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Deputy Culture Editor Addison Aloian makes her sweet potato gnocchi recipe, topping it with sage, paprika, and cheese. Spending time in quarantine has allowed her to hone in on hobbies such as cooking. (Staff Photo by Addison Aloian)

The Meal That Got Me Through Quarantine

By Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor September 1, 2020

While quarantine has allowed me to tap into many hobbies I never had time to explore previously, my favorite is cooking. I’ve used my extensive free time to get creative in the kitchen, curating all...

This is a simplified version suitable for college students of my grandmothers seafood pasta. Follow a few simple steps for a grand meal in no time. (Staff Photo by Addison Aloian)

A College-Friendly Homemade Delicacy

By Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor April 29, 2020

With COVID-19 calling for social distancing, being away from New York City is daunting for many students, so I’ve been trying to focus on the positives of this situation. The best part of being home...

Sugar, flour and butter - all the things that most of us have in our pantry. Following the recipes below, you can skip the dangerous grocery store and make yourself something delicious by adding only a few more ingredients. (Staff Photo by Lauren Gruber)

Easy Three-Ingredient Recipes

By Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer April 22, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak transforming our ways of life. A trip to the grocery store is no longer a leisurely, somewhat-relaxing weekend activity. Instead, it is a high-stress, high-risk task that may...

In this time of turbulence, one of the best ways to relax might be to cook. Using only canned food and some essentials, you can create dishes that are both convenient and nourishing like sautéed canned beans or spaghetti marinara. (Photo by Alex Christiano)

Quarantine Cooking, Done Simply

By Alex Christiano, Contributing Writer April 1, 2020

Like many NYU students, I found myself abruptly evicted from my dorm and back at home for the rest of the semester. During these turbulent times, I find that one of the best ways to decompress and relax...

Wasting precious grocery in a time like now is no wise option, with COVID-19 causing grocery store shortages and job layoffs. Nonetheless, the recipes below may offer you a solution to the perishables at the back of your fridge. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

By Lauren Gruber, Dining Editor March 25, 2020

Overstocked on aubergines during your quarantine grocery trips? Not sure how to make use of your $7 organic strawberries after they’ve gone mushy? Between COVID-19 causing food shortages and layoffs...

These gourmet Pop-Tarts are made from Bon Appetits recipe featured in the YouTube series Gourmet Makes. If you have six hours to spare, they will be a delicious treat for your efforts. (Photo by Mia Karle)

I Tried Making Gourmet Pop-Tarts in My Dorm

By Mia Karle, Contributing Writer February 26, 2020

Bon Appetit’s popular YouTube series “Gourmet Makes” follows chef Claire Saffitz and her quest to make ordinary snacks — like Oreos, Pringles and Ben & Jerry’s — into gourmet treats from...

With only a few ingredients, you can make your own Labneh sandwich. An upgraded version of the usual grilled cheese, this is a meal worth looking forward to after a long day. (Photo by Fatimah El zahraa Zeni)

Easy Five-Minute Dorm Snack: The Labneh Sandwich

By Fatimah El zahraa Zeni, Staff Writer February 19, 2020

Growing up in a Middle Eastern household, my mom would always make us Labneh sandwiches. Labneh is a soft, creamy strained cheese similar to Greek yogurt. It was a meal to look forward to after a long...

Throw the best Super Bowl party at one of the most unathletic school in the country. (Photo by Chris Klemens)

A College Student’s Guide to Throwing a Super Bowl Party

By Lauren Gruber, Dining Editor January 29, 2020

Before you read my recommendations, I must prepare you with some disclaimers. First and foremost, I am from Massachusetts. Yes, I root for Boston sports teams. Yes, I identify as a Patriots fan by default....

Recipe for fall veggie soup. (Photo by Emma Li)

A Wild Soup for a Cozy Night In

By Priya Subberwal, Contributing Writer November 14, 2019

Autumn Wild Rice Soup (vegan/vegetarian-friendly)  The weather continues to get colder, finals are approaching and the nights are getting darker. Colder weather is upon us, and with it comes the craving...

Pictured above is homemade vegan mushroom mac and cheese. Perfect for your winter cravings. (Photo by Priya Subberwal)

Homemade Vegan Mushroom Mac and Cheese

By Priya Subberwal, Contributing Writer November 8, 2019

It’s the ultimate comfort food. And now, it’s vegan. With winter comes the onset of cravings for hot, creamy food. Students turn to milky hot chocolate, thick soups and mac and cheese. For vegans,...

Murgh ka Salan, or chicken curry, is a simple dish to make that can easily be saved for tomorrow’s lunch. (Photo by Yusuf Husain)

Dorm Chicken Curry to Die For

By Yusuf Husain, Contributing Writer October 29, 2019

To Hyderabadi Indians like myself, few things hit home better than Murgh ka Salan, or “Chicken Curry” to those not fluent in Urdu. It’s a common dish that you find both in restaurants and my parents’...

Three bowls of homemade Korean party noodles are ready to be eaten. This traditional Korean dish, Janchi guksu, is typically served at celebratory events such as weddings and birthdays. (Photo by Ju Hee Shin)

Party on With Homemade Janchi Guksu

By Ju Hee Shin, Contributing Writer October 4, 2019

Despite it only being the fourth week of the semester, I’ve found myself feeling plenty deprived of homemade Korean food. Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to invite my friends over and whip...