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“Outside The Box” was choreographed by Garet Wierdsma to “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds and original composition by Zilu Chen, performed by Tisch dancers at the Jack Crystal Theater before spring break. With remote instruction comes the challenges of online dance classes as Tisch dancers share their experiences. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Dancing Through Distress: Tisch Dancers on Remote Learning

Three Tisch dance students share their experiences with online dance instruction.
Rachel Lee, Staff Illustrator Apr 13, 2020

Since the university announced that the rest of the semester would be happening remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NYU students have been adapting to new routines to enable...

Andrea Serrano lives with her family in Queens. The struggle to balance both the responsibility of being a student as well as caring for ones family can extract a toll on the mental health of a commuter. (Photo by Andrea Serrano. Staff Illustration by Rachel Lee.)

More Than Just Train Delays: What Being a Commuter Really Means

NYU commuters share how commuting affected their college experience socially, professionally and mentally, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Rachel Lee, Staff Writer Apr 6, 2020

Troy Kelley, a Tisch dance junior who also majors in computer science, spent strenuous hours on campus for his classes and rehearsals before campus shut down due to the COVID-19...

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to the wildlife we have destroyed 

Rachel Lee, Under the Arch Voices Illustrator Dec 5, 2019

to the wildlife we have destroyed  Though your presence May have left I will try my best To keep your memory  Alive   Telling stories of  How you  Lived  in...

Illustrated by Deborah Alalade.

Postcard Poems

Six writers wrote personal letters in the form of postcard poems to their special place in the city from Battery Park to The Strand.

  Contact the writers at [email protected]

To: Brooklyn Bridge Park

To: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Rachel Lee, UTA Voices Illustrator Sep 25, 2019

To: Brooklyn Bridge Park 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 From: Rachel Lee Where I Find Peace Escaping the honks From inside the city To observe A day’s end. ...

Photo by Pranav Kothary. Illustration by Kaitlyn Clevenger.

An Outfit of Surrender | New York, New York

Rachel attended a six-week summer residency at Tisch in New York this past summer.
Rachel Lee, UTA Voices Illustrator Sep 19, 2019

“Mhmmmm,” we hummed, not only matching pitch with one another, but using sound to focus our attention into this moment. My eyes fluttered open to see my classmates, glistening...