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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Nicole Rosenthal

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor

Nicole Rosenthal is the Music Editor for WSN and a dual Journalism and Psychology major. Born and raised on Long Island, Nicole has always enjoyed listening to music and attending concerts in nearby New York City, making playlists which include everything from the B-52's to BROCKHAMPTON to Bon Iver. She has written for several music blogs and news publications and is currently an editorial intern at amNewYork. Outside the realm of music, Nicole spends her free time binge watching true crime series on Netflix, hunting down new Brooklyn coffee spots and writing creative fiction.

All content by Nicole Rosenthal
Nicole Rosenthal

Nicole Rosenthal

Nicole Rosenthal May 7, 2020

At WSN, I was able to transform my passion into a fantastic experience that challenged the way I think, edit and write about my first love: music. Yes, I was able to rigorously...

A student opens the Zoom application and prepares to sign in. Wednesday was the first day of NYU’s transition to online classes on Zoom, the video conferencing platform. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Zoom Proves a Challenge for Highly Interactive Classes

As the university switched to remote learning on March 11, students voiced their concerns on adapting to video-conferencing software.
Nicole Rosenthal, Editor-at-Large Mar 12, 2020

Last month, Gallatin senior Kate O’Mara was looking forward to visiting Dublin over spring break for a class that centered around the Irish writer James Joyce in his native city....

Charly Bliss has had an eventful year, from releasing a new album with an updated sound, to going on tour to three continents. (Via Flickr)

Charly Bliss Comes of Age, Led by Clive Davis Alumna

Clive Davis alumna and Charly Bliss vocalist Eva Hendricks talks pop music, sad songs and her band’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album “Young Enough.”
Nicole Rosenthal, Editor-at-Large Nov 11, 2019

NYU alum-fronted band Charly Bliss has had a whirlwind year, to say the least. The pop-rock outfit — formed in 2011 as vocalist Eva Hendricks’ entry product to attend Tisch’s...

(via A24)

Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar’ is a Delightful Nightmare in Daylight

Aster’s sophomore film is worlds away from the dimly-lit Hereditary.
Nicole Rosenthal, Editor-at-Large Jul 16, 2019

There are many reasons why Ari Aster’s new drama “Midsommar” might be not be classified as a horror movie. Our main location, the village commune of Hårga in Sweden,...

Kim Petras spoke to WSN about her songwriting, influences and performing on stage. (Photo courtesy Thom Kerr).

Pop’s Newest Princess Is Here, And Her Name Is Kim Petras

The singer, producer and LGBTQ activist discussed her heartbreaks, inspirations and new musical project in an interview with WSN.
Nicole Rosenthal, Editor-at-Large Jun 26, 2019

Pop has always crowned a new reigning princess at the beginning of each decade: Madonna, the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, respectively. As 2020 approaches and we...

Bathe, a Brooklyn-based duo, performed during NYU Strawberry Festival. (via Twitter)

Brooklyn Duo Releases Debut EP at Strawberry Fest

“I’ll Miss You,” the first release from Bedford-Stuyvesant band Bathe, chronicles the first few months of the two living in New York.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor May 5, 2019

Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Bathe has been busy the past few days: not only did it warm up the stage for fellow Brooklynite and friend Triathlon at Strawberry Fest on Friday,...

India Shore (left) and Claire Altendahl (right), the duo behind the pop-rock band The Blue who is gearing up for a performance on April 28. (Courtesy of The Blue)

Student-Run Label Produces Alternative Duo’s New Single

Village Records helped The Blue put out a single, music video and concert within a semester.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Apr 28, 2019

Berklee College of Music graduates India Shore and Claire Altendahl became friends over an unexpected string of events. While auditioning for a vocal performance show as a solo...

Sharpay had some valid points, OK? (via Disney)

Unpopular Opinions: When the Villain Was Right

Our staff gives you some of their best hot takes on some of pop culture’s most notorious bad guys.

It’s one of the most fundamental, elemental tropes in storytelling — the good guy vs. the bad guy, light vs. darkness, good vs. evil. The examples are infinite — Harry Potter...

KC Dalager and Brad Hale from Now Now. (via Facebook)

Indie Rockers Now, Now Make a Comeback on Their Own Terms

The musical duo returns after six years to promote their third release “Saved” in Brooklyn.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Apr 21, 2019

Riding the tail end of the late ’00s indie-rock revival, Minnesota-based band Now, Now seemed to meet the perfect criteria for success in 2012: a critically acclaimed sophomore...

A poster for the Lizzie McGuire Movie. (via wikimedia commons)

Staff Recs: Best Disney Channel Original Movies

We’ve talked about some of our favorite childhood Disney series, but let’s not forget how one of our favorite channels was churning out classic T.V. movies at this time as well.
We’ve talked about some of our favorite childhood Disney series, but let’s not forget how one of our favorite channels was churning out classic T.V. movies at this time as well.
The movie poster for Moonlight, an A24 film. (via A24)

Unpopular Opinion: A24 Films

Before you watch “Under the Silver Lake,” let’s revisit past A24 films and break down if they’re really as good as Tisch kids say they are.

