New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Protesters at an encampment set up in an outdoor place at night. In front of them are signs, three small Palestinian flags and a large pride flag.

Board of trustees affirms ‘complete confidence in and full support’ of Mills after Gallatin no-confidence vote

Evan Chesler, chair of NYU’s board of trustees, expressed support for President Linda Mills and “her efforts to keep the campus safe” after a majority of full-time Gallatin faculty voted that they do not have confidence in her leadership.
Bruna Horvath, News Editor April 29, 2024

Chair of the board of trustees Evan Chesler expressed the board’s “complete confidence in and full support” of President Linda Mills and “her efforts to keep the campus...

Linda Mills in a black gown with silver detailing stands behind a podium in front of a purple backdrop and seated rows of people. In front of her are the backs of John Sexton and Andrew Hamilton’s heads.

Mills announces free tuition for low-income students starting fall 2024

Starting in the fall 2024 semester, students in households that make less than $100,000 will not have to pay tuition at NYU.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor October 18, 2023

Low-income students will no longer have to pay tuition at NYU starting in the fall 2024 semester, according to an announcement made by university president Linda Mills at her inauguration...

A woman stands with her left hand in the air. She is wearing a black blazer with grid patterns on the. She has short, brown hair.

Linda Mills on NYU’s expansion plans, on-campus unions and more

President-designate Linda Mills spoke to WSN about what challenges she expects to face in her upcoming term, and what the future holds for NYU.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor March 30, 2023

As president-designate Linda Mills nears the beginning of her term, she faces challenges to university admissions practices across the country, demands from on-campus unions, upcoming...

Ten people stand in front of a large white banner being dropped from a balcony above them which reads “Contract Faculty United” in purple with a circular logo reading “U.A.W.” and an N.Y.U. torch. Seven people are holding the banner and a long single piece of paper covered in text.

Contract faculty move to formalize union, demand recognition from Hamilton

Contract faculty at NYU marched to university president Andrew Hamilton’s office in Bobst Library to demand union recognition on Feb. 22, an action they have been asking for since 2020.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor February 23, 2023

A group of professors gathered outside NYU’s Bobst Library on Wednesday afternoon before making their way up to the building’s 12th floor, where the office of President Andrew...

Bill Clinton wears a navy blue suit, a red tie and a black robe while laughing on stage. Next to Clinton is Ron Robin also laughing in a blue robe.

Bill Clinton, John Sexton visit NYU to receive degrees from Israeli university

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and ex-NYU president John Sexton were awarded honorary degrees from the Israeli University of Haifa for achievements in their respective fields.
Yezen Saadah, Deputy News Editor December 13, 2022

Bill Clinton visited NYU alongside former university president John Sexton on Monday to attend a ceremony in which they were awarded honorary degrees from an Israeli university....

NYU’s flagship development project, 181 Mercer, is scheduled to open by spring 2023. (Staff photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Billion-dollar NYU building at 181 Mercer Street nears completion

After years of disputes and delays, the construction of NYU’s flagship development is set to open for use at the start of the spring 2023 academic semester.
Abby Wilson, News Editor August 11, 2022

After nearly six years of construction, NYU’s 181 Mercer Street building — a 735,000-square-foot development including classrooms, study spaces, dining areas, athletic...

An image of Bobst Library looking down on the ground-floor atrium. On each level, metal screens run from the floor to the ceiling.

Bobst Library’s enduring history of suicide

Alyssa Goldberg, Features Staff March 7, 2022
How a string of student deaths in the early 2000s shaped NYU’s architecture, curriculum and mental health services.
(Photo by Mark-Ameen Johnson)

Opinion: The racist, anti-worker closure of NYU’s English Language Institute

By closing the English Language Institute at the School of Professional Studies, NYU administration is harming workers, international students and non-English speakers. The decision is emblematic of NYU’s callous policies.
Alexandra Chan, Managing Editor December 7, 2021

The effective closure of the NYU School of Professional Studies’ English Language Institute and its programs, announced to staff in October and reported by WSN on Monday, is...

A firefighter uses a thermal imaging camera on 9/12/01. (Photo by Yoni Brook)

‘A city grieves’: How the Sept. 11 attacks upended life at NYU

A review of WSN’s archives from the days after 9/11 reveals an aftermath of collective sorrow, despair and disbelief and shows how the NYU community scrambled to respond.
Arnav Binaykia and Suhail Gharaibeh September 11, 2021

This story is the second of a two-part series commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City. Read the first story here. “In a brutal act...

NYU’s Artificial Affordability Issue

NYU’s Artificial Affordability Issue

Despite making affordability a primary issue in his administration, financial decisions made by the university — particularly Hamilton’s annual income — reflect the deep hypocrisy of NYU’s affordability campaign.
WSN Editorial Board October 28, 2019

Since beginning his tenure as NYU’s president, Andrew Hamilton has stated that making the university affordable is his top priority. This has manifested in a number of ways —...

NYU has released their 2020 tax forms to WSN before filing them. (Staff illustration by Chelsea Li)

Off-Third: NYU’s 2020 Receipts: $400 Million to Lady Gaga, $2 to Student Health Center and More

NYU has released their 2020 tax returns one year in advance, and we’ve conducted a full review. Here’s what we found.
Abby Hofstetter, Opinion Editor October 23, 2019

Off-Third is WSN’s satire section. In an unprecedented step toward transparency, NYU has released its 2020 tax returns to WSN before filing them. This comes after WSN published...

NYU Athletics Received $338,379 from Charity Linked to College Admissions Scandal. (Photo byAlex Muhawi-Ho)

NYU Tax Return Breakdown

Sayer Devlin and Miranda Levingston April 18, 2017
WSN broke down and extrapolated the highlights of NYU's September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015 tax return to celebrate Tax Day.