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Matthew Holman, Entertainment Editor

Matthew Holman is the Entertainment Editor for Washington Square News, but don’t get it twisted: movies are his true ride or dies, hence the Cinema Studies major (with a BEMT minor for versatility). Oklahoma born and bred (it’s a real place, ask him about tornado chasing), he flocked from the cow field to the Regal Union Square, his proclaimed second home. When he’s not stressing over the inevitable fall of MoviePass, he can be found on the prowl for Indian food, listening to indie/EDM (but sometimes metal for a twist), and performing creative writing of all types. Follow his Twitter (@mathuwholeman) to see if he’ll finally stop talking about having a goth phase and just do it. 

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The new Ghost Fishing exhibit, now on Display in Kimmel Windows.

Hooked on Eco-Justice with ‘Ghost Fishing’ Exhibit

Sep 11, 2018
The recent poetry anthology “Ghost Fishing: Eco-Justice Poetry and the Diasporic City" has great impacts on both the contemporary and future fabrics of society.
 Mia Goth and Dakota Johnson in a scene from Suspiria.

Staff Recs: Our Most Anticipated Films of Fall 2018

Many of this fall's film releases are highly anticipated, but these are the ones we're looking forward to the most.
Sep 6, 2018
This fall's film releases are highly anticipated, but these are the ones we're looking forward to the most.
Laia Costa in Matthew Browns Maine.

Tribeca 2018: ‘Maine’ Lacks a Main Event

Apr 30, 2018
Matthew Brown's "Maine" is a film lost in the wilderness.
The Gallatin Arts Festival is a week-long, community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies.

Galvanizing Spoken Word at Gallatin Arts Festival

Apr 16, 2018
Donna Gary, Aaliyah Iman Jihad, and Kiana Sosa preform insightful and enlightening spoken word at the Gallatin Arts Festival.
The Fall of Queer Cinema

The Fall of Queer Cinema

Apr 4, 2018
“Love, Simon” is not a piece of queer cinema. Well, it’s not the best representation of one.
Anyone who’s ever applied to a competitive school will feel the sting of “Admissions, a new Broadway play from Joshua Harmon.

Moral Conundrums the Price of ‘Admissions’

Mar 26, 2018
“Admissions" is new play from Joshua Harmon that portrays the various stages of anxiety one undergoes when applying to university's with low acceptance rates.
This week’s staff recommendations is on what film should win Best Picture for the 2018 Oscars.

Staff Recs: Who Should Win Best Picture

Mar 2, 2018
The WSN Staff makes a case for which "Best Picture" nominees should take home the top prize at the 90th Academy Awards this Sunday.
Brittany Hall

Brittany Hall

Feb 22, 2018

Address: 55 E. 10th St., New York, NY 10003 Cost per semester: $6,332-$7,125 Low cost: Available Rooms available: Doubles, Triples Nearby subways:  L, N, Q,...

Staff Recs: Best Songs to Cry To

Staff Recs: Best Songs to Cry To

Feb 9, 2018
The WSN Staff compiled a playlist of the best songs to cry to this Valentine's Day. Sit back, relax and feel all the feels.
Trinkets is an off-Broadway musical that will challenge your perceptions and stereotypes of the parts of society that are often overlooked.

Finding Wealth of Humanity Through ‘Trinkets’

Feb 2, 2018
The Off-Broadway musical “Trinkets” is a non-stop party centered on the escapades of trans sex workers in the 1990s New York City.
Staff Recs: Movies You Might Have Missed in 2017

Staff Recs: Movies You Might Have Missed in 2017

Feb 2, 2018
From Sean Baker’s indie darling “The Florida Project” to Margaret Betts’ widely unseen “Novitiate,” here are WSN's picks for movies you might have missed in 2017.
The Costume Studies exhibit “The Eye of the Beholder: Decade-Defining Lids, Lashes, and Brows” explores the role of the eye in fashion. The show is currently on display through NYU Steinhardt.

The Beauty in ‘Eye of the Beholder’ Exhibit

Jan 26, 2018
Beauty comes through in “The Eye of the Beholder: Decade-Defining Lids, Lashes, and Brows” –– the Costume Studies exhibit currently on display through NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.
NYU’s Skirball Center of the Performing Arts (via NYU).

Skirball Spices Up Spring Semester

Jan 22, 2018
Spring programming at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts is here to appease academic woes with artistic jolts throughout the upcoming semester.
This film examines the minute details of Jake and Mati’s romantic rendezvous, consisting predominantly of their chance meeting and its brief aftermath.

‘Porto’ Paints an Incomplete Picture

Nov 14, 2017
Gabe Klinger's film "Porto" features mesmerizing cinematography mixed with a disappointing narrative.
In Nick Ebelings remarkable  biography documentary, many sides of the legendary filmmaker, fine artist, film producer, photographer Dennis Hopper are explored

‘Along for the Ride’ Carries New Weight for Legend

Oct 30, 2017
“Along for the Ride” chronicles the legendary life and career of Dennis Hopper.

The Rise of LGBTQ Cinema

Oct 4, 2017
With recent films like "Moonlight," LGBTQ cinema has evolved into a flourishing genre, marking how far society has progressed.
Mickey Keatings “Psychopaths” stars Larry Fessenden, who plays serial killer Henry Earl Starkweather.

Tribeca 2017: ‘Psychopaths’ Doesn’t Craze Any New Ideas

May 1, 2017
Playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, "Psychopaths" tells a horror story steeped in the genre's history, yet ultimately fails thanks to an utter lack of subtlety.
Milo Ventimiglia stars as the mysterious Jackson Pritchard living on the outskirts of Clay Staub’s new film, “Devils Gate.”

Tribeca 2017: ‘Devil’s Gate’ Opens Ideas with No Answers

May 1, 2017
"Devil's Gate," playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, is so overpacked that it can't make for a lucid sci-fi thriller.
Zoey Deutch plays Erica Vandross in Flower,  directed by Max Winkler.

Tribeca 2017: ‘Flower’ Nips at Poignant Buds

Apr 27, 2017
“Flower” examines the mental trials and tribulations of both free-spirited and closed individuals, and most of the time it manages to pull it off. It is a complex film of underage sex and family relationships, but somehow manages to be both candid and serious.
“Before I Fall,” directed by Russo-Young, was released in theaters on Friday, March 3. The film is based off a bestselling young adult novel.

Teen Drama ‘Before I Fall’ Flirts with High Art

Mar 9, 2017
Ry Russo-Young's film interpretation of the young adult hit "Before I Fall" isn't worth seeing just because it's well-done — it's worth it because it's one of the most well-done teen flicks made to date.
Masayuki Mori and Machiko Kyô as the potter Genjuro and his client Lady Wakasa, in the ghost film “Ugetsu,” by Japanese director Kenji Mizugochi.

‘Ugetsu’ is an Essential, Beautiful Haunt

Mar 2, 2017
The re-release of Kenji Mizuguchi’s 1953 film "Ugetsu" should be eagerly anticipated — the work is both one of the few ghost movies with neither over-the-top ghouls and one of the few war films that doesn't simply lapse into gore.

New Valentine’s Films for Old Romantics

Feb 13, 2017

Enough is enough: Valentine’s Day cinema should no longer be monopolized by the tear-jerkingly repetitive “Titanic” and Nicholas Sparks marathons. Especially in a time...