Who Are You?

Under the Arch

Who Are You?

September 2022 Issue


Tori Morales looks into a mirror. They are wearing ear, nose and lip piercings and a necklace with a cross on it.

I’m blindsided by the pain every time I get pierced. Even after 13 piercings, my latest — a vertical labret — had me seeing static white and tensing up in the chair. The moment I felt the needle break through the thin skin of my lip, I almost regretted my decision. Almost.

A collage of environmental portraits of studio artists. From camera left to right: undergraduate student Ella Zona in her studio, graduate student Lizzy Chemel in her studio, and Professor Anthony Graves in his home studio.

NYUs Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers students an expansive and meaningful list of courses and programs. In every aspect, it facilitates human development by instilling ideas of “Knowledge, Creativity, and Innovation at the Crossroads of Culture”.

The Science of Sisterhood

Elleni Solomon, Contributing Writer

Sept. 25th, 2022

An illustration depicts Elleni Solomon standing while wearing a black dress, a white lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck. The background is a gradient of yellow and pink. There are logos of the sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi.

A pre-health student and sorority member shares her journey in becoming proud of her identity.

Personal Style is Trending

Ella W. Anderson, Contributing Writer

Sept. 25th, 2022

Three people are drawn in this illustration. On the bottom left, there is a close-up of a person wearing a red beanie with pink and orange stripes. On the top is a pair of black and white converse platforms outlined in pink. On the right is a person with split tone green and pink hair wearing a black tank top and black skirt. The background of the illustration is pink with patterned accents.

White Converse with a red and blue stripe: That’s the first trend I remember. Everyone would wear them with black leggings and a sweater. In the seventh grade, I thought wearing the same shoes and clothes as everyone else was the ultimate style achievement. I saved up for months, deciding whether I wanted the high-tops or low-tops.

An illustration depicts a blue shirt coming out of a canvas tote bag. The background is a purple and blue gradient.

When I am asked where I’m from, I usually say northern Westchester County. I do not say my exact town name, mostly because it’s so small that I highly doubt anyone would have heard of it. But the person I’m talking to may have seen the viral Fox News clip of a woman at my town’s school board meeting screaming out against critical race theory.

Photo Essays

There’s No Place Like Home

From family heirlooms to Barbara Streisand posters, this is how students and faculty decorate their space.

School’s Back in Style

Are the fashion stereotypes across NYU schools accurate?


In the first black-and-white horizontal frame, two characters stand side-by-side. The character on the left has short curly hair and is wearing round glasses and a short-sleeved white t-shirt. Their arm is gesturing to the room around them and they’re smiling as they say, “Welcome to my art studio! Feel free to look around.” The character to their right has dark shoulder-length straight hair and is wearing a white tank top. Their eyes are wide as they look around. In the next frame, the dark-haired character is grimacing as they say, “Uhh … what’s this?” The third frame shows a canvas sitting on an easel with a painting of bright red, orange and yellow flames. In the final frame, the curly-haired character is smiling in the background to the left. They say: “Just inspired by my feelings!” The dark-haired character stands to the right, eyes wide as they glance to the side in concern.
(Illustration by Maxine Deluca for WSN)
In the first frame, a high-contrast black-and-white illustration shows the side profile of two characters in an audience, one on the left and one on the right. Only the bottom half of their faces below their eyes is visible. Both characters are facing each other and have their mouths partially open, with the word “ready” written in the middle. In the background, a stage is visible. The curtain is closed and the performer’s silhouette is spotlighted in the center. In the frame below the first, the performer faces the audience. Only the back of their head is visible. They have short, dark hair and are wearing a tank top with a light shining on them. In the background, an audience is visible, and the word “silence” is written across the frame with the letter “I” dragged out. In the third frame, the performer takes a deep breath with only the bottom half of their face visible. In the fourth and fifth frames, the performer hits their chest. Only the middle of their torso is visible, and, as their skin stretches, something appears to be coming out of their back. In the sixth frame, which takes up half of the page, a large, rocky wave crashes out of the performer who is no longer visible. In the final frame, two members of the audience are seen with their mouths open in awe, the word “wow” is written below their smiling faces.
(Illustration by Daniel Martinez for WSN)