New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A white flag with a purple N.Y.U. logo at its center is placed on a building.

Facing financial need: NYU’s approach to reducing its price tag

In 2010, the university began to focus more on affordability and accessibility as a key part of its financial aid goals. Since then, NYU has made several changes to help curb the cost of attendance.
Gabrielle Panelo and Nikki Mirala February 22, 2024

In 2015, NYU was considered the fourth-most expensive university to attend, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s analysis of College Board data. With new financial...

A group of people sitting in a circle in the middle of a conference room with a wooden floor and wall. The display on the wall shows an online conference call.

NYU to resume merit scholarships for MLK program after outcry

The university announced that it will resume merit-based scholarships for students in its flagship MLK Scholars program, following years of criticism from students.
Sabrina Lee, Contributing Writer April 14, 2023

NYU will reinstate merit scholarships for all students in its Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars honors program, nearly two years after it decided to discontinue merit-based aid...

The Hall of Languages, Hall of Philosophy and Gould Memorial Library serve as the original neo-Classical complex completed by Stanford White.

‘More like college’: When NYU had a campus in the Bronx

NYU's expansion of its Washington Square campus prompts reflection from a ‘62 alum of NYU's first female class at its campus in the Bronx neighborhood of University Heights.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Identity & Equity Editor February 27, 2023

An N.Y.U. flag hangs from the side of a building. The text is white and reads “N.Y.U. The “U” in the banner is faded. The background of the flag is purple.

Why we left NYU: Stories from students who transferred out

Sometimes, this silly purple school isn’t the place you want to spend your college years, and that’s OK.
Liz Lindain, Contributing Writer November 8, 2022

I came to NYU as a transfer student in the fall 2021 semester. Like me, many students dream of attending NYU for its prestigious academic programs and the experience of growing...

MLK Scholar’s 2023 Cohort at their October Travel Colloquium in front of NYU’s Washington D.C. campus. MLK Scholars volunteered at an ALS walk, went to the Holocaust museum, African-American museum, and the MLK monument (Image from

MLK Scholars Call Out NYU for Tokenism, Performative Activism and Lack of Communication

Despite a commitment to increase funding for the MLK Scholars Program, students who are in the program received no updates following the university's announcement — until they shared an open letter criticizing the administration.
Roshni Raj, Deputy News Editor July 28, 2020

In the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, NYU promised to increase financial support, programming, and admitted students for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars...

Global Liberal Studies Senior Rebecca Brett was selected as one of 12 students nationwide to receive the George J. Mitchell Scholarship. (Via NYU)

Chess Led This Student to Become NYU’s First Mitchell Scholar

Rebecca Brett became the first NYU student in history to receive the George J. Mitchell award, which will allow her to study gender and globalization in Ireland after graduation.
Lisa Cochran, Deputy News Editor December 4, 2019

When GLS senior Rebecca Brett was struggling with the math section of the SAT, her grandfather suggested that the two play chess together — a game he taught her when she was...

President Andrew Hamilton has officially decided to end his affordability initiative. (Staff illustration by Chelsea Li)

Off-Third: Hamilton Ends Affordability Initiatives, Bans ‘Broke B-tches’ From Attending

After significant efforts by the administration and student body to lower NYU’s tuition, the university has officially been deemed affordable.
Abby Hofstetter, Opinion Editor November 20, 2019

Off-Third is WSN’s satire section. NYU President Andrew Hamilton has decided to end his affordability initiative, saying that the student body has “too many broke b-tches.”...

Courtesy Meals Shouldn’t Come at a Price

Courtesy Meals Shouldn’t Come at a Price

Students were outraged after their financial aid was used for Courtesy Meals, which were initially promoted as free. Despite NYU's claim it has corrected the issue, the quiet charges are telling of how the university treats lower-income students.
WSN Editorial Board November 11, 2019

Students recently reported having financial aid, previously awarded for scholarships or work-study, be redistributed to pay for usage of the Courtesy Meals Program — which provides...

Tisch students will receive a metrocard scholarship, but there are drawbacks as well. (Illustration by Jorene He)

Tisch Awards MetroCard Scholarships for Students Who Live On Campus

The initial author of the petition calling for action from administrators did not even receive an email about the scholarship, because she doesn’t qualify for it.
Lisa Cochran, Deputy News Editor November 11, 2019

On-campus Tisch students commuting to far-away acting studios for their classes have been awarded stipends for MetroCards, according to an email sent by Tisch dean Allyson Green...

Gallatin is welcoming new winners of its human rights scholarship. (via Wikimedia)

Ten Students Received $5,000 for Human Rights Projects. Here’s What They Did.

The Ninth Annual Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights Symposium showcased the work of last year’s fellows in preparation for this year’s application.
Alexandria Johnson, Deputy News Editor October 15, 2019

From working on a Queens District Attorney campaign to engaging with female survivors of war-time sexual violence in Kosovo, the 10 recipients of the Gallatin Global Fellowship...

A stack of tax forms. (Via NYU)

NYU’s Receipts: $6 Million on Langone Violet Ball, $250,000 Annual Bonus to Hamilton and More

WSN looked at NYU’s tax returns for the fiscal year ending in August of 2017 — the most recent available.
WSN News Desk October 7, 2019

As a private university, NYU is not required to make much information publicly available. Students have tried to remedy this, proposing a freedom of information resolution last...

Washington Square Park aerial photo. (WSN File Photo )

NYU to Lobby State Legislature for Increased Tuition Funding

The Office of Government Affairs continues to push legislatures to provide greater funding for students’ tuition, grants and more.
Alexandria Johnson, Staff Writer February 20, 2019

NYU — which is often criticized for its high tuition and shortage of financial aid — will be lobbying at the state level to increase tuition programs. The Office of Government...