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Arin Garland

Arin Garland, Under the Arch Editor

Arin is a sophomore in Liberal Studies studying International Relations and Business Studies. She loves to review New York’s finest — and not so fine — eats and is a firm believer in exercising solely for the sake of eating more food. As a recent boxing and Muay Thai enthusiast, she is ready to destroy any and all carbs that attempt to threaten her lifestyle.

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A Peculiar Passion for Preservation

A Peculiar Passion for Preservation

From a young age, CAS sophomore Carlos Martinez-Mejia has been obsessed with nature. Now, he is fighting to protect it.
Arin Garland, Under the Arch Senior Editor Dec 5, 2019

As a child, CAS sophomore Carlos Martinez-Mejia would go to one of the parks near his house in Manhasset, Long Island and play with bugs the way that another kid would play with...

PhD Student Redefines Accessibility in the Arts

PhD Student Redefines Accessibility in the Arts

Claire Kearney-Volpe is a user experience researcher who has worked with Google and the Processing Foundation to make creative content more accessible. The technology she has helped create has redefined what it means to be a visual thinker.
Arin Garland, UTA Senior Editor Oct 14, 2019

Claire Kearney-Volpe is a problem-solver. She is also a technologist, a designer and an art therapist. With three — soon to be four — different degrees, it is only natural...

Pork katsu over curry and rice with a side of shredded lettuce from Go! Go! Curry. (Staff photo by Arin Garland)

10 Eats Under $10

How to dine out with nothing but Hamiltons in your pocket.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor May 1, 2019

Each meal swipe is equivalent to about $10, but the lackluster dining hall food is often not enough to satisfy students’ hungry stomachs or cravings for real cuisine. There are...

SHY ILLUSION | Thea wearing a vintage gold medallion earrings, Richard Warren floral balloon sleeve peplum top. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

From the 2010s to the ’80s and ’90s, Modern Streetwear Is a Fashion Rewind

NYU professors and students reflect on the return of ’80s and ’90s fashion, from the rise of low-rise to high-rise to dad shoes.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 25, 2019

The mere thought of low-rise jeans now elicits a cringe from all the proponents of the re-popularized high-waisted mom jean movement. Flo Rida’s favorite pair of 2000s “Reeboks...

(Staff photo by Min Ji Kim)

Minimal Human Contact Can Make for a Better Meal

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take some time for yourself.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 24, 2019

Imagine eating alone in a cubicle, isolated from all human contact. Popular Japanese ramen chain Ichiran’s has labeled this the ideal dining experience. For the more extroverted...

The Tang Hot Pots lunch special. The restaurant is located on 135 Bowery and specializes in SiChuan hotpot. (Staff photo by Min Ji Kim)

Immerse Yourself in a Bevy of Boiling Broths at Tang Hotpot

Stir, simmer and boil your own broth at Tang Hotpot where the lunch special makes your mouth water and wallet breathe easy.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 22, 2019

Decorated with delicately rolled raw meats, bright leafy vegetables and freshly chopped onions and mushrooms, our table looked like a neatly curated selection of ingredients taken...

The wagamama across from Third Avenue North Residence Hall closed its doors this week. (Photo by Alina Patrick)

wagamama Next to Third North Officially Closes Doors

After two years of serving mediocre ramen in the East Village, wagamama’s short-lived outpost has closed.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 15, 2019

Brown packing paper now lines the glass windows of the wagamama across from Third Avenue North Residence Hall, officially marking the end of its East Village presence. The location...

Gallatin senior Parker Reposa (left) and Stern junior Drew Enyedi (right,) founders of the up-cycling company Grounded, display their handmade face mask and soap. All of their products are made from recycled coffee grounds. (Staff photo by Min Ji Kim)

Two NYU Students Combine Coffee and Cosmetics

NYU students’ upcycled coffee ground company is grounded in building a sustainable future.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 8, 2019

Over 11 million tons of coffee are produced annually around the world, the vast majority of which ends up in landfills. Gallatin senior Parker Reposa and Stern junior Drew Enyedi...

Arin Garland, dining editor, ruthlessly carves carb into pieces. (Staff Photo by Min Ji Kim)

Sliced Bagels Are the Wrong Way to Cut Carbs

Tell the people of St. Louis to keep their sliced bagels. We don’t want to share in their Missouri.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Apr 3, 2019

Twitter was thrown into a frenzy when Alek Krautmann posted a photo on March 25 of more than a dozen helpless bagels sliced into pathetically thin wedges. He claimed that the “St....

