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Beyond NYU: Singing solo after songwriting for stars

Chloe George began her career writing for major artists like Hayley Kiyoko and Dua Lipa, and now she’s taking to the stage to perform her own songs.
(Courtesy photo by Caroline Hsu)

Tisch alum Chloe Gasparini, better known by her stage name Chloe George, began her journey at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music driven by a passion for singing. Since graduating in 2019, she has grown from songwriting for other artists such as Normani and Dua Lipa, to creating her own music — having released her EP, “A Cheetah Hunting In Slow Motion,” in March. George, who has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, recently concluded her role as the opening act for singer Arlo Parks on tour.

In an interview with WSN, George spoke about how she became interested in songwriting, the process of creating her most recent album and her experience going on tour with Parks.  

This interview was edited for length and clarity. 

WSN: How did NYU help you move forward with your career?

George: Songwriting was big. I got here and wanted to be an artist. We all have to take a songwriting class sophomore year and that’s when I started writing a song a day. At that point, I was like ‘I want to get good at this.’ NYU also definitely gave me the space to find the confidence in my writing and then the connections to go into writing, and I had a space to record and I’ve learned how to record myself there. 

Before coming to NYU, George said that she did not have experience writing songs. She grew up in California and was influenced by her mother, a music teacher and three older siblings — who also pursued careers in music. George said that growing up taking part in musical theater and dance helped her find a love for performing at a young age.

WSN: What was the inspiration behind your most recent project, ‘A Cheetah Hunting In Slow Motion?’

George: All of the songs were written in the course of eight months. It was just a really uncomfortable time. I was leaving a roommate situation I’d been in forever and I had a huge breakup that really dragged on. I was also kind of confused about my identity and figuring out who I was and what I wanted. It was a lot of change, and all of the songs were my tools to get out of that. 

Before George had the chance to work on her own projects, she wrote songs for artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, Tori Kelly and Bebe Rexha, and even had the chance to record background vocals for Olivia Holt.

She said that NYU gave her the skills necessary to write her own music and noted the hours she spent writing music in practice rooms at the Kimmel Center for University Life.

WSN: Who do you look up to when it comes to writing your own music or music for other artists?

George: There are so many. I feel like Lauryn Hill is a huge inspiration writing-wise, as well as Frank Ocean, SZA, Mac Miller, Carole King and Stevie Wonder. I feel like there are so many honest artists right now, especially during my time at NYU. I was having a hard time putting my honest feelings into something and I feel lucky that I had a lot of artists to look up to that were just so good at being authentic. 

George spent the past month touring around the country as an opening act for singer Arlo Parks. Her last performance took place April 2 in Brooklyn. George said that after she finishes celebrating the release of her EP and the end of the tour, she plans to return to California to write an album.

WSN: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists or people who want to break into the industry?

George: This sounds so cliche, but I would just say to keep putting your instincts and your art first. I do feel like sharing your art with the world is a great way for it to find who it’s meant to. Everything has its time, and you will always find the right attention from others when it’s meant to. In the meantime, all you can control is your own process and protect your joy. 

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