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An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors.

Photo: Opinion: There are better study spots than Bobst

Oct 4, 2022

Despite all of its attention, Bobst Library has many downfalls that should make students reconsider studying there. (Yuna Baek for WSN)

The interior of Buffalo Exchange. Clothes line the inside of the store, both on circular racks and against the wall.

Photo: Les Miss wants to be a ‘true‘ thrift store

Oct 4, 2022

File photo: Since the rise of thrifting as a cultural trend, thrift stores have had trouble discerning between good, quality clothing and fast fashion. (Yuna Baek for WSN)

A white studio space with exposed pipes on the ceiling and a ladder to the right.

Steinhardt’s fine arts department unveils new studio space

In the department’s new studios, located in NYU’s Third Avenue North residence hall, senior studio art students have access to new individual and collaborative workspaces.
Sep 12, 2022

The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development unveiled 62 new fine arts studios for NYU seniors in NYU's Third Avenue North residence hall on Sept. 1. The...

A view of a white room with white pillars, with white cloth arranged on a hardwood floor. Wooden structures can be seen atop the white cloth.

NYU students to host the first STILLLIFE art fair

After months of hard work and preparation, an entrepreneurial group of NYU students and alumni officially announces a three-day art fair.
May 2, 2022

STILLLIFE, an art collective founded by NYU students and alumni, will host its first-ever art fair at a gallery in SoHo from May 28-30. The event will offer a physical space for...

The book sleeve of the Senior Honors Studio exhibit. The cover background is an abstract marble sculpture with strands of gold scattered throughout.

NYU Curatorial Collaborative hosts senior honors exhibition

The Steinhardt studio art department and the Institute of Fine Arts collaborated on the senior honors student exhibitions at 80 Washington Square East.
Feb 25, 2022

The NYU Curatorial Collaborative is currently holding senior honors student exhibitions from Feb. 3 to March 6 at 80 Washington Square East. Student-led since 2014, the NYU Curatorial...