NYU Tel Aviv Switches to Online Classes

Following orders from the Israeli government to close all universities in Israel amid the spread of COVID-19, NYU’s Tel Aviv campus has shifted to remote courses.


Julia McNeill

A beach lies at the waterfront of Tel Aviv, Israel, which was an NYU study abroad site. On Thursday evening, NYU Tel Aviv announced plans to go remote. (Photo by Julia McNeill)

Emily Mason and Lisa Cochran

Following NYU’s Washington Square and Europe campuses, NYU Tel Aviv will be switching to remote classes to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to an email sent by Associate Vice President for Student Health Carlo Ciotoli to students at NYU Tel Aviv on the morning of Friday, March 13.

“While we are still awaiting further details from the government, we anticipate that many universities will be moving to a distance learning model, which is what we will be doing at NYU Tel Aviv,” the email reads.

There are currently 109 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Israel and as of 8  p.m.Thursday, March 12, only foreigners who can prove to officials that they are able to self-quarantine to the satisfaction of state guidelines for the next 14 days will be allowed into the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday that all universities in Israel will shut down to prevent the spread of the disease effective Friday, March 13. NYU Tel Aviv, taking cues from the government, sent out the email at 12:40 a.m. Friday, IST. In addition to online classes, NYU is also suspending all NYU internships, the email said.

“However, out of an abundance of caution, effective immediately, we will be suspending all of our internships until further notice,” the email stated.

NYU Tel Aviv campus follows NYU’s New York campus and all of NYU’s European campuses, which announced a switch to remote learning earlier this week. 

The email stated that university officials do not believe it is necessary for students to return home, but will help students who choose to do so. 

“As things currently stand, we do not believe it is necessary for students to depart from Tel Aviv, and are fully prepared for all of you to remain with us,” the email reads. “Should any of you wish to return home, also know that we fully appreciate and support you in that decision.”

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