Over the past few years, indie film studio A24 has taken over the independent movie zeitgeist, and certainly captured the love of the NYU community to the point where everyone...

Boyscott is an independent music band. (Courtesy of Behind the Curtains Media)

Indie Rock Group Boyscott Wants to Conquer Brooklyn

With over four million streams on Spotify, the Connecticut-based indie rock group is just getting started.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Mar 31, 2019

Indie rock minimalist group Boyscott played to a crowded room in Ridgewood, Queens March 24 in what was their most “intimidating” set yet. In fact, band members flew in their...

Movie poster for Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (2019). (via Warner Bros. Pictures)

Unpopular Opinions: Children’s Book Series

In honor of the new Nancy Drew movie coming out, the Arts Desk is giving its hot takes on children’s book series.

If you weren’t already aware, “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase” is coming out this week. Since it’s based on the popular children’s book series, the Arts Desk is...

Poster for Climax by Gaspar Noe (Courtesy of A24)

‘Climax’ Pushes the Limits of Human Nature

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Mar 11, 2019

The best nights are the ones that come unexpectedly — last-minute debauchery that catapults you into the adventure-filled and wondrous unknown. In “Climax,” French director...

A scene from Dinner for Schmucks, a remake of the French comedy Le Dîner de Cons. (via Paramount)

Unpopular Opinions: Remakes and Reboots

With A24’s “Gloria Bell,” the remake of the Chilean film “Gloria,” receiving a lot of early praise, the Arts Desk is looking at other remakes and reboots that are also up to par with, or better than, their predecessors.

From “A Star Is Born” to the upcoming live-action “The Lion King,” remakes and reboots have been mainstays in Hollywood for decades. Though it is easy to immediately discredit...

Unpopular Opinions: 2000s Disney Channel Shows

Unpopular Opinions: 2000s Disney Channel Shows

The Arts Desk is here with takes on some of your childhood faves.

While we recover from the Oscars, it’s time to take another stroll down memory lane and revisit our childhoods. In the past, the Arts Desk has written about some of our favorite...

Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 86th oscars. (via Youtube)

Unpopular Opinions: Oscar Hosts

The Arts Desk is tired of giving hot takes on snubs and surprises and have decided to critique a different aspect of awards shows: the hosts!

Well, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to forgo a host for this year’s Oscars, so what better way to ignore such a boring move than to celebrate the art...

Facade of the NYU Department of Psychology (via NYU)

The Golden Age of Music, Defined in an NYU Psych Lab

Psychology professor Pascal Wallisch led a study with undergraduate students about generational music preferences.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Feb 19, 2019

To many in Generation X, the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s are idealized as the golden age of music. According to a new psychological study at NYU, younger generations might feel the...

Unpopular Opinions: Romantic Comedy Protagonists

Unpopular Opinions: Romantic Comedy Protagonists

Valentine's Day is coming up and the Arts Desk cannot wait! Thus, they’ve decided to critically analyze rom-coms in anticipation of the big day.

People generally tend to fall on two extremes with romantic comedies: they either desperately want to love them or they consider the plots just too cheesy to be appreciated. A...

Album art for student music group strangers. (Photo by Anna Letson)

From Across the Atlantic, NYU’s strangers Brings People Together

No distance can break this musical collaboration.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Feb 11, 2019

They collaborate through their computer screens while sitting 7,000 miles apart. But Gallatin senior Alexa Riesenberg, based in Manhattan, and bandmate Gino Lee, who lives in South...

Danny DeVito in M&Ms Super Bowl commercial. (via Facebook)

Unpopular Opinions: Super Bowl Commercials

In which the Arts Desk gives hot takes on what is the most important of the big game, anyway.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched TV broadcasts every year, but there is more than one reason hordes of fans tune in to watch teams lose to the Patriots year after year....

Indie-electronic artist Shamir, who most recently released his album Resolution, will take the stage this Saturday in Brooklyn.  (via

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Arts Events this Weekend: Feb. 1 to 3

Stay entertained this weekend for $20 or less.
Alex Culina and Nicole Rosenthal Jan 31, 2019

If Super Bowl Sunday isn’t your speed and Restaurant Week is a little out of your budget, here are a few fun (and affordable!) events to check out this weekend. Dance Yourself...


Unpopular Opinions: ‘Black Mirror’

The first spring 2019 edition of one of the Arts Desk’s acclaimed weekly series deals out hot takes on Netflix’s Emmy-winning sci-fi series.

Technology in the 21st century: what’s not to love? From smartphones and supercomputers to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, technology has radically altered our way...

