New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A large room with blue carpeting and a variety of colorful couches and chairs. There are students sitting with their laptops. On the floor above there are bookshelves filled with books.

Opinion: Bobst’s new first floor renovation is a missed opportunity

The library update could have made the space more practical while maintaining its aesthetic, but the renovation fails to do either.
Valentina Plevisani, Deputy Opinion Editor October 27, 2023

Bobst Library has been a sanctuary for me ever since I started at NYU — it was the kind of calm, academic environment perfect for focusing during stressful exam seasons. So,...

A wall covered with purple wallpaper and text saying “REIMAGINING THE LIBRARY’S FIRST FLOOR” above “MID-OCTOBER 2023.”

Opinion: Bobst’s construction is too disruptive for studying

Between taking away places to study and making it hard to focus in class, construction in the library is doing students more harm than good.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor September 13, 2023

The first week of classes is typically a favorite among students, as assignments tend to be lighter and exams are still months away. For the unlucky students who already have labs...

An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors. The seats are almost full.

Opinion: For a building so big, Bobst has little seating room

More than four million volumes, 53,320 serial titles, 43,000 linear feet of archives, and yet there’s little room for students in Bobst Library.
Hogan Bingel, Contributing Writer March 6, 2023

If it isn’t the excessive heat or stench of body odor that prevents you from stepping foot into Bobst Library, then perhaps it’s the lack of seating.  Thanks to the donation...

A white mail bag with blue text reading “Israel Postal Co. L.T.D.” on it. “Fuck” and “Free Palestine” are written with red marker on top.

NYU grad student accused of antisemitism for writing on discarded mailbag

After a graduate student wrote on an Israeli mailbag that had already been thrown in the trash, NYU fired her from her on-campus job and charged her with counts of vandalism and antisemitism.
Yezen Saadah, Deputy News Editor February 1, 2023

NYU graduate student Naye Idriss was working in the mailroom of Bobst Library last June when she came across a large, white mailbag with “Israel Post Co. Ltd.” written on the...

A photo of the interior of a library with two printed posters on stands in front of a glass door with a table in between them. The poster on the left features a black and white photograph of a face partially submerged in water with the text “Wake” at the bottom, and the poster on the right features a red background with a list of the featured artists.

Bobst gets new student photography exhibit exploring intimacy and autonomy

“WAKE” redefines the body through the outstanding work of NYU photography students. The exhibit runs from Dec. 2-22 at NYU Special Collections in Bobst Library.
Natalia Palacino Carmago, Books & Theater Editor December 14, 2022

Angst is usually the first feeling that comes to mind when walking into Bobst Library at this time of year, but a hidden photography exhibition on the second floor of the library...

The north-facing study room on the eighth floor of the Bobst Library. Rows of tables and chairs are lined up against floor-to-ceiling windows. On each table are lamps.

Opinion: Bring the old Bobst 8th floor back

The old configuration of the eighth floor north reading room was unique and inspiring. Put it back.
Claudia Yoon, Contributing Writer October 25, 2022

Serotonin is actually quite nice, you know? You don't need to be a neuroscience or psychology major to realize why our bodies need serotonin. It’s our happy hormone. My serotonin...

An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors.

Opinion: There are better study spots than Bobst

NYU’s beloved library is not all that it is hyped up to be.
Molly Koch, Contributing Writer October 4, 2022

Many new and prospective NYU students are drawn to one particular building on campus: Bobst Library. Known for its 12-story-high ceilings and geometric aluminum guardrails, the...

The atrium of Bobst Library as seen from its lobby. Visitors walk in and out of the building.

Opinion: Bobst Library is falling apart

Bobst is an iconic library, but it needs to be modernized so that it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.
Hannah Kim, Contributing Writer April 6, 2022

With springtime comes throngs of bright-eyed, turquoise-nametag-wearing high schoolers who can be seen sauntering around NYU’s campus. They’ll make stops at the Kimmel Center...

An image of Bobst Library looking down on the ground-floor atrium. On each level, metal screens run from the floor to the ceiling.

Bobst Library’s enduring history of suicide

Alyssa Goldberg, Features Staff March 7, 2022
How a string of student deaths in the early 2000s shaped NYU’s architecture, curriculum and mental health services.
Bobst Library is NYU’s hub for studying and research. Its main atrium is a sight to behold that ought to be graced with a slide. (Staff Photo by Luca Richman, Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Off-Third: Bobst Library needs a slide

The title says it all. NYU can do more with Bobst Library. Put a slide in it.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor February 10, 2022

The installation of solar panels on the roof of Bobst Library is a welcome move by a university that has faced substantial environmentalist criticisms. But sustainability isn't...

All NYU athletic facilities will remain closed until further notice. (Staff Photo by Luca Richman)

A guide to NYU’s spring 2022 reopening policies

As NYU resumes in-person instruction, read about the recommendations and requirements you need to know at the beginning of the spring semester.
Abby Wilson, Deputy News Editor January 24, 2022

Editor’s note: This article was published in January 2022. Guidelines and requirements from NYU may have since changed. NYU students, faculty and staff are set to return to...

Pulling an all-nighter at Bobst means lots of coffee and snacks to get you through the night. (Photo by Alex Tran)

How to Pull an All-Nighter at Bobst, and Eat Too

Spending a night at Bobst can be less horrible when you learn how to finesse food and drinks.
Alex Tran, Contributing Writer November 26, 2019

11 p.m. rolled around, and that’s when I realized there was simply no way for me to finish my 2,000 word essay before bedtime. Admitting defeat, I shamefully shrunk into my hoodie...