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Shamon Lawrence

Shamon Lawrence, Deputy Opinion Editor

Shamon Lawrence is a senior studying English education, and minoring in global and urban education. He is passionate about educational equity, inclusion and access, and student freedom of speech and expression.

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An illustration of a teal crocheted grocery shopping bag on a light orange background. Inside the bag is a bundle of three bananas, a head of broccoli, a triangular block of cheese, a small carton of milk, a baguette, a plastic bag with pasta inside and a jar of red pasta sauce.

Opinion: NYU’s food security initiatives are inadequate

NYU students make countless sacrifices to attend the university, but a meal should never be one. Food-insecure students deserve autonomy.
Shamon Lawrence, Deputy Opinion Editor Dec 1, 2022

On a recent Tuesday, while waiting in line to check out at the Palladium dining hall, I overheard a student quietly ask the cashier if they could use the Swipe it Forward program....

An illustration of a megaphone with a red handle. Written in orange on the megaphone are the words “Staff Rants.”

Staff Rants: Midterms and midterms

It’s the middle of the term! The WSN staff offers our thoughts on our exam-packed weeks and the ongoing congressional election season.

On unoriginality: It’s really unoriginal of NYU to hold midterm exams during the midterm elections. As an academic institution that discourages plagiarism, it shouldn’t steal...

NYU Gramercy Green Hall

Opinion: Restored visitor policy ignores campus security failures

As NYU reinstates its pre-pandemic visitor policies, the university administration has ignored implications regarding campus safety.
Shamon Lawrence, Deputy Opinion Editor Sep 14, 2022

Yesterday, NYU removed restrictions on outside visitors for academic and residential spaces. The changes include allowing non-affiliated guests to enter campus buildings and residence...

Against a light green background, a hand holds a smartphone on the left and a contactless sensor is on the right.

Off-Third: NYU Housing moves to implement microchip building access

As NYU embraces microchip technology, students will no longer need a physical key to enter their dorms.
Shamon Lawrence, Deputy Opinion Editor Sep 8, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. “Keys are outdated,” according to an email from the NYU Office of Residential Life and Housing Services sent to residential students....