New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The words “BEYOND NYU” next to a woman holding a book.

Beyond NYU: Writing to help women combat social media’s toxic impact

Kara Alaimo used her interest in gender studies to help create sustainability goals within the United Nations, write articles for CNN Opinion and publish books.
Aashna Miharia, Deputy News Editor April 18, 2024

CAS alum Kara Alaimo is encouraging women to overcome the problematic nature of social media through her new book, “Over the Influence: Why Social Media is Toxic for Women and...

A painting with clothes hanging on a clothesline against an orange sky/background and a toilet on the right. On the bottom are the words “llevo mi destino cosido al cuerpo luego lo lavo.”

‘Magali Lara: Interior Landscapes’ exhibits the work of one of Mexico’s most prolific female artists

The spring exhibition is currently on display at NYU's Institute of Fine Arts through the rest of the semester.
Marisa Sandoval, Contributing Writer March 26, 2024

In a windowless lecture hall, a solitary canvas painted with shades of yellows, pungent blues and deep reds draws the gaze of visitors. Mexican artist Magali Lara’s 1984 acrylic...

The interior of an art gallery. On the wall closest to the viewer, there is a framed lace bra and a painted portrait of a woman.

Review: ‘Herstory’ is the perfect exhibition to see this Women’s History Month

Artists examine perception, traditional stereotypes and feminine power through gendered art at the Viridian Artists Inc.

Throughout history, a woman’s place in society has often been tethered to men. With the prerogative of redirecting this pattern, the “Herstory” exhibition at the Viridian...

A painting titled Blue Hill Number Two, 1916. The watercolor painting shows large splashes of blue paint spread across the canvas.

‘Georgia O’Keeffe: To See Takes Time’ welcomes viewers into scenes of solitude

Georgia O’Keeffe is more than her sexualized flower paintings. The MoMA’s newest exhibition presents more than 120 works spanning over four decades of the pioneering American artist’s career.
Julia Mejia, Contributing Writer May 1, 2023

An ode to the places she has lived, “Georgia O’Keeffe: To See Takes Time,” a new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, includes several series of subjects and material...

An illustration of a wooden box in a park. A pair of legs with blue jeans and black Converse sneakers stands on top of the box. The box reads “WSN.”

The Soapbox: Shipwreck in Italy, outcry after Australian murder, Germany’s feminist foreign policy

The Soapbox is a weekly column by WSN covering major news developments at NYU’s campuses and study away sites abroad. Global consciousness for a global university.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor March 3, 2023

In Italy, a shipwreck kills dozens of migrants A wooden boat carrying migrants from Turkey to Europe crashed near the southern coast of Italy on Sunday, killing at least 67 including...

An illustration of the covers of three books by Deborah Levy against a light blue background. From left to right: “The Man Who Saw Everything,” “Hot Milk,” “An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell.”

Reading Guide: Fall in love with Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy’s writing has the bittersweet simplicity of Hemingway and the intriguing strangeness of Murakami with a key element both authors lack: well-developed female characters.
Audrey Abrahams, Contributing Writer October 28, 2022

Deborah Levy’s fiction is bewitching and addictive. If schoolwork is leaving you with little free time, Levy’s short books are quick but impactful reads that are worth sparing...

Woman walks down the runway in a ruffled olive dress.

Deity New York showcases the Manhattan woman

Renee Bishop’s Deity New York SS23 collection captures the essence of New York City through fashion.
Roksaneh Salartash, Contributing Writer September 12, 2022

Hot pink lighting illuminated the lively Moonlight Studios runway as attendees waited in heavy anticipation for the Deity New York Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Suddenly,...

An illustration of Johanna Fateman on a red background.

Q&A: Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman on riot grrrl culture, past and present

WSN spoke with Johanna Fateman about the riot grrrl scene in the 1990s, North Carolina, and getting Le Tigre back together for an upcoming performance.
Clara Scholl, Contributing Writer May 2, 2022

What do you get when you combine electronic rock, 1990s New York City and the riot grrrl movement? None other than Le Tigre, of course. The American electronic rock band was...

An illustration of a disheveled woman with ash on her face and a shocked expression. She wears a black robe and behind her is a man and a forest.

Review: ‘You Won’t Be Alone’ meditates on the simultaneous universality and individuality of the human experience

Goran Stolevski’s “You Won’t Be Alone” (2022), a fantasy film set in rural 19th century Macedonia, tells the story of a witch who learns to navigate the world in a human body.
Lorena Campes, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

Content warning: This article mentions abuse and sexual assault.  Filmmaking and movie-watching have evolved into collective processes and experiences. When it comes to international...

An illustration with a coral background of a calendar opened to a page of the month of March. Under the months name, it reads “Women’s History Month” in blue letters.

Opinion: NYU’s Women’s History Month isn’t enough

The university’s underwhelming commemoration of Women’s History Month underscores the necessity for more substantive yearlong efforts highlighting women’s achievements and struggles.
Valentina Plevisani, Contributing Writer March 29, 2022

I come from Latin America, where International Women's Day has become a big deal in recent years. It is a day for women of all backgrounds to rally against the patriarchy and protest...

Influentials 2021

Influentials 2021

December 10, 2021

Josephine Lieberman: I believe the best way to address fear, hatred, and lack of understanding towards progress in sex and body positivity is by showing female and LGBTQ pleasure and sexuality through the medium of art as a way to normalize otherwise taboo topics and give people the opportunity to have open conversations about such things. (Photo by Josephine Lieberman)

Aneesa Julmice’s colorful surrealist world of food, fashion and feminism

Tisch sophomore challenges sexualization and overconsumption with digital art
Elle Liu, Contributing Writer December 10, 2021

Aneesa Julmice stands inside a dimly-lit art gallery on the Lower East Side. Her hair is slicked back in an updo and her graphic blue eyeliner matches her blue dress. She smiles...