavin McInnes

February 7, 2017
A follow-up with students and professors about their thoughts on the Gavin McInnes speech and the events that occurred last Thursday.
NYU law students sent a letter to their former classmate, Jared Kushner, to remind him of the power he has to change the country for the better.

NYU Law Classmates Appeal to Alum Jared Kushner

February 6, 2017
Presidential Senior Advisor and NYU alumnus Jared Kushner's law classmates wrote a letter to him about his responsibility to make a positive impact on the country.
Activism Is Still Important Under Trump Presidency

Activism Is Still Important Under Trump Presidency

January 26, 2017
Trump has shown he will remain consistent with his promises, which means his opposition must as well.
New York has experienced severe weather conditions in the past few years, prompting NYU Langone to fortify itself.

Langone Superstorm Proofing Nears Completion After Sandy Damage

November 2, 2016
NYU Langone was just super storm-proofed.