Queer POC Are Their Own Champions

Queer spaces for people of color are hard to find at NYU and New York City. In his column this week, Dyshere unpacks this issue as examines the history of the commodification of and lack of unity within the LGBTQ community.

Don’t Punish Me for My Commute

We're not able to control or predict subway delays, so why should we as students be held academically accountable for them?

How NYU Can Include Everyone in the Classroom

To expand on her last piece, this writer explores the importance of free speech at NYU and the need for the student body to be patient with overall political correctness.

Sound the Alarm Less Often

Read one writer's take on why fire drills can lose their effectiveness if unannounced and repeated too often.

How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?

The WSN Editorial Board discusses how the loss of an NYU community member sheds light on the issues of accessibility on NYU's campus.

Letter to the Editor: “More Welcome, Less Weak”

Dear Members of the Washington Square News Editorial Board, Thank you for sharing your opinions and feedback on Welcome Week. We appreciate your insight and...

How College Helped Me Let Go

In high school, I was inconspicuous. Attending a small school in Denver, Colo., it was easy to involuntarily accept the social image projected onto...

Why Does NYU Lack a Space for Non-Partisan Discussions?

As a first-year, I was incredibly excited about Club Fest. I wanted to find interesting clubs, tight-knit communities and intellectually stimulating environments. Interested in...

Make Laundry Services Worth the Dollar

I put off doing my laundry for as long as I could. Horror stories circulating in my residence hall’s first-year group chat told the...

I Should Have the Right to a Paid Internship

This month alone, I learned about a variety of incredible paid internship opportunities from amazing companies like CNN and NBC. However, I cannot apply...

Text Therapy Isn’t a Long-Term Solution

The NYU Wellness Center recently introduced a text-based therapy app available to students 24/7. The new app is meant to cater to the demographic...

The Labor of Student Loans

When asked to describe NYU, one word comes to mind: expensive. Whether you’re paying out of pocket or through loans, $75,000 a year is...