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Anna de la Rosa

Anna de la Rosa, Under the Arch Editor

Anna de la Rosa is a Liberal Studies sophomore studying Media, Culture, and Communication. A former dancer, she found writing to be a better opportunity for her to continue on with higher education and to possibly make more money in her future career (she’s false). It’s obvious she’s a California native by the way she gawks at snow during the winter while her East Coast friends scorn at her. In her free time, she likes to drink coffee until she’s quite literally buzzing and go to ballet class to prove to herself she can still do the splits.

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Heather Vaxer Is Cleaning up the Mess of Movie Production

Heather Vaxer Is Cleaning up the Mess of Movie Production

The Tisch senior created a Green Grant documentary on sustainable film practices — but she believes that sometimes the most sustainable option is being selfish.
Dec 5, 2019

“Tell me more.” Student producer Heather Vaxer often repeats this phrase during her production meetings, encouraging her crew to dive deeper into dissecting their creative...

Students in the midst of dance class. (Photo by Anna de la Rosa)

A Dancer Is a Body in Motion

How dance taught me what it means to be human.
Dec 4, 2019

“This isn’t a dance class — it’s a life class.” On the first day of my Steinhardt introductory modern dance class, my teacher Allegra Romita stated these words as...

This NYU Sophomore Did Euphoria Makeup Before it Was Trendy

This NYU Sophomore Did ‘Euphoria’ Makeup Before it Was Trendy

Isze Cohen serves confidence daily through her makeup business, Frostie Delite.
Nov 7, 2019

“Sorry the place is a bit of a mess — we threw a party here last night for my friend’s birthday.” Gallatin sophomore Isze Cohen sits crossed-legged on her couch atop...

Illustrated by Deborah Alalade.

Postcard Poems

Six writers wrote personal letters in the form of postcard poems to their special place in the city from Battery Park to The Strand.
Sep 25, 2019

  Contact the writers at [email protected]

To: Abraço

To: Abraço

Sep 25, 2019

To: Abraço 81 E 7th St New York, NY 10003 From: Anna de la Rosa dear abraço, in the far right corner, you have a bench meant for one but manages to squeeze in...

An event held by the group 20s, a platform for young adults and artists. (Photo by Marisa Lopez)

Twentysomethings Have Something to Say

A platform for young creatives, 20s hosted its first in-person event on May 3.
May 6, 2019

Eric Hart, founder of the visual brand, LOVE HART. (Staff Photo by Alina Patrick)

From Georgia With Love and a Camera

Tisch first-year Eric Hart, founder of LOVE HART, creates a brand that represents all he couldn’t do in his hometown.
Apr 29, 2019

Standing in front of the camera against a white brick wall, Eric Hart erupts into giggles when he is forced to stand as the camera’s subject. His hands shield his face. Back...

APPLY YOURSELF | Karchin works as a freelance makeup artist on experimental and editorial projects. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

How a Prom Gig Turned Into a Career

This freelance makeup artist went from her sister’s prom makeup to Estée Lauder.
Apr 24, 2019

With T-minus three hours until prom, Lindsay Karchin had a daunting task ahead: her sister’s prom makeup. The clock was ticking. They debated the pros and cons of having her...

NYU Gallatin sophomore Kate Glavan who was almost arrested at the youth climate strike. (Staff Photo by Alina Patrick)

Sophomore Activist Talks Politics of Protest

Not just an influencer, but a fighter.
Apr 1, 2019

Posters ripped out of hands. Tasers brandished and waved at middle and high schoolers. Bodies pushed and jostled around. Phone numbers written down by lawyers on people’s arms....

Tisch first-years Jeremy Herron, Hailey Irvin, Toby Romero, Sebastian Duran, Emilio Torres, Ryan Wise, Chandler Crump and Victoria Delvalle make up the team of creators for Ultrawave. (Photo by Emilio Torres)

Tisch First-Years Make Waves Outside of the Classroom

Catch the wave with a media collective that highlights up-and-coming artists.
Mar 4, 2019

It was like love at first sight. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, Toby Romero stood out to Emilio Miguel Torres even among the restless crowd whose jumping threatened to fracture the...

Oxford Fashion Studio II F/W 2019

Oxford Fashion Studio II F/W 2019

Feb 10, 2019

Oxford Fashion Studio’s second show hosted designs that ranged from sleek loungewear to grungy streetwear. However, what kept most of the independent designers unified...

A jazz show performing in Greenwich Village. One of the many winter activities favored by NYU students.  (Photo by Hannah Shulman)

On Campus for the Holidays

How students coped with staying at NYU over break.
Jan 29, 2019

As fall semester drew to a close, many students rushed to leave NYU in favor of family time, fun and relaxation. For others, staying on campus seemed like the obvious choice. Some...

The entrance to the NYU Liberal Studies Offices, located at 726 Broadway. (Staff Photo by Julia McNeill)

Wait Two Years, Then Start Your Major

Current and former students share their thoughts about the Liberal Studies curriculum.
Jan 28, 2019

The Liberal Studies Program is unlike any other school at NYU. With its core curriculum, small class sizes and separate advising program, LS students experience a unique education...

(Illustration by Sophia Di Iorio)

First-Years Reflect on Their Fall Semester

First-years discuss everything from navigating Greenwich Village to new sleeping schedules.
Dec 3, 2018

The first semester of college is a time for learning — and not just in the classroom. For many students, it’s their first time away from home and they have to figure out how...

A mural inside the coffee shop The Bean. The shop is known for making an exceptional dirty chai—a chai latte with two shots of espresso. (Photo by Tony Wu)

10 Coffee Shops Near Campus to Get Buzzed

Move over Starbucks — these coffee shops around campus are here to dominate.
Nov 29, 2018

If you’re a real NYU student, coffee flows through your veins. And if you’re a real foodie, you won’t be satisfied drinking at the same cafe every day. So, here are...

(Photo by Justin Park)

What It Takes to Become an Admissions Ambassador

The Admissions Ambassador application is notorious for being lengthy and competitive — so is it even worth applying?
Nov 12, 2018

You see one at least every other day, clad in a violet jacket, marching around Washington Square Park with a flock of wide-eyed students and parents following closely behind —...

Students in the Liberal Studies class in which Milo Yiannopolous was slated to speak said they were upset to hear about his visit. (Photo by Sam Klein)

Rectenwald’s Students Share Perspectives on Postponed Yiannopoulos Talk

Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak for a class of LS students, but the event was postponed one day before.
Nov 9, 2018

Editor's Note: Nov. 9, 2018 An earlier version of this article quoted a student, Elizabeth Rickert, who was under the impression Milo Yiannopoulos was going to speak for her...

(Illustration by Sophia Di Iorio)

Bobst, Dissected: Student Stereotypes Based on Every Floor

Oct 22, 2018

With midterm season in full swing, Bobst Library is overflowing with students. Which floor people are racing to, however, can say a lot about what kind of student they are. Let’s...

Illustration by Rachel Buigas-Lopez

NYU First-Years Go the Distance for Love

Many first-years come to college without their significant other. Here's what it's like keeping up a long-distance relationship.
Oct 17, 2018

“Yeah, MTV wanted me.” That’s what I jokingly tell everyone when they bombard with me with questions about how I was almost cast in the production of a new show on MTV...

Lattes are often decorated with designs, such as hearts.

The Buzz on NYU’s Caffeine Craze

How many cups of coffee do you have per day?
Sep 24, 2018
It's no secret NYU students love their coffee.