Gallatin senior Melissa Bartow founded the date-spread company Wanna Date?. (via Instagram)

Gallatin Senior’s Date-able Startup Sweetens the Deal

From dorm experiment to wholesale in less than a year, Melissa Bartow’s Wanna Date? spread has been picked up by 22 stores in New York City.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Feb 25, 2019

Sweet, creamy and delicious: dates are nature’s candy. Gallatin senior Melissa Bartow had her first date — the fruit — when she moved to New York City for college, and it...

LRoom Cafe’s Bling Bling Honey Latte priced at $7.50. (Staff photo by Arin Garland)

LRoom Cafe Prioritizes Aesthetic, Leaving No Space for Taste

Glittering expectations for LRoom’s golden coffee fall short of reality.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Feb 6, 2019

I had high hopes for the LRoom Cafe when I decided to stop by after seeing their shimmering gold coffee plastered all over my Instagram feed. Located on 41 W. 14th St., the face...

Bibimbap from the Global Street Food stand at The Market Place at Kimmel.  (Staff Photo by Arin Garland)

Dining Hall Menus Expand

NYU Dining has made changes to dining halls to accommodate those with different tastes and dietary restrictions.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Feb 4, 2019

Coming back from break, you may wonder why your favorite quesadilla spot at the Kimmel Market Place or Mr. Bing at Palladium Dining Hall has abruptly disappeared. Over J-term,...

Green tea ice cream with a bubble cone from Eggloo. (Photo courtesy of Ceci Chen)

Top Five Food Trend Predictions for 2019

What’s new in 2019? Be in the know about up-and-coming food.
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Jan 30, 2019

Food in 2018 was characterized by over-the-top sweets, photogenic fare and Asian-inspired cuisine. 2019 make take a Here are the top five food trends that you should look out for...

Brioche french toast, caramelized with bananas and walnuts drizzled with a side of maple syrup. (Photo by Carol Lee)

Late Night Pancakes Are Clinton St. Baking Co.’s Forte

Forget about brunch ... what’s for brinner?
Arin Garland, Dining Editor Jan 28, 2019

It was 7 p.m. and the yellow ceiling lights from inside the Clinton St. Baking Co. were dimmed. From the moment I laid eyes on the quaint corner restaurant at the intersection...

A student browses NYU Alberts mobile app. ( Staff Photo by Alana Beyer)

Here’s What Computer Science Students Think About Albert

“It’s mostly poor coding in my opinion."
Arin Garland, Staff Writer Nov 27, 2018
Coder students hope their programs can de-stress the registration process.
An egg sandwich is a popular choice for breakfast. (Photo by Alina Patrick)

10 Sandwiches That Prove Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Are you ready to get cracking for an eggcellent day?
Arin Garland, Contributing Writer Nov 15, 2018
Are you ready to get cracking for an eggcellent day?
 Calum Worthy and Jackie Long in Bodied.  (Courtesy of Youtube Neon)

‘Bodied’ Insults Everyone and Gets Away With It

Arin Garland, Contributing Writer Nov 6, 2018
The Eminem-produced film uses battle rapping to tackle PC culture.
Small pumpkins displayed in Union Square Farmers Market. (Photo by 
Kai Kobori-Hotchkiss)

Take Your Pick: Where to Pick Pumpkins and Apples This Fall

Looking for a fun fall adventure to go on with your friends? Try one of these farms or orchards for pumpkin picking, corn mazes and petting zoos.
Arin Garland, Contributing Writer Oct 18, 2018

Fall is here in New York City; the air is crisp, and the smell of warm apple cider and pumpkin spice lingers in the air. As the leaves change from vibrant greens to warm reds and...

Only eat chips in class if you are a snack-expert. The crunch is hard to muffle and you will be caught almost immediately. (Illustration by Rachel Buigas-Lopez)

A Guide to Secretly Snacking in Class

Arin Garland, Contributing Writer Oct 15, 2018

It’s 8:00 a.m and you’re sitting in class. You skipped breakfast this morning for an extra 15 minutes of sleep, and you’re still barely keeping your eyes open. This sacrifice...