Deity New York showcases the Manhattan woman

Renee Bishop’s Deity New York SS23 collection captures the essence of New York City through fashion.

Roksaneh Salartash, Contributing Writer

Hot pink lighting illuminated the lively Moonlight Studios runway as attendees waited in heavy anticipation for the Deity New York Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Suddenly, the lighting changed — a bright spotlight hitting the runway and fast-paced pop music began to play and the collection was revealed. 

Renee Bishop, the creator of Deity New York, brought a bold and sophisticated collection to New York Fashion Week. With earthy tones and elegant materials such as lace, beaded fringe and silky fabrics, the designer cohesively encapsulated a classy, yet toned down aesthetic. Bishop took traditionally structured garments, such as blazers, and added her own elements of femininity to the design for “The Deity Woman,” inspired by the confident, strong Manhattanite. Each look experimented with tasteful cutouts and unique silhouettes — notably, many of the looks were form-fitting, while still allowing for movement. 

The show’s program notes describe the collection as “designed for the unapologetic and bold woman who dares to challenge tradition to express her innate beauty in the process to find herself.”

Women modeling the Deity New York Spring/Summer 2023 collection walk down the runway in single file. A woman in a blush ensemble and silver heels is seen in the front.
(Ryan Rogers for WSN)

After each individual look hit the runway, the lights faded to black and the music suddenly lowered. Following a brief pause, audience members admired the collection and took photos as the models filed down the runway for the last time. Finally, Bishop stepped out from behind the curtain to the audience’s applause.

Backstage model gets makeup applied.
(Ryan Rogers for WSN)

Backstage was a frenzy of makeup artists and hairstylists making final touches before the models hit the runway. Makeup artist Charlie Riddle and his team focused on giving each model a dewy, fresh look to match the natural elegance of the clothing. Hairstylist Rutger weaved long ribbons into the models’ braided slicked-back updos to add movement to each look. The hair and makeup complemented the collection nicely and translated to effortless natural beauty on the runway. 

Model Dipti Sharma poses backstage before walking the runway.
(Ryan Rogers for WSN)

Even details as small as the models’ nail color were intentional. Bishop, a native New Yorker, uses her roots as inspiration for her designs. Nail artist Julie Kandalec explained how her use of OPI’s “Big Apple Red” symbolized the essence of the city.

Red nails by nail artist Julie Kandalec and her team.
(Ryan Rogers for WSN)

“New York City is back,” Kandalec said. “Shows are back. Fashion week is back.”

Designer Renee Bishop steps onto the runway to thank the audience.
(Ryan Rogers for WSN)

Deity New York’s SS23 collection brought femininity and timeless looks to the NYFW runway. The New York City fashion community can look forward to seeing what Bishop creates next season.

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