New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The 6 subway train arrives at the Union Square station. People stand on the platform and walk on the overpass.

Opinion: Dramatically increasing law enforcement in NYC subways is not the answer to safety concerns

Deploying the National Guard in New York City subway stations is a poor solution to a problem that requires systemic change.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor March 13, 2024

Following a recent crime spike in New York City's subway system — with transit crime up 16.7% compared to this time last year — Gov. Kathy Hochul made the contentious decision...

A person sitting in front of a laptop whose screen is displaying a sexual assault prevention training portal.

Opinion: NYU’s sexual respect training is inadequate

In the face of the vast disparities in sex education across states and schools, NYU’s sexual respect training falls short.
Mehr Kotval, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024

Graduating from a high school with abstinence-focused sex education, I felt ill-prepared to navigate the complexities of consent and healthy relationships when I entered college....

Protesters walk down University Place holding large signs that read ”N.Y.U. OWES ADJUNCTS” and “UNION POWER.”

Guest Essay: A letter from NYU’s adjunct union to president Mills

Following changes to adjuncts’ schedules, their union is demanding that NYU restore all adjunct teaching positions.
ACT-UAW Local 7902 Members September 19, 2023

An Open Letter to Linda Mills, President, New York University: We appreciate your commitment to leading by listening to the diverse voices of the university. We took it to heart...

An illustration of a person with blond hair wearing a dark blue cap and a red backpack. IN the backpack are documents titled Script and permits. The person waves at green bills falling from the sky against a light purple background.

Opinion: NYU’s film production allotment isn’t enough

With rising production costs, NYU should financially support their student filmmakers to level the playing field and help them reach their greatest potential.
Sebastian Zufelt, Staff Writer February 20, 2023

The privilege of attending NYU’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television gives access to a greater pre-professional education than anywhere else. Students in Intermediate...

An illustration of a white speech bubble that reads “This shit sucks” in black font. Next to it, another speech bubble that is blue and reads “Right?”. Both speech bubbles are against a gray grid background.

Opinion: A 3-step guide to complaining correctly

Life sucks sometimes. School is hard. It’s OK to complain about it.
Noah Zaldivar, Contributing Writer December 14, 2022

It’s finals season and we all know what that means: everybody is complaining. Just walk through Bobst Library, and you’ll hear the classic “Writing the Essay is killing me!”...

An illustration of a boy looking into an oven. In the oven is a cake shaped like New York state, with alternating blue and red patterns to represent the political party that is in the majority of each electoral district.

Opinion: The red wave did hit New York. Is this the new normal?

New York Republicans made immense gains during the midterm elections. But the results are far from the country’s status quo, where Democrats staved off a greater Republican takeover of congressional seats.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer November 23, 2022

If you are the type of person who says “My vote doesn’t matter in New York,” consider yourself wrong. It seems that as the dust settles following this year’s midterm elections,...

Exterior photo of the N.Y.U. Office of Global Services with white text reading “383 Lafayette” on the window.

Opinion: NYU needs to support its documented dreamers

International students come from different backgrounds, and it’s time NYU provides resources for all of us.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

When most people think of international students, they imagine them moving across the world with their suitcases in hand, saying goodbye to their family and friends, ready to begin...

A man reading the October 4, 2022, edition of The New York Times. The newspaper headline reads “N.Y.U. Students Were Failing Class. The Professor Lost His Job.”

Editorial: The New York Times article on Maitland Jones was incomplete.

An article published in the New York Times on Monday discussed the firing of Maitland Jones Jr., a renowned chemistry professor. The article, however, gravely misrepresented NYU students.
WSN Editorial Board October 5, 2022

On Monday, The New York Times published a news article about the firing of a renowned professor from NYU’s organic chemistry program this summer. Maitland Jones...

Photo cutouts of a sad-looking male and a female dressed in casual clothes in front of a photo of the construction site of the 181 Mercer Street building owned by New York University.

Off-Third: 181 Mercer construction is high priority, not adjuncts

NYU’s refusal to pay adjunct professors comes from a place of frugality, not malice.
Benjamin Meppen, Contributing Writer October 3, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. Chaos has risen at NYU: posters demanding that NYU pays adjunct professors are littered and crumpled up in all corners of the school, from...

A student holds up their phone displaying a purple Violet Go pass to enter an NYU building.

Opinion: Violet Go is completely pointless

NYU’s one-and-done Daily Screener revamp is unnecessary. We should simply have all our information on our NYU IDs.
Jules Roscoe, Opinion Editor September 7, 2022

NYU unveiled its brand-new Daily Screener update in late August in anticipation of the new semester. The revamp, called the Violet Go pass, aims to make students’ lives “just...

The facade of the City of New York graduate building, as seen from the corner diagonally across the street. On the left side of the building, a row of nine flags hangs above the entrance.

Opinion: New York, invest in CUNY

As New York state lawmakers finalize budgeting for the 2023 fiscal year, we must urge them to increase support for the City University of New York system.
Srishti Bungle, Opinion Editor March 30, 2022

The City University of New York public university system desperately needs more funding. It currently offers an amazing education — whether it be through their four-year bachelor’s...

(Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Letter from the Editor: Why is WSN Coming Back?

Given the number of issues we had, why have we returned to the newspaper?
Alexandria Johnson, Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2021

Dear readers,  After we resigned last fall, it is no surprise that people are wondering why the newspaper has returned. As one of the three deputy managing editors who signed...