New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A collage of three photos. On the left is a drawing of a big, red lollipop against a green background. In the middle is a lime green wall with the words “Food in New York” and “bigger than the plate” painted in elaborate fonts. On the right is an orange vendor’s cart inside a museum.

The food New York City eats, and where it comes from

Fabio Parasecoli, one of the curators of “Food in New York: Bigger Than the Plate,” a special exhibition now on view at the Museum of the City of New York, gives you a guided tour.
Daeun Lee, Contributing Writer February 9, 2023

New York City is home to cuisines from all over the world. From the Jewish staple matzo ball soup to Cantonese siu mai, name any dish and you can likely find a restaurant that...

A collage of three photos. On the left, Professor Sanford Gordon, dressed in a white shirt and a plaid navy blue blazer. He wears a pair of glasses with black frames. In the middle, Professor Bryant Moy, dressed in a blue shirt and a navy blue blazer. On the right, Professor Julia Payson, dressed in a gray shirt. She is wearing gold earrings and a thin gold necklace.

How Republicans could take control of Congress, according to NYU politics profs

Faculty experts in NYU’s Politics Department spoke to students about the importance of voting and the potential consequences of the 2022 midterm elections.
Katherine Williams, Contributing Writer November 4, 2022

NYU politics professors encouraged students to vote in this year’s midterm elections, which have seen Republican candidates lead in many races across the country, at a panel...

An exterior view of the Stern School of Business. The Tisch Hall to the right, the Kaufman Management Center to the left and Gould Plaza at the bottom.

Stern receives $20 million donation to create new real estate institute

The Chao-Hon Chen Institute for Global Real Estate Finance will provide new programs and scholarships focusing on sustainability, technology and real estate markets.
Amna Sheikh, Contributing Writer September 26, 2022

Charles C.Y. Chen, a Stern alum and executive board member, donated $20 million to the school to establish the Chao-Hon Chen Institute for Global Real Estate, an academic center...

The facade of the City of New York graduate building, as seen from the corner diagonally across the street. On the left side of the building, a row of nine flags hangs above the entrance.

Opinion: New York, invest in CUNY

As New York state lawmakers finalize budgeting for the 2023 fiscal year, we must urge them to increase support for the City University of New York system.
Srishti Bungle, Opinion Editor March 30, 2022

The City University of New York public university system desperately needs more funding. It currently offers an amazing education — whether it be through their four-year bachelor’s...

On Sept. 22, University officials made the decision to ban NYU’s performing arts clubs from meeting in person for the time being. This decision creates confusion when considering that most of NYU’s activities take place in person. (Photo by Nika Woodfill)

NYU, reverse the ban on in-person performing arts clubs

On Sept. 22, university senior leadership prohibited performing arts clubs from meeting in-person until further notice. But with a majority of university activity in person, this decision is unfair.
Sasha Cohen, Arts Editor October 4, 2021

Put yourself in an NYU student’s shoes.  You love choreographing with Pulse Dance Project, singing an alto harmony for the N’Harmonics, performing sketches for Friends...

There is a growing need for accommodations for hearing-impaired patients. In a discussion at NYU Wagner, professor of Health Policy and Medicine Jan Blustine sparked interests among students with the struggles the disabled have to face. (Image via Pixabay)

Wagner Professor Urges Visibility for the Hearing Impaired

Wagner hosted a discussion with Professor Jan Blustein about the growing need for accommodations for patients with hearing impairment in healthcare.
Aarushi Sharma, Staff Writer February 19, 2020

Professor Jan Blustein settled into conference room 3066 of the Puck Building on a Tuesday afternoon to lead a conversation, guided by her own research, around improvements regarding...

Pay Attention to Middle America

Pay Attention to Middle America

The lack of coverage of issues faced by communities in Middle America delays any legislative progress that will improve the well-being of American society.
Gabby Lozano, Staff Writer November 21, 2019

The 2020 presidential election is well underway, and the first caucuses in Iowa are quickly approaching. As the primaries draw nearer, there has been increased scrutiny of the...

NYU alum Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang’s “One Child Nation” delves into China’s inhumane one-child-policy through heartrending personal interviews that reflect a tension between government policy and families. (via Amazon Studios)

‘One Child Nation’: Fighting for the Right to Choose

Propaganda is a powerful tool, and China abused it. NYU alumna Nanfu Wang reflects on the iron grip of China’s propaganda in her newest documentary.
Megan Chew, Contributing Writer November 11, 2019

As far as China is concerned, Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang’s documentary film “One Child Nation” does not exist. The film was wiped clean from any reporting platforms in...

NYU has recently made changes concerning its policy on academic probation. (Staff Photo by Marva Shi)

Student Government, NYU Agree to Expunge Academic Probation Records

NYU will officially expunge the external records of students who faced academic probation after conversing with members of student government.
Alexandria Johnson, Deputy News Editor October 14, 2019

Student government reached an agreement with the university to change the current Academic Probation Policy last Friday, after a year of working with faculty in the University...

Combating Climate Change Begins With Citizens

Combating Climate Change Begins With Citizens

Ignangeli Salinas-Muñiz, Staff Writer April 11, 2018
Citizens must not only demand that politicians institute green policies but also recognize how they themselves benefit from an unstable environment. Protecting the environment begins with citizens.
Headscarf Laws Veil Systematic Discrimination

Headscarf Laws Veil Systematic Discrimination

Theo Wayt, Staff Writer October 30, 2017
Policies in France, where discriminatory measures are backed by a hypocritical, quasi-rational idea of tradition.
Trump, China and North Korea: A Raw Deal

Trump, China and North Korea: A Raw Deal

Anand Balaji, Staff Writer April 24, 2017
These actions were both done in retaliation against an increasingly aggressive North Korea that has conducted several missile launches and a public assassination in Malaysia since Trump took office. However Trump’s response has done nothing to improve the safety of the region and instead seriously undermines one of his core campaign promises: holding China accountable on free trade.