3OH!3 members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte played their chart-topping 2008 album Want on Tuesday at Irving Plaza. (Photo by Nicole Rosenthal)

3OH!3 Commands Irving Plaza

If you’re looking for a time machine to take you to that part of 2008, you’re in luck.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Dec 3, 2018

Ten years ago was a much simpler time. Teens faced an epidemic of texter’s thumb, watched iTunes-bought Jersey Shore episodes from their iTouch devices and uploaded their latest...

Will Ferrell as Buddy in Elf, a classic Christmas film that promises to deliver laughs and holiday spirit year after year. (via

Staff Recs: Best Holiday Films

As November comes to an end and we recover from the pounds of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce consumed at Thanksgiving, the holiday season begins to close in. Whether...

Unpopular Opinions: Actors

Unpopular Opinions: Actors

Hot takes on Hollywood Hall-of-Famers.
Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss on tour with Death Cab for Cutie. (via

Clive Alumna Eva Hendricks On Tour With Death Cab for Cutie

Clive alumna and Charly Bliss frontwoman on mental health, the importance of love songs and touring Trump’s America.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Nov 12, 2018
Clive alumna and Charly Bliss frontwoman on mental health, the importance of love songs and touring Trump’s America.
From left to right, clockwise: “Lush” by Snail Mail, “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, “Magic Potion” by The Black Keys and “Collection” by Soccer Mommy. (via

Staff Recs: Best Albums for Fall

“Lush” by Snail Mail Ryan Mikel, Arts Editor I am not going to lie: I fell in love with the album “Lush” when I discovered Snail Mail early last spring. I was lucky...

Clive Davis Senior and musician Claire Hawkins. (Courtesy of Charlotte Freitag)

Clive Senior on Being ‘Reckless’

The singer-songwriter ruminates on freedom and its consequences on her newly-released single.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Nov 5, 2018
The singer-songwriter ruminates on freedom and its consequences on her newly-released single.
Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. (via

Staff Recs: Best Villains

Get your watch queue ready for the baddest villains of them all.
Get your watch queue ready for the baddest villains of them all.
Unpopular Opinions: Supernatural Villains

Unpopular Opinions: Supernatural Villains

This week we’re getting spooky niche with our unpopular opinions and taking a look at supernatural villains!

The spookiest day of the year is upon us: Halloween. All the ghosts and goblins come to play on this night of tricks and treats. Halloween is a pop culture phenomenon — the basis...

John Travolta and Uma Thurman in a scene from Pulp Fiction, which boasts one of the most iconic soundtracks in cinema history. (via

Staff Recs: Best Movie Soundtracks and Scores

The release of "Mid90s" has reminded audiences of the importance of a great soundtrack. Check out WSN's top picks for best movie soundtracks and scores.
Illustration by Rachel Buigas-Lopez

Unpopular Opinions: Albums

Think you have a hot take on an underrated or overrated record? See how it holds up against WSN's picks in Unpopular Opinions: Albums edition.
Masked serial killer Michael Meyers in Halloween. (via

Staff Recs: Scariest Horror Movies

Halloween is creeping up, so here are our picks for Scariest Horror Movies to terrify you on a dark, lonely night.
Unpopular Opinions: 20th Century Authors

Unpopular Opinions: 20th Century Authors

The 20th century birthed a plethora of renowned authors, some overrated and some underrated. This week, the Arts Desk tackles Unpopular Opinions: 20th Century Authors.
Greta Gerwig and Sam Levy on the set of Lady Bird. (Courtesy of A24)

Staff Recs: Best Actors-Turned-Directors

With Bradley Cooper being the latest actor to try his hand at directing, here are our top picks for best actors turned directors.
Timo Vollbrecht

Timo Vollbrecht

Painting Musical Portraits of Humanity
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Oct 11, 2018

For Timo Vollbrecht, a Steinhardt doctoral student in Jazz Studies and Composition, capturing the essence of worldly encounters is just a regular day’s work. The internationally-performing...

Unpopular Opinions: Directors

Unpopular Opinions: Directors

Not all directors are created equal. Here are our thoughts on some underrated and overrated filmmakers.
Members of boy group *NSYNC.

Staff Recs: Best Early 2000s Jams

Unabashedly indulge your bedazzled former self and rock out to these early 2000s hits.
Unpopular Opinions: Cinematic Classics

Unpopular Opinions: Cinematic Classics

Don't be shy about hating some of these classic films.
 Kali Uchis and Tyler, The Creator in the Perfect music video.

Staff Recs: Best Songs To Fall In Love To

Fall is the season when everyone wants to find in love — here are the best songs to indulge your inner romantic.
Fall is the season when everyone wants to find in love — here are the best songs to indulge your inner romantic.
Screenshots from some of the shows mentioned. From left to right: Alex Strangelove, Mudbound, Ozark, Nailed It! and Sacred Games.

