New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An interior space surrounded on all sides by bookshelves. In the middle are two red chairs. In the background, a person wearing a black shirt stands in front of a bookshelf.

Independent bookstores that are better than the Strand

Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day on April 29 with some of our favorite local stores.

With the rise of Booktok, interest in reading is at an all-time high among young adults. Whether you’re an avid reader already or are looking to start a new habit, buying books...

Doctor Carl Zimmer speaks from the wooden podium in Hemmerdinger Hall. An audience sits in front of him. Behind him is a projector screen displaying two images.

How science journalists reported on the ‘story of our lifetime’

A science columnist for The New York Times spoke at NYU about the evolution of viruses and the importance of good communication with the public during health crises.
John Kim, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

Speaking to a group of more than 100 NYU students and professors, New York Times science columnist Carl Zimmer chronicled his story as one of the world’s foremost science journalists...

An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors. The seats are almost full.

Opinion: For a building so big, Bobst has little seating room

More than four million volumes, 53,320 serial titles, 43,000 linear feet of archives, and yet there’s little room for students in Bobst Library.
Hogan Bingel, Contributing Writer March 6, 2023

If it isn’t the excessive heat or stench of body odor that prevents you from stepping foot into Bobst Library, then perhaps it’s the lack of seating.  Thanks to the donation...

The interior of an indoor basketball court under construction. Construction equipment and furniture are scattered across the floor.

‘Open construction site’: The short-lived opening of NYU Shanghai’s new campus

After students, parents and faculty raised safety concerns about the opening of NYU Shanghai’s yet-to-be-completed New Bund campus, administrators moved students online.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor February 24, 2023

As Daniel Woc, a first-year student at NYU Shanghai, was walking into the university’s brand-new campus before the first day of classes, he noticed large clouds of dust in the...

A warning posted for visitors to the N.Y.U. Student Health Center at 726 Broadway. The sign indicates that students must have an appointment to visit the health center.

Opinion: A whole pandemic later, I still can’t access the Student Health Center

It’s been three years since COVID-19 taught us the importance of getting quick and efficient medical care. But NYU’s health center still has long wait times, making appointments inaccessible to students who need them.
Astrid Arias, Contributing Writer February 9, 2023

When you first get accepted to NYU, one of the very first things you have to do is make an online account with the Student Health Center. If you do not have your own insurance,...

A man wearing a dotted tie, a white shirt and a black suit jacket speaks in an online conference session. Behind him are a bookshelf and five clocks displaying times in different time zones.

Minnesota prof criticizes public health response at COVID-19 lecture

University of Minnesota professor Michael Osterholm gave a virtual lecture at NYU on Tuesday, Feb. 8, criticizing aspects of the official response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Shiann Stokes, Staff Writer February 8, 2023

University of Minnesota professor Michael Osterholm criticized the public health system’s reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects during a virtual lecture held by...

An illustration of a COVID-19 vaccination card in the background with a half-full syringe on the left of the foreground and a bottle reading “COVID-19 VACCINE BOOSTER” on the right.

Most NYU students haven’t received the bivalent booster, WSN survey finds

As NYU eases its COVID-19 requirements, most students are opting out of getting a second booster shot.
Hope Pisoni, Staff Writer February 7, 2023

NYU’s COVID-19 regulations are at their least restrictive since they were first put into place in March 2020. At the same time, according to a WSN survey of 105 students, most...

A collage of four photos. The top right features a man wearing a mask with kiwis covering the mouth region and a cracker with kiwis covering the eye region. The top left features a man wearing a food mask with multiple slices or bread surrounding the head, leaving the eyes visible. The bottom right features a man wearing a food mask with multiple tomatoes and basil leaves near the head and mouth regions. The bottom left features a man wearing a food mask with a giant cracker topped with strawberries, a leafy green and green paste on top.

Q&A: Foodmasku on channeling emotions into food mask art

Instagram artist Foodmasku on turning isolation into funny food masks, gun violence in America, and his plans for the future.
Alisha Goel, Contributing Writer December 9, 2022

Content warning: This article contains descriptions of gun violence. I first saw Antonius Wiriadjaja, better known as Foodmasku, at The Invisible Dog Art Center located in Downtown...

A pair of hands tightly gripping a piece of white paper.

Guest Essay: Everything we cannot say: The global protests against tyranny in China

Protests in response to China’s extreme COVID-19 prevention protocols are kept alive through courage and unity.
December 8, 2022

Editor’s Note: WSN chose to withhold the name of the author of this op-ed, a Chinese citizen, to protect them from retaliation, at their request. They are an NYU undergraduate...

A pair of hands tightly gripping a piece of white paper.

Protesters demand freedom in China

Washington Square News December 5, 2022
Photographers document numerous zero-COVID policy protests in New York City in the past week.
Seven students wear masks while sitting at their desks in an NYU classroom. A professor sitting on a table listens to a student.

Immunocompromised students concerned following mask mandate removal

Although some students and faculty members have continued to wear masks on campus following the lift of the mandate last month, some immunocompromised students are concerned about increased risks to their health.
Leila Olukoga, Contributing Writer October 13, 2022

Some immunocompromised students at NYU, who are at an increased risk of severe COVID-19 complications, are concerned about their health following the university’s decision to...

An illustration of a female wearing a blue turtleneck sweater and brown hair who smiles while lifting a blue mask away from her face.

Off-Third: The end of NYU’s mask mandate is the best thing to happen to my nose

COVID-19 is fake and so is my nose, but thanks to the university, only one of them can be seen in the classroom.
Alexandra Cohen, Opinion Editor September 28, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. There are four important events in every Jewish girl’s life: her Bat Mitzvah, her nose job, decorating her bed for her college commitment,...