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A charcuterie board is assembled on a wooden chopping board, consisting of crackers, cheese, blackberries, grapes, apple slices, various cured meats and madeleines. Next to it is a receipt from Trader Joe’s, listing the prices of each ingredient.

Boarding on a budget: How to craft a charcuterie board at any price range

Charcuterie boards are a great addition to any gathering. Here are some ideas to both cut costs and build a beautiful board for your guests.
Jules Hasler, Contributing Writer Mar 8, 2023

Charcuterie boards are like my children, I’m afraid to say how much time I spend thinking about them. They consume my Pinterest, TikTok and even Instagram feeds. If I’m going...

A wide shot of Brittany Hall from across the street.

Ranked: Dorm Hookup Spots

Loving an ex from a distance is not only possible, but can also teach you about yourself.
Jules Hasler, Contributing Writer Feb 26, 2023

An illustration of thirteen cookies of different kinds on a green background forming a shape of a heart.

Ranked: Girl Scout Cookies

Which box of Girl Scout Cookies are you buying 10 of this year?
Jules Hasler, Contributing Writer Feb 17, 2023