New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


A crowd of people and cyclists walking across an intersection.

A photo hoarder’s monologue: streets IN digital & ON analog

Finding beauty in capturing the streets of New York City through digital and film photography.
Kevin Wu, Staff Photographer Apr 30, 2022

As someone who has spent most of his life in cities of different shapes and sizes, street photography almost feels like the default category of photography for me. I didn’t start...

A blurred biker rides along the Hudson River Park piers. On the left, a white banner hangs on a rail with the words “#NewYorkTough” in royal blue. Behind both is the Jersey City skyline.

The allure of the pause

Nine photographers show the slower side of New York City.
The Multimedia Desk Apr 2, 2022

Three blurry-faced people stand in front of someone’s shoulder.

Allegory for the 21st century

After a night’s sins, an invisible voyeur relives his delusions with sober eyes. This immersive fictional one night odyssey shows a fight with fear, trust, authenticity and perception.
Julian Hammond Santander, UTA Exposures Editor Mar 7, 2022

(Staff Photo by Julian Hammond Santander)

In between yesterday and tomorrow

The final Exposures piece of fall 2021 concludes the first; again accompanied by words from thinker Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Julian Hammond Santander, Exposures Editor Dec 9, 2021

In conclusion to my first piece as Exposures Editor, ‘Conflict in the search of permanency,’ I return to California — this time a California less familiar to us. By abstracting...

(Staff photo by Taylor Knight)


Pyrite, more commonly known as fool's gold, lacks the strength of real gold and falls apart with little effort. This series of images from Christian churches accompanies Deputy Exposures Editor Taylor Knight’s inquest into the validity of religion and its role in his life.
Taylor Knight, Deputy Exposures Editor Nov 8, 2021

I prayed. I went to church. My family believed in God. I thought I did as well. It was only when I discovered Greek mythology through Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series that...

(Photo by Sara Arabzadeh)

Q&A: Tattoo artists on the human canvas

These four NYC-based tattoo artists illustrate how the human body can serve as an unconventional canvas.
Sara Arabzadeh, Contributing Writer Oct 22, 2021

Getting a tattoo is relatively common, especially in New York City, but it is not typically considered a form of fine art. Although tattooing involves commissioning artists to...

(Staff Photo by Taylor Knight)

How can NYC(U) be your personality if you’ve only been to Manhattan?

The who’s who of the where’s where around NYU: a look into the MTA.
Taylor Knight, Deputy Exposures Editor Oct 4, 2021

Maybe I’m being a bit narcissistic but I choose to believe it’s my recently discovered nature as a Native New Yorker™ that leads me to utterly despise locals. If you don’t...

(Photo by Jason Turner)

Beneath the stars, stripes

Jason Turner and friends reconstruct patriotism through their lens, finding pride, power and promise in the tortured history and present reality of Black Americans.
Jason Turner, Contributing Writer Sep 20, 2021

  “Our Flag” by Corey Baron “African Americans are the displaced people of the world. Our roots lie in Africa, while we wilt and flower in America. Our...

(Staff Photo by Julian Hammond Santander)

Conflict in the search for permanency

New Exposures Editor Julian Hammond Santander presents a California suspended between nostalgia and reality, accompanied by a selection from Krishnamurti.
Julian Hammond Santander, UTA Exposures Editor Sep 3, 2021

Impermanency is exhilarating, terrifying. Change equally so. Sometimes, I think, the more you know something is going to change, the more you hold tight to it, knuckles white....

Here’s a look at Times Square through the lenses of two photographers during the pandemic and the thought process behind the shots. (Staff Photos by Alexandra Chan, Jake Capriotti)

Exposures: Jake and Alex capture Times Square in 2020

Two WSN photographers revisit a mid-pandemic photo shoot at New York City’s iconic Times Square from one year ago, diving into the thought process behind the photographs
Alexandra Chan and Jake Capriotti Aug 29, 2021

  Follow the photographers on Instagram at @noelle.png and @capriotti.jake. Contact Alexandra Chan at [email protected] and Jake Capriotti at [email protected]

UCCS senior Arantxa Chavez in her apartment’s balcony in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chavez had recently moved in with her partner when the stay-at-home order began so they spent their quarantine unpacking and decorating their new place

Turning Zoom Into My Artistic Tool

Learning to photograph through a computer screen involved lots of errors, but once I learned to deal with them, I fell in love with the results.
Alejandra Arevalo, Contributing Writer Sep 20, 2020

Freedom by Movement: Freedom from the act of surrender.

Infinite Body / Finite Space

A look at the body in the vastness of space.
Ida María Obediente, Contributing Photographer May 4, 2020

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