Nicole Rosenthal

At WSN, I was able to transform my passion into a fantastic experience that challenged the way I think, edit and write about my first love: music. Yes, I was able to rigorously redefine the way I critiqued music, but it also opened me up to incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: I found myself speaking to founders of internationally recognized music festivals, interviewing bands that soundtracked my teen years and attending some of the best live music New York City has to offer. At WSN, l learned what it means to be a go-getter, to follow what you believe in, research all that you can and report the heck out of it. At WSN, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone countless times, and for that, I have to be thankful.

Email Nicole Rosenthal at [email protected] Read more from Washington Square News’ “While You Were Here 2020.”



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