New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A crowd of students and three police officers stand outside Alumni Hall.

Opinion: NYU needs to refine its emergency communication

In the wake of Alumni Hall being evacuated due to a false bomb threat, the university needs to take steps to hasten communication with students during emergencies.
Noah Zaldivar, Staff Writer February 16, 2024

Last Thursday, residents at Alumni Hall were told to evacuate the building, anxiously waiting in the cold from 11 p.m. to around 1:45 a.m. while the New York City Police Department...

Various posters are stuck on a glass window. The poster on the left is white and reads “Choose Respect”.The poster on the right is purple and reads “Masks Always Welcome”. The poster on top is purple and reads “Please Use Revolving Door”.

Opinion: NYU’s ‘Respect | No Hate’ campaign is a well-intentioned facade

Amid on-campus tensions caused by the Israel-Hamas war, NYU was quick to launch a universitywide “Respect | No Hate” campaign, but the university’s efforts have been more performative than effective.
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor December 8, 2023

As you walk around campus, you’ll now notice light purple posters plastered everywhere, all blaring one word: “Respect.” These posters are part of NYU’s latest campaign...

A graphic with a screenshot of an email from Senior Vice President for University Life Jason Pina addressing N.Y.U’s commitment to enforcing its student conduct policies displayed on a purple background

Opinion: NYU’s conduct policies do more to silence students than protect them

The university’s expectations on student conduct are restrictive and not worth the loss of free expression, even in the face of emerging safety concerns on campus due to the Israel-Hamas war.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor November 14, 2023

Earlier this month, in the wake of increased on-campus tensions following the Israel-Hamas war, NYU sent students an email informing them of student conduct and protest guidelines....

A blurry illustration of a black van on a purple background with a purple, circular N.Y.U. logo on the front and side of the van. In front of the van is an image of a phone open to the N.Y.U. Safe Ride App in the App Store.

Opinion: Safe Ride struggles to support commuters — but it doesn’t have to

With a few small changes, the program could improve accessibility for thousands of off-campus students.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor November 3, 2023

Over the past weekend, one of my friends, who commutes to class every day from Long Island, spent the entire day with me. We were waiting in front of Alumni Hall for our other...

An illustration of a black car with N.Y.U. Safe Ride logos on the hood and side. On top of the illustration is a smartphone displaying an application called “N.Y.U. Safe Ride.”

Off-Third: NYU Safe Ride adds skateboard service

Students need reliability when it comes to their safety. Who’s more cautious than New York Skaters?
Lily Ritterman-Peña, Contributing Writer May 8, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. It’s almost the end of the semester, which means that everyone’s money is running out, and they’re all going out as much as they can....

A group of visitors stands outside a university building that has glass windows with posters on them.

Opinion: NYU Admissions Ambassadors deserve more respect

Before you roll your eyes as you pass us on the street, try to understand the amount of effort NYU's student representatives put into their work.
Molly Koch, Deputy Opinion Editor February 24, 2023

Imagine this: You're a first-year student walking toward Bobst Library for your 12:30 p.m. class. On the way, you unsurprisingly see not one, not two, but three campus tours. Your...

The entrance of the Coral Tower residence hall. To the left is a pink bulletin board with announcements about the dorm. In the middle is a gray gate to enter the residence hall, with two elevators in the background. To the left is a brown desk where security officers typically sit.

Hamilton orders security review after spate of dorm intrusions

NYU president Andrew Hamilton requested that Campus Safety conduct an extensive review of dorm security following a series of intruder incidents last month.
Carmo Moniz, Lauren Ashe and Yezen Saadah December 1, 2022

After a series of security failures allowed intruders to enter multiple NYU residence halls and led to the resignation of one officer, university president Andrew Hamilton has...

Anexteriorviewof the Coral Tower residence hall. The building has a modern white facade. On each side of the building are rows of rectangular windows and balconies. At the bottom is a black sign for a nearby pharmacy, “Duane Reade.”

Intruder evades NYU dorm security at Alumni Hall, Coral Tower

The New York City Police Department responded to reports of an intruder in the Alumni Hall and Coral Tower residence halls.
Lauren Ashe, Deputy News Editor November 4, 2022

A man unaffiliated with NYU dodged security and entered Alumni Hall and Coral Tower on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The unidentified perpetrator was removed from Alumni Hall by Campus Safety...

A door lock shaped like the Eiffel Tower on a wooden door. Behind the door lies a female student sleeping on a bed in a room.

Cleaning staff at NYU Paris enter dorms unannounced

Cleaning staff have walked in on NYU Paris students without knocking, prompting safety concerns.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Staff Writer September 29, 2022

Riley Coughlin, a Global Liberal Studies junior, had her first interaction with the cleaning staff at NYU Paris during her first week. She heard her dorm room door open unexpectedly...

A person sits against a tree while reading a book in Washington Square Park. Foliage and other parkgoers can be seen in the background.

2 NYU students report sexual assault in Washington Square Park

NYU’s Department of Campus Safety published an alert in response to two separate incidents on Monday evening.
Arnav Binaykia, Editor-in-Chief September 13, 2022

Two students reported that they were groped near NYU’s Washington Square campus on Monday evening, according to an incident alert from NYU’s Department of Campus Safety. The...

The green scaffolding next to Stern. Two women walk in opposite directions underneath.

New security measures installed near Stern, but students still worry about safety

NYU Campus Safety added lights on scaffolding and nine security cameras east of Washington Square Park after seven NYU students were assaulted in the area last month.
Lauren Ashe, Senior Staff Writer March 9, 2022

Following a string of assaults on campus, some NYU students continue to worry about their safety on campus, despite increased security measures announced by the Department of Campus...

An unknown motorist has been linked to multiple groping incidents on campus. This week, the NYPD arrested a suspect. (Image courtesy of NYPD, Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Alleged serial groper arrested

The suspected assailant in a string of downtown Manhattan gropings has been taken into custody on sex crime charges.
Rachel Fadem and Suhail Gharaibeh September 15, 2021

Police have arrested a suspect accused of sexually assaulting 10 people — including four NYU students — in downtown Manhattan between Aug. 21 and Sept. 10, according to...