Staff Rants: Midterms and midterms

It’s the middle of the term! The WSN staff offers our thoughts on our exam-packed weeks and the ongoing congressional election season.

On unoriginality:

It’s really unoriginal of NYU to hold midterm exams during the midterm elections. As an academic institution that discourages plagiarism, it shouldn’t steal ideas like that.

— Carmo Moniz, Deputy News Editor 

On what qualifies as a season:

My midterm season is not really a season, or a week, but a day. The day of Oct. 26, on which I will be taking all three of my midterms.

— Kevin Wu, Photo Editor

On elections:

My fall midterms being about the 2022 midterm elections on top of midterm election coverage planning at my internship makes me question — what midterm of the midterm season is the most important? 

Thank you to the NBC Election 2020 stress ball that still helps me relieve stress two years later. 

— Edward Franco, Video Director 

On living out of state:

Preparing to vote absentee from out of state has been way more difficult and frustrating than studying for my midterms — and by that, I mean my one midterm on Halloween, which should be illegal. I am more acquainted with the California Secretary of State office than I am with my textbooks. 

— Alexandra Cohen, Opinion Editor 

On procrastinating:

I’m leaving my 15-page research paper up to future me. I know that future me will have my back! 

— Abi Rivera, Deputy Opinion Editor 

On stress:

Waiting for midterm grades is more stressful than preparing for them.

— Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor

On overlap:

I am too busy to be paying attention to either midterm season. Exams? I do not have the time to effectively study for everything. I have also conveniently forgotten to pay attention to half of my classes so far, which is unsurprisingly not helpful. Elections? This is the first time I have been eligible to vote, and I’m flying blind. How to register, what state to register in, why my home state of Massachusetts has a Pirate Party — these are questions that have no answers. 

— Jules Roscoe, Opinion Editor

On voting by mail:

I finally remembered to request my mail-in ballot right before the New York deadline. This was on my to-do list three weeks ago. I would’ve opted to vote in person, but the university has not declared Election Day a university holiday.

— Shamon Lawrence, Deputy Opinion Editor

On sucking:

Both suck. 

— Rachel Cohen, Managing Editor 

On Georgia:

I can’t decide which is worse — studying for my math midterms or having everyone send me the latest Herschel Walker news because I’m voting in Georgia’s midterms. 

— Lauren Ashe, Deputy News Editor

On what matters in the future:

I won’t remember anything from the midterm I spent hours studying for, but I’ll remember the ballot that took two seconds to fill out.

— Lorraine Olaya, Deputy Managing Editor

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