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Welcome to Under the Arch, WSN’s magazine. Under the Arch publishes editions with a unique theme each month. For more information or to contribute, please contact [email protected].

An illustration of TikToker Caleb Simpson. He has brown hair and is wearing a navy Yankee hat and pink hoodie. Simpson is standing in front of two brownstone buildings.

How much is rent in New York City?

An interview with TikTok’s Caleb Simpson on the wealth disparity within New York City communities.
Julia Diorio, Contributing Writer Nov 23, 2022

Ekene Onukogu holds two part-time jobs in addition to being a full-time NYU student. (Irum Han for WSN)

Booked and busy: Making bank and hitting the books

How a job a day keeps the broke bitch away. Results may vary.
Ekene Onukogu, Contributing Writer Nov 23, 2022

Arthur Migliazza, left, sits on his couch while looking at his newborn baby. Arthur is holding a small dog, and wearing an orange and blue plaid flannel shirt and khaki pants. His newborn is wearing a white onesie and is holding a toy.

A Degree in Parenthood

Getting a degree is challenging, but the joys of parenthood are unmatched.
Joshua Becker, Deputy Under the Arch Editor Oct 20, 2022

A blue and white cracked vase is illustrated against a blue background. SIlhouettes of Joy Li’s family are painted on the vase.

Some Scars Stay

Two weary spouses breaking apart leads to endless cracks for the rest of this Asian family.
Joy Li, Contributing Writer Oct 20, 2022

Alexa Donovan stands in front of 211 Thompson St., an apartment building in Greenwich Village. Alexa is looking at the camera and wearing a navy shirt and denim skirt.

Born To Be at NYU

As this NYU student returned back to her family’s first stomping grounds, she finds her true self.
Alexa Donovan, Contributing Writer Oct 20, 2022

A bowl of rice and Sinigang, a Filipino soup made of fish and vegetables, sit in a bowl on a counter with a mug in the background.

Cooking Your Way Home

A look at how memories and connections with food never leave us.
Sunny Sequeira, Under the Arch Editor Oct 20, 2022

An illustration depicts two U.S. states connected by a dotted line. There are phones in the middle of the line.

How Distance Brought Us Closer

How moving away brought an NYU sophomore closer to their family.
Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor Oct 20, 2022

Sara Sharma holds a bouquet of orange flowers while standing in front of a deli displaying flowers in Union Square. Sara is looking into the distance, and is wearing a white floral dress and a lilac cardigan.

Finding New Delhi

Navigating a sense of home within familiar and unfamiliar spaces, through physical spaces, tributes and souvenirs.
Sara Sharma, Contributing Writer Oct 20, 2022

Lorraine Olaya looks at the camera while standing outside on the platform of a train station. Lorraine is wearing a patterned blue shirt and light blue jeans.

Native New Yorkers on Balancing Family and Independence

First-generation and native New Yorker students reflect on finding their sense of independence at college and how they balance that with family and strict immigrant parents.
Lorraine Olaya, Deputy Managing Editor Oct 20, 2022

Liz Argenziano, Joe Argenziano, and Nick Argenziano pose looking at the camera against a black backdrop. They are all wearing white NYU Athletics uniforms. Liz is holding a soccer ball on her shoulder.

It Runs in The Family

From kids to college students, sports and family have always been inseparable for these three NYU athletes.
Sydney Barragan, Under the Arch Editor Oct 20, 2022

Lorena Campes and Nandini Gupta are illustrated as children against a pink background. Lorena is wearing a red shirt, blue overalls and holding a paint palette with two brushes. Nandini is wearing a pink saree and is holding a paper with written text.

Contending With the Unconventional

Two students share how their ethnic backgrounds have shaped their college experience and career paths.
Lorena Campes and Nandini Gupta Oct 20, 2022