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Queen Elizabeth II’s burgundy red Jaguar Land Rover hearse passes by crowds. Behind the hearse’s clear glass window lies the late queen’s decorated oak coffin.

NYU London shuts down for queen’s funeral

With a day off for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, some NYU London students attended the event in person.
Avery Hendrick, Staff Writer Sep 26, 2022

Following her death on Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was held in London on the morning of Sept. 19. The day was designated a national day of mourning and a bank holiday...

A billboard commemorating Queen Elizabeth II behind Tottenham Court Road Station.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death may affect NYU London operations

The British monarch’s sudden passing yesterday brought life to a standstill in the United Kingdom.
Edward Franco, Video Director Sep 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96. NYU London community members — as well as British students at NYU’s Washington...

Lexie Alford, the youngest person ever to visit every country, holds up a sign that reads Country #111 in front of the The Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing, China.

Q&A: Guinness World Record holder Lexie Alford on traveling to every country

After studying away, we thought we were expert solo travelers — until we sat down with the youngest person ever to visit every single country.
Anthony Ferrara and Roshni Raj May 6, 2022

Last semester, we studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, where we fully immersed ourselves in the local cultures. Over 40% of NYU students study away for at least one 16-week...

Nine attendees, one professor and nine students, of the Groom Law Group event stand on a balcony.

NYU DC Career Week is not to be missed

During Career Week, NYU Washington, D.C., sheds light on different industries and guides students through a web of professional activities.
Rahul Mahesh, Staff Writer Apr 25, 2022

WASHINGTON 一 Situated in one of the country's most important cities, NYU Washington, D.C., is buzzing with job opportunities, internships and clerkships for students of all years...

Students are seen walking down a street by the NYU Paris site in the evening against the backdrop of Parisian architecture.

Students note a lack of support and resources at global sites

For study abroad students to make the world their campus, some students feel NYU needs to provide the proper resources and communication to better ensure their safety, education and mental health abroad.
Juliana Guarracino, Staff Writer Apr 13, 2022

PARIS — NYU promotes its three degree-granting campuses and 12 study away sites to students by claiming that the world is their campus. But as much as NYU seeks to make its global...

The skyline of the 5th arrondissement and Île de la Cité in Paris, France. On the right, the Notre Dame cathedral towers above the other buildings.

NYU Paris’ suburban dorms show students the real Paris

Studying abroad should help students experience a new culture, not a new NYU bubble. When I was assigned to a suburban dorm, I learned to love the city even more.
Stephanie Farmer, Staff Writer Mar 22, 2022

PARIS — NYU students are city people through and through. Students on the New York City campus thrive in the urban setting, walking out of the classroom into the ever-present...

An art installation commemorating NYUADs 10th anniversary sits on the Abu Dhabi campus. The celebrations surrounding the anniversary were delayed a year due to COVID-19. (Staff Photo by Roshni Raj)

NYU Abu Dhabi celebrates its 10th anniversary

After a one-year delay due to COVID-19, the NYUAD community commemorated the accomplishments and challenges of the campus through virtual and in-person events.
Roshni Raj, Abroad News Editor Sep 27, 2021

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — NYU Abu Dhabi celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding with a series of virtual events and a visual installation on campus on Sept....

A junior at NYU Abu Dhabi who was born and raised in Kabul fears the effects that the Taliban regime could have on her livelihood as a student. NYU as well as NYU’s Islamic Center say they have been working to support students and faculty affected by the turmoil. (Staff Photo by Roshni Raj)

‘I’m scared for my life’: An Afghan student on the collapse of Afghanistan

An anonymous NYU Abu Dhabi junior, born a Shia Hazara Muslim in Kabul, shares her story of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.
Roshni Raj, Abroad News Editor Sep 8, 2021

Since her childhood, an anonymous junior at NYU Abu Dhabi born and raised in Kabul — has feared the Taliban after she watched the militant group attack schools in Afghanistan....

Most study away programs at NYU will resume this fall. But students in the NYU Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi programs face difficulties due to new immigration policies and COVID-19 restrictions. (Photos by Julia McNeill and Sam Klein, Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

New immigration policies and COVID-19 safety measures complicate study away at NYU Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi

With study away resuming at most of NYU’s global network this fall, many students are facing complex immigration and arrival guidelines amid amorphous — and shifting — pandemic travel restrictions.
Andrew Califf and Kayla Hardersen Aug 25, 2021

TEL AVIV, Israel — NYU students across the globe are seeking a return to normalcy as they head back to campus this fall. Students studying away, however, are encountering additional...