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Washington Square News

Washington Square News

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The southwest side of Washington Square Park covered in snow. People walk in the park.

Cure your winter blues with these festive holiday spots

Finals are not fun, but this list of winter activities is!
Dec 15, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As temperatures drop and tourists visit to see all the holiday sights, you’re stuck inside trying to get those assignments done. If...

An N.Y.U. flag hangs from the side of a building. The text is white and reads “N.Y.U. The “U” in the banner is faded. The background of the flag is purple.

Why we left NYU: Stories from students who transferred out

Sometimes, this silly purple school isn’t the place you want to spend your college years, and that’s OK.
Nov 8, 2022

I came to NYU as a transfer student in the fall 2021 semester. Like me, many students dream of attending NYU for its prestigious academic programs and the experience of growing...