New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Eight people stand in a line on a grass field and are doing warmup exercises, with a few of them talking to each other.

‘Unrecognizable’: How the women’s cross country team went from 4 runners to 5th in the nation

In less than three seasons, head coach Tyler Deck Shipley elevated a struggling cross country team to one of the nation's best.
Ethan Rendon, Staff Writer October 27, 2023

When Tyler Deck Shipley inherited the women’s cross country team in 2021, he only had four runners — not enough to score in meets. In nearly three seasons, with strong recruiting...

Protesters walk down University Place holding large signs that read ”N.Y.U. OWES ADJUNCTS” and “UNION POWER.”

University denies foul play after adjuncts’ courses changed

NYU is attributing shifts in adjunct course assignments to pandemic-related enrollment and budget changes, but the union representing adjuncts says the university is undermining their job security.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor September 19, 2023

For many adjunct professors — part-time faculty that make up a large share of instructors at NYU — course assignments looked different this year. For some, assignments did...

Sadie Jeans debut single WYD Now? was released on Dec. 10, 2021. (Photo by Sofia Ziman)

Sadie Jean on her debut single “WYD Now” and her music ambitions

Hailing from Orange County, California, Sadie Jean talks TikTok fame and launching a musical career in New York City.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Managing Editor December 10, 2021

Sadie Jean and I attended high school just 21 miles from each other, but it took going to a college 2,792 miles away from home for us to finally meet. Orange County, California...

As only a college student in her penultimate year of studies in Steinhardts Music Business program, Piper Page has already released four songs and a music video. (Photo by Anna E. Henderson)

Taking a ‘Risk’: Piper Page breaks into the music scene

Steinhardt junior Piper Page talks singing, songwriting, moving from town to city and her plans for the future.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Managing Editor November 22, 2021

Piper Page emerges onscreen in a floor-length red dress that looks like it was plucked from a 1920s movie premiere. Her lips are painted a coordinated shade, her hair styled in...

With two very important roles to fulfill, student parents face a difficult balance to maintain.

Unseen, overworked, underpaid: Student parents at NYU

Struggling with burnout, hectic schedules and financial adversity, NYU’s student parents call for increased representation and resources to help them balance college and raising children.
Ava Emilione, Contributing Writer November 8, 2021

With cutout paper hearts taped to the wall and a couple of mischievous cats climbing on her furniture, Jessica York’s Zoom background reveals a full house and a busy schedule....

Proud to be first: First-generation students talk about their experiences

Proud to be first: First-generation students talk about their experiences

NYU seniors Yasmine Elasmar, Brianna Ivette Vera and Michael Guerrero-Calderon reflect on being first-generation graduates — the first in their immediate family to graduate from college.
Ivy Zhu, UTA Senior Editor May 7, 2021

The following are transcripts from interviews conducted with three students from Proud to Be First, a mentorship program at NYU College of Arts and Science for students who are...

First-year Gallatin student Ian Partman. Decolonization in art as a conversation. (Image courtesy of Ian Partman)

Rewriting the narrative: Conversations on decolonization in art

Contributing writer Sade Collier considers/explores what decolonization means for Black artists.
Sade Collier, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

INTRODUCTION Against an orange oak-tinted backdrop, a Black revolutionary holds up a newspaper bearing a blunt message: “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.” There is a shout coming...

A final vision of Stacy’s map that reflects the first impression he hopes to subject players before. (Photo courtesy of Paris Stacy)

Paris Stacy, Player Agency and Art Against the Odds

The Tisch game designer has continued to refine his game project even after contracting the coronavirus.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Music Editor, Music Editor April 24, 2020

A funny dynamic arises in the relationship between the fact that a video game level presents players with the liberty to go about solving it all the while purposefully concealing...

Arts Issue Spring 2020

Arts Issue Spring 2020

Much like the subjects it showcases, this Arts Issue has to persevere against the odds.
Kaylee DeFreitas and Ethan Zack, Arts Editors April 24, 2020

Andrea Serrano lives with her family in Queens. The struggle to balance both the responsibility of being a student as well as caring for ones family can extract a toll on the mental health of a commuter. (Photo by Andrea Serrano. Staff Illustration by Rachel Lee.)

More Than Just Train Delays: What Being a Commuter Really Means

NYU commuters share how commuting affected their college experience socially, professionally and mentally, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Rachel Lee, Staff Writer April 6, 2020

Troy Kelley, a Tisch dance junior who also majors in computer science, spent strenuous hours on campus for his classes and rehearsals before campus shut down due to the COVID-19...

(From back then clockwise) Matthew O’Connor, Vanneeda Keowmang, Jacob Linen, Vivian Gisle and Heather Vaxer.

Advanced TV Pilot ‘Mary and the Mob’ Blazes Trail for Sustainable Set

Showrunner and Tisch alumna Vivian Gisle and sustainability officer Bradley Sachs talk set sustainability and hopes for future Tisch and industry standards.
Fareid El Gafy, Film & TV Editor December 5, 2019

Every year at the Tisch School of the Arts, students and professors make more than 5,000 films. In the process, they discard food waste, single-use plastics, water bottles, expendables...

Fresh Meat: New Food Spots this Fall

Fresh Meat: New Food Spots this Fall

Yasmin Gulec, Dining Editor August 28, 2017
Take advantage of Welcome Week by trying out these food hot spots.