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Building of Stern School of Business. A Stern institute is revamping to analyze types of risks such as ones associated with climate change. (Staff Photo by Jake Quan)

Stern Institute Expands Risk Analysis to Include Climate Change, Cyber Security Attacks and More

By Ronni Husmann, Deputy News Editor October 31, 2019

The Great Financial Crisis, the global economy, cyber security and climate change are four of the most pressing international concerns today, according to NYU’s Volatility and Risk Institute. Formerly...

An AI tool learned to predict which lesions were likely malignant (red heat map) or likely benign (green heat map), with potential to aid radiologists in the diagnosis of breast cancer. (Via NYU Langone)

Together, AI and Radiologists Could Significantly Improve Breast Cancer Detection

By Roshni Raj, Staff Writer October 31, 2019

Nan Wu grew up in a small Chinese city where it was difficult for people to get medical help. Five years ago, her mother received a false-positive for breast cancer. Now, Wu is part of a research effort...

NYC activists gathered to rally against the “Tampon Tax.” Saturday Oct 19 was National Period Day. (Photo by Lisa Cochran)

Activists Call for More Action on Menstrual Health. Period.

By Lisa Cochran, Deputy News Editor October 21, 2019

Protestors parted a Red Sea of T-shirts and signs on Saturday, sporting the color for the first New York National Period Day rally outside City Hall meant to bring awareness to often-stigmatized topics...

 Nicole Beremovica a CAS sophomore who was raised in Dusseldorf, Germany, speaks at a vigil honoring the victims of a Yom Kippur attack in Halle, Germany. (Staff Photo by Min Ji Kim)

Students Mourn After Anti-Semitic Attack in Germany

By Lisa Cochran, Deputy News Editor October 11, 2019

Humming Jewish hymns to the strumming of guitars and beating of drums, around 50 NYU community members gathered at a vigil on Thursday to honor those affected by a recent attack on a synagogue in Eastern...

People speak out in support of DACA in New York City. (Via Wikimedia)

NYU Among Several Universities to Support DACA Students in Brief to Supreme Court

By Miliana Bocher, Contributing Writer October 9, 2019

NYU wrote a joint amicus curiae brief with more than a dozen other universities in support of a program for children of undocumented immigrants leading up to a Supreme Court decision on the legality of...

Tejaswini Niranjana, a cultural theorist and author, speaks on the #MeToo movement in relation to the Hong Kong protests. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

Activists Talk Whitewashing of #MeToo Movement, How It Progressed Internationally

By Jana Warshawsky, Contributing Writer October 3, 2019

TW: This article mentions sexual assault. Though the most recognized voices of the #MeToo movement have been those of women in the United States, women across the world have been fighting against sexual...

Tisch students will receive a metrocard scholarship, but there are drawbacks as well. (Illustration by Jorene He)

Tisch Students Demand NYU Fund Commute to Far-Away Studios

By Lisa Cochran, Deputy News Editor October 3, 2019

Tisch School of the Arts students started a petition last week calling upon the Drama department to subsidize MetroCards for acting students who commute to studio classes. The petition has garnered...

Tomaso Falchetta, Head of Advocacy and Policy Team of Privacy International, delves into how the use of a technology like biotech can stray from its original intentions, putting innocent people at risk. On Tuesday at the  Brennan Center for Justice held a panel concerning human rights and biometric tools with experts from the UN Security Council, Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, Privacy International, and Human Rights Center. (Staff photo by Min Ji Kim)

Counter-Terrorism Experts Warn of Human Rights Issues With Facial Recognition, Other Biometrics

By Mina Mohammadi, Deputy News Editor October 2, 2019

NYU students may think of their iPhones when they hear the phrase “facial recognition,” but a panel of experts talked about its potential positive effects in combating terrorism, and negative effects...

Palladium Food Court failed a health inspection last week. (Photo by Polina Buchak)

Palladium Fails Health Inspection

By Victor Porcelli, News Editor October 1, 2019

Flies and improperly refrigerated food at Palladium Food Court resulted in a failed health inspection last week. New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is in charge of restaurant...