New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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A person wearing a brown jacket holds a sign that reads “Shut Down N.Y.U. Tel Aviv.” A group of protestors stand on a stage and protest signs lean against the steps.

Pro-Palestinian protesters continue weekslong call for Tel Aviv site shutdown

Members of various student groups took part in a rally at Washington Square Park in solidarity with Palestinians during the ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip.
Jennifer Wu and John Kim December 6, 2023

Around 50 students gathered by the Garibaldi statue in Washington Square Park for a pro-Palestinian rally on Tuesday, reiterating demands for NYU to protect pro-Palestinian speech...

Two people stand in front of a building. The one on the left wears a plaid button-up shirt and blue jeans. The person on the right wears a gray suit and a pink tie.

Surgeons at NYU Langone perform first-ever eye and partial-face transplant

The procedure, which was performed earlier this year, took over 140 surgeons to complete.
John Kim, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

A team of more than 140 surgeons at NYU Langone Health performed the world’s first whole-eye and partial-face transplant earlier this year, according to a recent press release...

Two people walk past an entrance of a building used by N.Y.U.’s Tandon School of Engineering.

Search committee for new Tandon dean disappointed by low student participation

Engagement meetings meant to provide students an opportunity to comment on the search for a new Tandon dean have seen scant student attendance.
John Kim, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

An 18-member faculty search committee is in the process of finding a new dean for NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, but members of the committee say community engagement efforts...

A browser window displaying a webpage of NYU’s College Core Curriculum with the text “the five parts of the core.”

CAS core science requirement may be reduced

Faculty at the school will vote on whether to reduce the number of courses needed to fulfill the requirement in the fall semester.
John Kim, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

The current two-class science requirement at NYU’s College of Arts & Science may be cut down to one, according to Dean Wendy Suzuki. The proposal, which will likely include...

Robert Santos, the U.S. Census Bureau director, sits on a stage with two hosts on each side of him, speaking to the audience with a microphone in his hand. The backdrop behind him indicates that the event is at N.Y.U.’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

US Census director on how to count 330 million people

Census Bureau director Robert Santos visited two NYU schools to speak about his experience running the 2020 census, and share what changes the bureau is making.
John Kim, Staff Writer March 30, 2023

Director of the U.S. Census Bureau Robert Santos spoke to students and faculty at NYU on Wednesday about how college students and other young adults may be underrepresented in...

An illustration of a pie chart and the silhouette of N.Y.U. president Andrew Hamilton with a question mark on his face. The pie chart is divided into two parts with forty-one percent “yes” and fifty-nine percent “no.”

More than half of NYU students likely don’t know who Andrew Hamilton is, WSN survey finds

As university president Andrew Hamilton prepares for the end of his tenure, he remains an unknown presence to most students on campus.
Jenny Seo and John Kim March 29, 2023

Andrew who? More than half of the NYU student body seemingly has no idea who university president Andrew Hamilton is, according to a survey conducted by WSN. Hamilton, who will...

Doctor Carl Zimmer speaks from the wooden podium in Hemmerdinger Hall. An audience sits in front of him. Behind him is a projector screen displaying two images.

How science journalists reported on the ‘story of our lifetime’

A science columnist for The New York Times spoke at NYU about the evolution of viruses and the importance of good communication with the public during health crises.
John Kim, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

Speaking to a group of more than 100 NYU students and professors, New York Times science columnist Carl Zimmer chronicled his story as one of the world’s foremost science journalists...