Staff Recs: Best Netflix Originals

Netflix is the future of cinema and here's why.
Netflix is the future of cinema and here's why.
 Mia Goth and Dakota Johnson in a scene from Suspiria.

Staff Recs: Our Most Anticipated Films of Fall 2018

Many of this fall's film releases are highly anticipated, but these are the ones we're looking forward to the most.
This fall's film releases are highly anticipated, but these are the ones we're looking forward to the most.
Sheck Wes at this years Mystery Concert.

Sheck Wes Paints the Town Rouge at Mystery Concert

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Sep 5, 2018
Sheck Wes, Japanese Breakfast and Venus X took to the stage at (Le) Poisson Rouge last night, for NYU students only.
Kelela performing at the 2016 Mystery Concert.

Mystery Concert Headliners Revealed

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Sep 4, 2018
NYU has revealed the three acts performing at the annual Mystery Concert.
Michael Manzi plays a show at campus music venue The Bitter End.

This Gallatin Junior Sings and Studies Love

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Sep 4, 2018
Michael Manzi took to the stage at The Bitter End to share his meditations on love and its versatile forms.
Mia Berrin of Pom Pom Squad.

Three Student Acts on the Rise

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Aug 26, 2018
Check out this handful of talented up-and-coming musicians at NYU to start off your fall semester.
Sign from this years Governors Ball

Tom Russell Talks Festival Culture and Founding of Governors Ball

Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor Jun 10, 2018

Music lovers of all ages have been dishing out hundreds to see their favorite artists all in one place every summer at music festivals across the country. But during the early...

Music Industry Finally Says #MeToo

Music Industry Finally Says #MeToo

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Apr 4, 2018
In the wake of the 2018 Grammy Awards, the music industry has finally begun to shed light on its troublesome past.
Tisch first-year Sam Slocum and GLS first-year Skylar Knapp of Been Stellar.

Been Stellar Talks Midwest and Ben Stiller

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Apr 2, 2018
NYU garage-punk band Been Stellar talk name, new music and home with WSN.
Poster for Tonya Harding at The Gateway on Feb. 28. All the bands who performed were not fronted by straight white men.

The Gateway Showcases Female and Non-Binary Bands

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Mar 7, 2018
Four New York-based bands took to the stage at The Gateway on Wednesday night –– a night of bands that are not fronted by straight white men.
BØRNS Electrifies Terminal 5

BØRNS Electrifies Terminal 5

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Feb 23, 2018
Youthful pop and vintage rock 'n' roll musician BØRNS electrified Terminal 5 on Thursday night.
Free tampons in the bathroom of the Forbes building.

Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Not Always Available

Nicole Rosenthal, Contributing Writer Feb 20, 2018
After NYU agreed to provide free feminine hygiene products, five out of six dispensers were found to be either empty or still charging 25 cents.
Tennis Brings A-Game to Brooklyn Steel

Tennis Brings A-Game to Brooklyn Steel

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Jan 26, 2018
Denver-based husband and wife duo Tennis played its biggest show yet at Brooklyn Steel on Tuesday, Jan. 23.
Northern California-based musician and producer Zack Arnett, who goes by SUR, found his creative inspiration somewhere between Red Rock and Big Sur.

SUR: On His Anthemic Debut and Inspiration

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Nov 28, 2017
Up-and-coming California based musician SUR sits down with WSN and chats about his childhood, source of musical influence and the style of his sound.
Brooklyn-based indie-pop duo Cults performed an intimate show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Oct. 17. The overall breathtaking performance featured gorgeous visuals and dreamy vocals.

Cults Dazzles in Williamsburg

Nicole Rosenthal, Staff Writer Oct 23, 2017
Cults, a Brooklyn-based indie-pop duo, performed in Williamsburg last Tuesday.
Female Rockers’ Fight for Equality in a Male-Dominated Arena

Female Rockers’ Fight for Equality in a Male-Dominated Arena

Nicole Rosenthal, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2017
Female rock musicians have been making their voices heard in the male-dominated music scene.
On Sept. 8, upwards of 40 people ran through the Washington Square Arch like anime character Naruto. CAS Sophomore Iffat Nur organized the viral event.

Students Run Wild for Naruto

Nicole Rosenthal, Contributing Writer Sep 25, 2017
CAS sophomore Iffat Nur's Run Through Washington Square Arch Naruto Style and Scream Like Goku In Front of Washington Square Arch events have garnered national interest and spawned copycat events throughout the country.
State Champs played an intimate and high energy show at White Eagle Hall.

State Champs Shake Up White Eagle Hall

Nicole Rosenthal, Contributing Writer Sep 11, 2017
State Champs brought the house down at White Eagle Hall, with six unique acts electrifying the audience.

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